Flow Kana invites You to a ‘Humboldt & Trinity Meet-and-Greet Picnic’

This is a press release from Flow Kana:

We invite the neighbors and community members of Humboldt County for a meet and greet afternoon with the Flow Kana executive team. We will share updates on our business developments in Southern Humboldt, more information on and timeline for the opening of the Southern Humboldt Processing Center at the Whitethorn Construction Complex, and Flow Kana’s vision for the future of the industry.

Saturday, July 28, 2018
12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

545 Shelter Cove Road, Whitethorn

Locally sourced snacks and drinks will be provided. In the spirit of community, we welcome you to bring a dessert to share.

**Family friendly | Pet friendly**

Casual Schedule

1:00 p.m.  Brief  Remarks from Michael Steinmetz, Co-founder & CEO, Flow Kana + Dr. Amanda Reiman, Vice President of Community Relations, Flow Kana



  • hope they treat Hum/Trin better than they are Laytonville,,,,Willie had no idea, probably still doesn’t. Do we really give a shit about some one else’s single vision of a corporate cannabis future?

    • Just the latest group of carpetbaggers trying to cash in on the Humboldt brand. South American rich kids.

    • No. But they will say nice things and be nice and so it will make you feel nice and hopeful. …For a little while. Then you get your head chopped off ha ha ha!!

  • I don’t.

    Imho, this is a waste of blog space, as we can see by the interests of only 2 commenters –who are both giving it a thumbs-down.


  • Just the latest crop of out of state carpetbaggers looking to take advantage of our humboldt brand. South American rich kids with no history here trying to cash in on our legacy.

  • Go home. Leave us alone. You corporate shmucks have ruined the industry. And yes, I’m talking to locals too.

  • Drugs, a family good time.

  • Worst part is amthat there really are good folks who have been conned into believing being “legal” is actually a good way to go as a small back to lander type minded farmer type person . Shoulda stayed low key and underground

    • It’s never too late to stop the process if you signed up. Most legal people in Colorado and Washington are going back underground. It’s better late than never.

      Then again, if you already jumped through a million hoops and everything is up to code, it might be smart to keep your legal farm going. It’s a great way to make connections.

      Forget these corporate low-life’s, they’re just here to use the Humboldt brand as free advertising and then crush everyone.

  • wow is that all uguyshave to say;? gv me more😁

  • oh lol there
    way sold to selin u out too…dont bother wh there mixer

  • The corporations have arrived, right in our own backyard. Promising jobs, buying product on the stem, machine trimmed, then hand trimmed, trucked outta the area, but Humboldt branded for bigger bucks on the market. I’m not thrilled. Buying the way Flo kana does, the price will be worse than last year’s low. No thanks! Go back to San Francisco!

  • Stories abound about how these people don’t pay the farmers.

  • RRR – remove, rescind, revoke your signature b/c you were under threat, duress, & coercion by Legally blind, mentally incompetent fact witnesses that are masquerading as Public Servants when in fact they are DDDT [Dangerous, Disingenuous, Domestic Terrorists].

  • Flow Kana’s web site says they support sun-grown cannabis… so not the giant electrified greenhouses?

  • I heard an interview with the CEO on kmud douche bag said their qualification for a “small farmer” was anywhere between 500-3500 pounds produced a year. Over production is a huge issue in Oregon and will be even bigger in CA in the years to come. Humboldt counties reputation for good cannabis was forged back when the market was comprised of a bunch of small grows. The quality was way better back then. Now that it’s all blown up and a 500+ pound farm is considered small I think the prime dank will disappear completely. Small batch crops where somebody is growing 50 pounds in a season the best they can will disappear eventually without out of state connections. Everybody just wants cheap shit nowadays anyway.

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