Redwood Run Moving to Blue Lake Casino After Permits Fall Short

Rider in the 2009 Redwood Run.

Rider in the 2009 Redwood Run. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Statement from the Redwood Run:

Thank you for holding in there with us as we waited for the green light to share some of what we’ve been up against.

The short of it is that our venue coordinator got a call that the existing permits that we were operating within, did not cover our event. Our team immediately began meeting with both Humboldt and Mendocino County officials to do ANYTHING to make sure our event could continue.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. We then sought out any venue within our Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino area that could facilitate the Run as we know it. We have exhausted all possibilities.

The Blue Lake Casino has offered to host us at their brand new outdoor amphitheater venue. We had to iron out the contracts with both the venue and our headliners.

Although we are not on private property, the casino is committed to maintaining the Redwood Run environment as we know it. We have a local poker run hosted by Kiwanis of the Redwoods with a $1000 purse, bike games on both Saturday and Sunday, our local non-profit food vendors, camping, rock n roll and all the things you’ve come to love about the Redwood Run.
We understand this is a huge change this year. The Redwood Runners are the people that make this event great. Your continued support means the world to us as we work day and night to put this event on. If you have questions and/or concerns, please reach out. Your input matters to us. This event, and the people that attend it, are what keep us all going in the face of huge obstacles.

We look forward to having a great run in Blue Lake this year and hitting the ground running, planning the 2019 Redwood Run….

Being its 41st annual year & having a stellar entertainment lineup in place *EVERLAST headlining Sept. 1st & *KATEY SAGAL & the Reluctant Apostles headlining Sept. 2nd – REDWOOD RUN has decided to create a new event called the BLUE LAKE RALLY & keep the September dates (early arrival still valid on Aug. 31st) to premiere the new Blue Lake AMPHITHEATER venue & camping grounds in association with BLUE LAKE CASINO HOTEL while efforts will continue to advance venue options for 2019. Our current ticket buyers have the option of a full refund or transfer of value to be honored at the new venue & event – we ask that said requests not be made until July 31st, 2018 to give us the opportunity to showcase the rest of the entertainment lineup & amazing experience awaiting everyone as we welcome in a new venue in Humboldt County & champion a REDWOOD RUN event still in 2018!
*Blue Lake AMPHITHEATER venue & camping grounds *777 Casino Way, Blue Lake CA. 95525 *1-877-252-2946 x3201


  • That’s gonna be weird 🙁

    Sorry to hear they lost their long time venue. Hope they all still have fun though, and I bet it might make for better music there in Blue Lake.

    Good luck

    • This is one more kick in the privates for So Hum’s economy. Those folks spend a lot of money during their visit here.

      What a drag!

  • No redwoods, no camping, no redwood run! This is false advertising.

  • Veterans friend

    The death rattle is audible

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt


    Grown (and overgrown) men on Harleys playing “bike games” while intoxicated…

    You are all a certain age, camping in a remote area is one thing, going to a casino parking lot is quite another!

    All of you, act your age. Maintain some decorum! I have seen those videos!

    Respect all women, keep the noise down and the mufflers on!

    Party on, but behave yourselves!

    • You have to grow old, you don’t have to grow up!

    • So it’s ok to Reggae in the needles and the puke for hippies, but to actually behave like real people and ride Harleys is bad decorum? And of course, the idiot democrats trying to run things here have just turned away tens of thousands of dollars because of some stupid permit hassle? The parasites, democrats, are killing the host, the private taxpayer. Idiots. You progressive democrats are the laughing stock of our Freedom schools, I will bet the communist Estelle Fennel, who is so inept, was part of it. What a stupid hand wringer. So now, instead of local stores and shops and vendors making some money, it now goes to corporate people. Brilliant.

      • I don’t know much about reggae but I helped clean up several Redwood Runs and there was always large amounts of drug paraphernalia; needles, pipes (not pot pipes), little white baggies, whipits, nitrous balloons etc…. That’s just drugs there was plenty of other vile, disgusting examples of a careless party scene.

  • Pharmstheproblem

    WOW!!! South fork boosters are bummed, hope they can still have a both at blue lake..

  • Note to self…don’t go anywhere near Blue Lake during that event!

