[UPDATE 10:36 a.m.] Small Convoy Reported Heading North Near Confusion Hill

marijuana 1 featureA small convoy with a chipper was seen headed north around Confusion Hill about 7:40 a.m.

According to one report, there were several unmarked SUV’s, Mendocino County Sheriff’s vehicles, a chipper, and possibly some state agencies.

We haven’t heard where they might have gone.

UPDATE 10:36 a.m.: We have one report that the convoy is on Bear Pen Road. We don’t know the exact location but here is a map of where Bear Pen Road is located south of Piercy.

UPDATE 11:03 a.m.: Photo provided by a reader shows a road beside Hwy 101 with 9 vehicles and a helicopter.

Multiple vehicles and a helicopter stage near Bear Pen Road in preparation for a raid.

Multiple vehicles and a helicopter stage near Bear Pen Road in preparation for a raid. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • eradication is a joke

    Time for Old Deputy Hendry to go fill his pockets up with $100 bills. Go get em boys

  • Thomas Road Oldie But Moldie

    In the words of the great local band, the Camo Cowboys, we may soon again face, ‘The thrill of the chase”.

  • yea yea we know you got home invasion down.. but can any of you close an old dusty open home invasion case?? you make a mockery of the job with these new drug war games.. someone burnt the bacon. cops=robbers. all f’d up.


  • 34 cents worth of weed eradicated today lol, party over

  • Just an FYI, you update times are PM rather then AM. Thank’s for all you do Kym.

  • 3 o’clock road block !

    • big balls in the sky magee

      Take my soul
      And suss, suss me out
      Check my life
      If I am in doubt
      3 oclock roadblock, roadblock, roadblock
      And hey, Mr. Cop! Ain’t got no
      Hey, hey, Mr. Cop
      What ya sayin down there?
      Hey, hey, Mr. Cop
      Ain’t got no birth certificate on me now

  • What does this mean

  • cops=robbers. all f’d up.

  • There is some serious momentum going here with dropping the hammer on these large grows! I am loving it, keep it up boyz.

    Cuff, stuff, shred, fine, confiscate, destroy….the environment thanks you, the community thanks you!!

    • “ destroy,…the environment.”
      Thanks for explaining where you are coming from.
      A hypocrite that wants to destroy the environment.

    • Bill; we know where you stand. Find something better to do with your time. I know your retired and bored, but we are tired of your comments.

    • Mendocorruptioncino

      Isnt the MCSO version of this song go like this “Cuff Stuff fill your pockets, pockets full of gold – nobodys watching and nobody’s tellin how much loot we stole. Coke and meth and pills and guns load em in the trunk, tomorrow well see our black market friends and sell them the stolen goods”…. Local Sheriff Deputies been stealing and reselling on the black market for a really long time in Mendocorruptioncino.

  • How’d they land the helicopter with those power lines there?

  • big balls in the sky magee,

    No b/c!! <<<THAT, is the only thing being charged. Yep, ye ol corporate gubbernut created, owned, and certifed straw man certificate.

  • There are NO “good” police left and I’ll tell you why! Say your sate passes a code, labeled law, like not wearing your seat belt becomes “illegal” (like here), now every cop in the state is required to enforce a “law” (aka someone’s opinion written on paper) that literally has no injured party! Meaning there is no law being broken. And by “enforcing” this “law” they in turn cause damages and hardship on YOU!!!! The police and corporate governments are NOT HERE TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM THEMSELVES!!!! They are here to manage infrastructure (which they do a shit job at btw) and protect the corporate profit. If there is no injured party there is no law broken. END of story.

  • I have an inside source who tells me the cops were working with the Decepticons on this one. If you look closely you can see Megatron in the background…

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