Hwy 36 to Completely Open Today and Tomorrow to Help Ease Travel Issues After Carr Fire Closed 299

State Route 36 sign.

State Route 36 sign. [Photo from Caltrans]

Hwy 36 which has been operating under restricted hours as construction works on a section will be open today and tomorrow.

According to Caltrans, “Due to numerous people trying to to get to their homes in Redding to evacuate them, FHWA work on Route 36 near Dinsmore in Humboldt County has been suspended. No full closures will be in effect until further notice. According to the Project Manager the contractor will be off the road and traffic signals will be on in the wall section.”

Kody King, public information Officer for Mercer Fraser construction, said, “Full closures are planned to resume to normal closure times Monday morning at 8am unless otherwise updated in this update. Please be cautious when driving through the work area since there is still work taking place off of the roadway.”



  • As of noon today it was still closed. They were still doing pilot cars for the 12-1 opening.

  • Hwy 36 is a mess, the trip to Ruth lake this last weekend was a dirt road in many parts. Please drive the speed limit I was passed on double yellows by trucks barreling down the road, CHP needs to get a handle on that recklessness before more people become a statistic of the road. By the way, Ruth is beautiful, but they haven water in the camp grounds at least in Bailey, bonfires are allowed though. Be safe folks

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