[UPDATE 8:41 p.m.: She’s Been Found!] Missing Tara Dragani

Tara DraganiSteady dark eyes look out from a mugshot of Tara Dragani. This serious face belongs to a daughter, a sister, a friend. She’s lived in SoHum and she protested the Willits Bypass in Mendocino County. She was arrested and her then boyfriend was even sentenced to 150 days in jail.

Now she’s missing and her family and friends are frantic.

“I filed a nationwide missing person report with the Calaveras country police,” said her sister, Maria Accorinti. “They told me they had two interactions with her in October/November.” But since then Tara hasn’t been seen.

“She has struggled with mental illness and drugs in the past and now we are very worried she is not safe,” Accorinti explained.

“No family or friend have spoken with her since January,” she said. “I am the last person that saw her and she was in Calaveras County.”

Accoriniti said that her sister called her father in January. “She called my father in early January from a random number and said she was in California and that her car was stuck in the impound,” Accoriniti said. “She asked my father to send money to get it [a white 2001 Subaru Forester] out. When he asked for the name of the establishment where the car was, Tara would not say exactly. She got frustrated and the call ended.”

Since then, Accoriniti says there has been no word. “I worry she may have gotten mixed up with bad people out there and now is in a dire situation, Accoriniti said. “It’s not usual for Tara to stay out if contact with everyone for this long. She is a beautiful woman and anything at this point could be possible.”

Accoriniti said, “The last confirmed sighting was October in Calaveras County and there have been possible unconfirmed (the person wasn’t even sure if it was definitely her) sightings in Humboldt this May.”

Accoriniti is especially worried because Tara deleted her Facebook and “tossed her phone” late last October. “We feel her cutting contact and her deleting her social media was a red flag,” Accoriniti said. “She struggled with drugs last time she lived out there and got caught up with some terrible people. We just want to make sure she is alive and ok.”

If anyone has information, please call the Calavaras County Sheriff’s Department at (209) 754-6500.

Tara Dragani

UPDATE 8:41 p.m.: Maria contacted us to let us know that Tara has been located. Thank you all for your help.



  • Hello Kym ..”Calaveras country* police…. Thnx for getting the word out !

  • Kathleen Marcotulli

    I feel this woman dead. Now is body recover so she can be properly buried. The California Government Killed her thru neglect. They do not care about people.
    She is buried on soft ground. Near river, where they grow marijuana. SolientGreen.
    Who did this. A few things came when I read about Tara. Boyfriend? No. OD..there were drugs involved perp was married. Dark haired big guy local apelikeamost…..6ft 250 pops in my vision. She was rolled.
    I am sorry for your lost.

    • Someone is missing and you acting like a medium claiming where she is[edit] Unless you know something about this dissappearance then stfu. [edit] like you!

    • That is some serious stuff to say to the family, friends and loved ones of a missing women. Soilent Green is a movie about a company making food out of ppl in a post apocalyptic time. Your comment is super offensive and very inappropriate if you are just conjuring it up in your head. Maybe you know these things because you were involved in her going missing or have information. The police should question your comment and you closely. You should never project your so called psychic feelings into the air without real consideration for the missing and their loved ones and friends. If your seeking some attention for having psychic abilities using a missing women’s story is not the time or place. If you have information go to the police. This is not the time or place for delusional feelings.

    • The police already talked to her, Alive, you abilities are wayyyy offfffff!

      • Why havent the police contacted me then? I am the one who made the report and the sherif told me i would be contacted.

    • What really happened was Dragana Šolaja?

      • I am glad to see that someone is keeping this story (Dragana) going. It does seem that Fortuna PD closed the case a bit prematurely. Good luck to her family and friends.

    • Don’t you think you should offer your thoughts rather then make a public post?

    • Well Kathleen your attempted flimflam blew up in your face. I hope you don’t use your “skills” to bilk desperate families and friends out of money.

    • [edit] If I were the family I would press charges against her for saying these horrendous things. I actually had that happen to my friend. Shame on you
      Kathleen Keuber Marcotulli

  • I just hope they will find her alive. If she was my daughter I would be frantic! Please, if you have seen her contact your local police department. This needs to end.

  • Subaru that figures

  • Hoping for a positive outcome but it doesn’t sound likely!!!! Sending positive energy to hopefully help!!!

  • Sharing in Nevada County. Hoping for the best outcome for her & her family and friends.

  • I have seen her in weaverville in years past but not this year.

  • Kathleen M, your post was incredibly inappropriate and downright mean to this young woman’s family.

  • maybe her height and age might help….. piercings tatoos or birthmark? could have colored her hair or cut it. People will twist the truth to get money for drugs. If her car wasn’t impounded police and her car insurance would need her licence plate #.

  • She’s alive, the police have already made contact with her.

  • Has no one on here ever moved away from people you didn’t want to have contact with? I have no idea but she really could just be living her life the way she wants. Nothing drastic. She s probably just a street kid now. All street kids come from somewhere.

  • Da li je neko video Draganu u noći 11 aprila?

  • Did anyone see Dragan Šolaja in the night of April 11?

  • Wow! Your word is about as good as the mediums word. Garbage if it's not proven..

    Hey wow! Prove it to us! How would you know? What do you know? Your word is no better than Kathleen’s too me. Kathleen what is wrong with you? I don’t believe a word you have said….what the hell??! This is someone’s child, sister, friend who do you think you are saying this stuff?? Let me guess wow and Kathleen are the same person? Humboldt trolls?? Good God this is serious stuff! Hey Guest what is this?

    • The Calavaras Cty Sheriff’s office said so. I figured her family would have already been contacted. No harm intended. Chill yo.

  • Redwood County Mama

    Kym, someone might want to check with Paul Encimer as Tara used to pen articles for the Green Fuse. Paul is at the former Episcopal Church off of Whitmire Lane in Redway. Tara’s former boyfriend, Dylan, is in jail still for arson, I believe. Last time I saw Tara about 4 months ago, she was at the library with her backpack, but she had no vehicle.

  • Tara know you are Loved! When your ready you have support!

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