DMV Will Not Close Eureka Office for Four Months as Planned

McGuirePress release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Yesterday, Senator Mike McGuire, Assemblymember Jim Wood and elected officials in Humboldt County were notified the Eureka DMV office would be closing for nearly four months for renovations starting in mid-August. Bottom line: This was not acceptable.

“This was a short-sighted proposal that never should have been advanced by the DMV,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “It is completely unacceptable that the DMV would close an office and ask residents to drive miles upon miles to stand in lines for hours to do simple business with the Department. Working with Assemblymember Wood and DMV representatives, we are pleased to report the closure will be postponed and the DMV will be developing a new plan in the months to come.”

“All across the state people are complaining about the long wait times at DMV, and letting us know that the Eureka office was going to close for renovations for four months was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa). “I appreciate Senator McGuire taking the lead as we work with DMV to come up with an alternative plan so that the community remains served.”

During conversations with representatives from the Department of Motor Vehicles today, the DMV has committed to not closing its Eureka office as previously planned. Senator McGuire and Assemblymember Wood will continue conversations with DMV representatives to ensure North Coast residents have all of the services they need in this critical time of Real ID Driver’s License transition



  • Poor babies and their gas guzzlers. Most of it can be done online anyway.

    McGuire is a pro-sanctuary kinda guy. Friend of the illegal alien. You’d think he would be all for closing the DMV just to keep the polluters off the road. I guess being a criminal-loving lib doesn’t mean you are any kind of environmentalist.


  • Tired of liberals

    First of all what is real ID drivers license and why do they need a renovations. DMV seems to be working fine. Only in CA., Just more liberal bullshit

    • If you don’t know what Real ID is you’re not well-informed enough to truly be tired of liberals. That’s just ignorant. Don’t expect to board any flights after 2020.

    • Part of the reason for the remodel I think is security related. Considering that there are rules for data protection and hosting of sensitive information. I am not sure in the current layout its considered to be secure for some of those newer guide lines.

    • Seriously?
      Closing the DMV is the liberals fault?
      Go educate yourself. Clearly you need it.

  • Good call, you big hunk.

  • Crazy i remember when it was on 5 st or is it thar now i remember when it was thar buy cal trans why they just dont build a new building in the process i will never know

  • Tired of liberals

    I have no reason to board a flight I’m happy driving the US. As for me to go to another country there is enough for me to see here in the great US of A. I only have 15 more States to see. How many have you visited, CA

  • So many people register to vote via the DMV. We’re going into a historic midterm, where voter turnout is expected to be high, and there are projected to be a lot of newly registered voters.

    On top of shutting down an essential service, to shut down a key place people register to vote, right before an election is criminally poor timing.

    I hope McGuire and Wood continue to look into what the contruction is, why we didn’t hear about it, when the bids were announced, and why the Board of Supervisors and others had no idea an essential service was basically going to disappear for months, without the county ever having a chance to develop alternative plans.

    So glad they took action so people don’t have to drive far in winter weather for basic services. Thanks!

  • What about the people who depend on a full paycheck? Wonder what the plan was for them? Many live week to week or month to month. Humboldt wages are horrible in comparison to other state and county areas, without taking away someone’s job for 4 months. This state rewards people who live off the system, and is always trying to find a way to grab more money from the working with more taxes or fees. Calif is losing over 200,000 hard working people every year and rewarding people on unemployment and welfare. Our state reps just plain suck, beginning at the top.

  • The comment about the Real ID thing brings up a point that not a ton of people are aware of. If you are renewing a license anytime after now, and you are a US citizen, you need to do the renewal in person and bring THREE forms of ID to include a W-2 form or a SS card. If you don’t, your new ID will say “Federal Limits Apply” and this ID designates you as “citizenship unverified”, meaning that you can’t buy a gun, get on a plane, or do anything else that only a US citizen can do. Your “REAL ID” when issued needs to have a bear on the upper right hand corner and not have the “Federal Limits Apply” notation on it. This has been very poorly publicized and the DMV apparently does not give two shits since they aren’t bothering to tell people about it when they renew. Walk in a US citizen, walk out “citizenship unverified” if you don’t know about this in advance.

  • Enroll in AAA, skip the DMV

  • Eureka DMV just got big props in the CHRONICLE for having cheerful efficient staff & short wait times. In the real world, people wait in line for 5-8 hours in DMVs.

  • Tired of liberals

    @ Pike mortar thank you for this information and to the person who insinuated that I was stupid, I have been to more States than you will ever see, because I’m an open minded person and you will be nothing more than you are now. Trump for 2020,uh rah!!

  • I have a degree in history

    It is hard to believe so many posters feel they have to polarize every issue to blaming liberals. Trump and FOX News are tearing this country apart. Read the history of Benito Mussolini. Trump’s actions as president is just what Mussolini did in Italy. Stifled the news, blatantly lied, had delusions of greatness, took credit that belonged to others, was a womaniser, blamed past administrations and associated himself with despotes like Hitler. By the time the Italians came to their senses Mussolini had led the country into a war and exhausted the federal budgets leaving Italy in a debt they still have not corrected. History will always repeat itself. Every dictator follows a pattern and Trump is in lockstep with Mussolini.

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