  • Yokohama HWY rider

    The flip side is there is much better pavement up north vs in sohum for the larger bikes.

  • Wow, HumCo planning and permitting sure seems to think that EconDev is it’s dungeon bitch rather that a gift to behold and honor, WTF! Permit Nazis! See ya!

    • That currently looks to be true…What has changed? Are the county “gods” having wet dreams?
      What’s the rest of the story?

  • I would have it in So. Hum. anyway and pay the fines. Somebody wasn’t paying attention.

  • Uh oh. Sohum even more screwed , weed virtually worthless and now no nerds on shiny tractors to help the moribund economy. But hey the Blue lake fake tribe casino to the rescue, at least the biker nerds are better than the majority of their regular clientele of tweakers, welfare vermin and criminals .

  • Paved campsites right next to the sewage ponds. No trees. No river. 10 pm noise curfew strictly enforced. Second hand last minute bands. Tickets still over $115 each. The lies about having permits. They mislead us on locations and dates. They are late announcing the sad lineup. Its a full ripoff now and they should just STOP.

    P.s. Redwood Run, the “blue lake rally” already exists. They had it last year and year before there. You can’t name your sad event that…

  • The event has always been in Leggett, so it’s a Mendocino County issue. But bummer no venue in SoHum could work out an agreement with them to keep it in our area.

    • The event was in Humboldt for years. At French’s Camp. I miss that site. I never went again after it got moved from French’s Camp.

    • It’s actually been in Piercy for years still Northern Mendo but most of the bikers money went to SoHum buisnesses

  • If it was a permit for growing weed they’d still be able to do it

  • umm, so what was the the problem?
    why exactly couldn’t they get a permit?

    • Dirty Dingus Magee

      EXACTLY! I thought the Community Park was permitted for this. They moved the Gville Rodeo and dance down there and not the Redwood Run, WTF?!?!?! It took years to get the Park rezoned for local and weekend events like this! How did they screw that up. it has all the permits for up to 5000 people and camping?

    • The inept group that is the board of kiwis waited too long to apply for permits. Plain and simple they got shut down and blocked out because they didn’t get all the paperwork in on time.

  • Bug on a Windshield

    Too bad Dirty Dave’s not around, RIP, to enforce neutral ground. Not sure I want to be around when rival colors find out just how much the new venue sucks.

  • 17 years at the Redwood Run and some of the best times of my life… moving out of Piercy it will never be the same. I’m so sad that it’s over.. truely the end of an era! I will miss everybody ❤😎❤

  • And the casino screws Blue Lake again….thanks for nothing.

  • Shouldn’t have run off the old school guys…just sayin

  • Maybe part of the problem is the old guys taking care of keeping Redwood going are aging out and the younger generations are not stepping up to keep it going?

  • Here is my two cents from a long time Redwood Run runner.
    After last year’s poor turnout and high prices they would really have had to Wow The Shit of of me to return this year.
    Poor updates from the start had me worried.
    Move it back to Cooks, poor choice but doable.
    Labor Day weekend , not a chance.
    Casino parking lot? Street Vibes.
    Pot and drinking and overage kids on Harleys ,HELL YEA. (Kickstands down)
    The run has been going down hill at a steady rate since the K,s took it over.
    It,s a big full time job to pull off the event and needs bigger experienced non-pros to pull it off right.

  • It’s seems to be the trend. Old school runs are going by the wayside. Bring on the motorhomes and bike trailers! That’s the way it was in Washington at the Spring Opener. Buddy and I rode 360 mi to the run and watched the parade of rv’s come in.

  • Anybody remember Richardson’s Grove, when Harley Davidson actually hosted it…? I’ve been going to redwood since ’89… missed a few years in between and have missed the last few… Piercy is the best place for the Run, in the Redwoods as intended. I even went to the run at some campground that required no riding down into the pit, and that was a shame as it took the spirit out of me then.
    I just got an email from Redwood Run asking me to rate the run, in which I didn’t make it again this year. But after reading about this new location, I’m glad I didn’t make it, as I feel I missed nothing. It truly was the “old school run” for the ages, and it’s a damn shame they can’t get it together and bring it back to the glory it once was and truly deserves. They have a full year to make that actually happen……!
    I look forward to seeing it back where it belongs….
    Keep the rubber side down everyone…….

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