‘Interested in a Career as a Wildlife Officer? Now’s the Time to Apply,’ CDFW Says

This is a press release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Do you have a love of the outdoors and a passion for fish and wildlife conservation? The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Law Enforcement Division (LED) is currently accepting applications for wildlife officers and cadets.

Applicants who are current peace officers must fill out a warden application by July 31, 2018.

Applicants who are not current peace officers must fill out a warden cadet application by Sept. 30, 2018.

All prospective candidates are encouraged to extensively review informational materials on the LED website before contacting CDFW with questions.

CDFW wildlife officers are fully sworn California peace officers with a fundamental duty to serve and protect the public. Wildlife officers focus their efforts on enforcing the Fish and Game Code and regulations promulgated under that code, but they have the authority to enforce all California laws, including the Vehicle Code, Penal Code, Health and Safety drug laws and more. Most know how wildlife officers protect California fish and wildlife from poachers – but there’s much more! Wildlife officers protect our waterways and habitat from destruction, pollution and litter, provide the public with hunting and fishing information, and promote and coordinate hunter education and safe weapons handling.

Wildlife officers patrol the mountains, valleys, deserts, creeks, streams, rivers and up to 200 miles out to sea. They frequently work alone and cover both rural and urban areas. California’s diverse ecosystem spans 159,000 square miles divided into 58 counties, with a human population nearing 40 million. The state has 1,100 miles of coastline, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, 4,800 lakes and reservoirs, and 80 major rivers. Wildlife officers patrol utilizing trucks, ATVs, personal watercraft, boats, snowmobiles and airplanes, making contact with Californians in the great outdoors. Wildlife officers work undercover, conduct surveillances and complete in-depth investigations, including writing and serving search warrants. CDFW LED has numerous specialized teams and assignments including K-9, wildlife trafficking, marijuana eradication and watershed protection, marine patrol, and oil spill prevention and response.

Annually, wildlife officers make contact with more than 295,000 people and issue more than 15,000 citations for violations of the law.

Successful applicants for warden cadet will attend a Peace Officer Standards of Training (POST) certified law enforcement training academy, conducted by CDFW at Butte College, near Chico in northern California. Following the academy, probationary wildlife officers will work with a seasoned field training officer for several weeks, where they will learn to apply their training in practical circumstances.



  • Attention. We need more useful pawns to use as a cat’s-paw to circumvent the 4th amendment because we’re killing it right now with these abatement notices.

  • They forgot the most important qualifications for CDFW officers:

    An aggressive attitude, a tendency for violence, and an inability to be reasonable or logical.

    Complete and total contempt for constitutional rights.

    Seething hatred for rural residents like farmers, ranchers and homesteaders.

    Willingness to enforce Stalinist regulations that put people out of business and force them off their land.

    Total disdain for the environment and willingness to cause constant, unchecked environmental damage with insane and illogical regulations and laws.

    If you want to work for a Fascist bureaucracy that operates above and beyond the law, if enjoy destroying communities as well as the environment, and if you always saw yourself working for a domestic terrorist organization, then CDFW may be the place for you. Apply now!

    • You can’t have it both ways. Either they are oppressing you by enforcement of environmental law, or they are causing “constant unchecked environmental damage.

      The laws could be better but they balance what peer review scientific studys reveal with the wihes of the public.

      • The incompetence of CDFW totally wiped out the fisheries in our watershed. Now a third party company is having to do the restoration, at taxpayer expense of course. This is a very common practice with them – force expensive and unnecessary ‘remediation’ which ultimately does nothing but cause even worse environmental damage. Their actions regularly cause widespread damage to the ecosystem and private property. If a private citizen were to do what they do, they would be faced with tens of thousands of dollars in fines and multiple felonies, but with CDFW it is just business as usual.

        Their regulations are in NO WAY based on either scientific evidence or the wishes of the public. If you have ever seen how they operate first hand it is extremely obvious that ‘protecting the environment’ is just a cover for their constant abuses. Aside from their environmental crimes they also regularly damage and destroy private property and outright rob rural residents at gun point. They are nothing but crooks and thugs. The entire agency ought to be defunded and disbanded, they do not serve the or protect the public or public interests.

    • The cdfw is on the front lines of the Agenda 21 program. They’re just regular people doing their job but they don’t know the big picture. Google the UN’s program Agenda 21 to find out more.

  • Vicodin users can apply, scotch drinkers can apply, nicotine addicts can apply, caffeine freaks can apply, but if you use MMJ, go frak yourself, federal schedule 1.

    • Nope. Its a State agency, not Federal. Medical weed is ok with State of Ca jobs…just not Federal like Forest Service or Park Service..

  • Remember the good old days when Wardens would check hooks and maybe write a citation for one fish over limit? Now they’re an enforcement arm of the Franchise Tax Board.

    • It was time to move out of CA about 2 years ago. DFG is out of control and it’s only going to get worse. Insider gov employees I know have already left.

  • “The government of the United States is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.”
    In re Merriam, 36 N.E. 505, 141 N Y. 479, affirmed 16 S.Ct. 1073, 163.

    I think if i hear/read one more ignorant comment regarding U.S. INC’s jurisdiction lorded over state rights, i’m gonna start pulling my hair out.

  • Do they have to constantly move all over the state for the first 10 years of their careers?

    I always thought that it was a dream job, if not for having to enforce unjust cannabis laws, but the cannabis laws are no longer an issue.

  • I know they are basically just cops at this point but if you want to stay in humboldt and get paid decently, a government job is a safe bet.

    Somebody has to fill those jobs. I’d prefer local people rather than people from outside the area who don’t understand how anything works around here. A cool local fish and game guy could at least cut people some slack sometimes. And not act like a cop all the time. I got tailed by one of these A-holes on the freeway last year and they ran my license plate.

  • >” I’d prefer local people rather than people from outside the area who don’t understand how anything works around here. A cool local fish and game guy could at least cut people some slack sometimes. ”

    (Sighs)…. It used to be that Game Wardens were well known in the community… and respected.
    People have changed tho… and law enforcement has changed.

    >”fish and game”

    Heh: Don’t use the ‘game’ word. Politicians down in Santa Barbara will get mad.

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