Law Enforcement Searching for Shotgun Allegedly Tossed by Man on Singley Hill Road

Law enforcement

[Crop of a photo by Stormy Taylor]

About 5:15, a man who had reportedly been waving a shotgun on Singley Hill Road, allegedly tossed the firearm into the bushes and fled on foot towards Bear River Casino.

The man was apprehended, according to scanner traffic. However, the firearm has not yet been located. A search is underway.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • That casino was the worst thing to happen to the beautiful Singley Hill area.

  • John hanley, AGAIN.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Law Enforcement will find the shotgun and this guy will go to jail.

  • Trump should build a wall around the casino

  • Tired of liberals

    Trump as far as I know didn’t put anyone into bankruptcy. Must be a liberal or non paying tax grower

    • Do some research, please. MANY failed businesses and unpaid bills.

    • Trump bankrupted hundreds of firefights and teachers from San Diego with Condos he never built. He’s also known as 10% Trump on the East Coast. You must be one of those People , who will defend Trump no matter what he does. He’ll never upset you

    • Another fishwife

      Apparently you don’t “know” much about trump’s dealings even though well reported. He’s cheated thousands of people out of $$$
      and been found guilty in court several times of defrauding hundreds to thousands of people.

  • Just an FYI. Your bullshit conservative motto of “Non Tax Paying Pot Grower” is officially totally invalid [edit] The tax rate for permitted growers is up around 60-70%. Meaning these pot growers are paying more in taxes in one year than you probably have in your entire [edit] life.


    • When they start paying taxes, you mean. The permitted growers, you mean.

      • what does federal income tax pay for? 38% of it goes to Chinese Banks. The Federal Reserve is about as federal as FedEx but has way more shareholders.

  • People that live around there hate Bear River Casino mail box’s broke into , crime sky high, wrong!

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