North Coast People’s Alliance’s Endorses Stephen Kullmann for Harbor District Seat

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

Impressed by his record of environmental stewardship, the North Coast People’s Alliance has endorsed Stephen Kullmann for the District 3 seat on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District.

“Our bay is so important to Humboldt County’s quality of life and its economy, and we trust Stephen Kullmann to keep the bay healthy and vibrant,” said Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg, vice chair of the NCPA Steering Committee.

The Harbor District oversees commercial and recreational uses of the bay, including planned development of harbors and ports. It also is charged with protecting natural resources in and around the bay. The district’s commissioners are elected from five areas that correspond with county supervisors’ districts, and District 3 includes Arcata, Blue Lake, Bayside, Freshwater and Manila.

“Humboldt Bay, or Wigi, is a jewel of Humboldt County and deserves responsible stewardship to protect it for all users and future generations,” Kullmann said. “Deteriorating industrial sites need remediation. Fishing, tourism, shipping, recreation, and mariculture need support — all while finding innovative solutions to mitigate sea level rise and climate change.”

Kullmann was appointed to the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District to complete Mike Wilson’s term after Wilson was elected Supervisor. As the former Wiyot Tribe Natural Resources Director, Kullmann was instrumental in completing the Tuluwat cleanup, as well as managing many other Humboldt Bay projects.

He has pledged to help develop a long-term plan to keep Humboldt’s port and marinas open and safe while promoting beneficial reuse for removed sediment.

“There is great potential for new industry, such as offshore wind power and high-tech, which can create sustainable jobs that are compatible with ecological integrity and existing uses,” he said.

Kullmann previously served on the Marine Life Protection Act Tribal Science Advisory Team, the Humboldt Harbor Safety Committee, the Blue Lake City Council, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority board, and the Humboldt Waste Management Authority board. He has a master’s degree in Environmental Systems from HSU and has lived in Humboldt for 15 years, where he and his wife are raising their 12-year-old daughter.

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