Convoy Headed Out Alderpoint Road

ConvoyThis morning, approximately 15 law enforcement vehicles, headed up Alderpoint Road. This appears to be a similar convoy to those on Monday and Tuesday. The last report places them as staging above Alderpoint.

According to a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, the raid on Monday consisted of the following departments: the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), CDFW Watershed Enforcement Team, Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, California State Water Board and Humboldt County Planning and Building Department. Most likely, there is a similar makeup in today’s raid.



  • Please explain why you feel you need to warn those who pollute, poison helpless animals, avoid paying taxes and do not in anyway help the enviorment?

    • This is NEWS
      Why do you feel the need to supress it?😊

    • Please explain how this post will allow a single polluter, poisoner of helpless animals, tax avoider, etc, to continue doing wrong?

      Repeatedly I’ve answered these types of questions. However, I’ll try again. Property is owned. The property owner’s name is listed with the county. If law enforcement wants to arrest someone, they show up super early while they are still in bed before they get up and check my news on the computer. Otherwise, law enforcement is just eradicating plants and gathering evidence–all of which are impossible to move in the short time I learn something before I have time to write it up and then post it.

      These posts provide readers with the reassurance that someone is watching law enforcement, warns of traffic impacts (large convoys on rural roads can cause problems) and (this one isn’t a popular reason but it works like this) like the simple presence of a patrol car, the post spreads a sense that law enforcement is working at eradicating–thus actually adding to their influence. It is impossible to bust every grow. Some of what law enforcement wants is to push other growers out of the business because they are afraid of being next.

      • Don’t even respond to people like that if they were that concerned they would be talking to you in person they hide behind computer screens an talk shit to people, to make themselves feel better

      • Alt Right For Life

        Yes that is the plan, taking their land and any hope of a tax return when growers work flipping burgers.

      • Thank you for reporting this. It’s interesting news.

      • They can grab the cash and get out with it before LEO arrives

        • Never thought of that. Probably many do just that.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Just like in the movies right?

        • Possible in a few cases. But effectively impossible. When the reports are as general as “staging near Alderpoint” there are literally hundreds of grows that are possible targets. Most growers will think it isn’t them (as it isn’t). If they do think it is them, they have to get the money and flee before their road is blocked and the cash then is easily located on their person. Remember, I have to confirm the information (usually the longest part), write the posts, and put them up. Sometimes that can take over two hours from the first report. Sometimes it is as little as 20 minutes (rarely.) And, all this is assuming that the grower was looking at the computer at my website the minute the post went up.

        • big balls in the sky magee

          sounds good for everyone involved! leos dont want a shoot out in the woods anymore than the growers.

      • Why do they never say that they raided the father of a cop and a sheriff’s place. Is it because the stuff they would confiscate , belongs to his kids. And it would be like steeling from
        cops. And you know how mad they get when they feel they got robbed.

    • so they can clean up their mess befor the convoy gets there 🤣

    • Gone Are The Days

      You’re obviously are not from around here. Many moons ago we had police scanners and intrepid neighbors monitoring the airwaves to see where the 5-0 were. Everybody listened to C.B. radios hoping not to hear the word the cops were coming into their neighborhood. Thanks Kym, keep up the good work!

    • Pharmstheproblem

      Boy that’s a secret,15 units on ap road… Nobody can see that, nobody is going to call thier friends… Nope Kym is the only one who knows till she lets us all know…[edit] Someone else called her .. plus how many places up ap road, thousands give me a break and give Kym a break…..

    • Short answer?
      Because the police have an evidence based history in this area of violating citizens’ rights in the course of their ‘eradication’ efforts. A local citizen group and local attorneys actually sued the government/police and a judge gave us/the community a Consent Decree (strict rules!) that the government had to abide by when acting in the area.
      So, YES, people worry about all the many affects of these police actions.

    • do you hear a baby crying?

      oh the growers…..for a minute i thought you were talking about google, apple, amazon, and microsoft.

  • Staging above Alderpoint where?

  • They in Rancho Sequoia

  • The dark Hearts think they are winning what a horrible waste of time and money if this is an environmental issue they should go after what is causing global warming if it is Code Enforcement issue they should shut down most cities because in the best case scenarios when the cities have major events that are coming they are not safe maybe the dark heart should just stay at home and look at the dark spot growing on their chest the poison oozing out from their dark hearts

    • Humboldt County isn’t even up to ADA code yet. A code that was created in 1997. they recently got an extension to come into compliance before federal fines start racking up. The compliance work in MCK will result in litigation without a doubt.

    • To Hell with the prohibitionists!

  • John well being

    Be kind and helpful is a way of life. Please keep telling those where these guys are.

    • Think you john well being for sharing the keys of life being kind and helpful some will hopefully find their way judgment is a hard path even if you believe you are just following orders you still have made a choice being kind it’s hard to go wrong

  • You know, I’m getting tired of these stories. Sure, environmentally destructive greedbags should get their due- but has cannabis in Humboldt achieved ‘epidemic’ status? Are these grows the reason for all the robberies, the violence, the overdoses?

    Kym, you like those dangerous assignments. The questions I have been asking about this have been ignored; perhaps you’ll have better luck.

    Why are the police hitting cannabis at the source, but only going after the smallest of small-time meth and heroin dealers and users? We know methamphetamines are produced right here in Humboldt; I remember watching Stephen McGeary’s house in Arcata burn down around him when his lab blew. The official story: McGeary fell asleep with a cigarette, and no mention of the meth lab that all of the Plazoids knew was there.

    And the heroin? APD is willing to kill to protect that racket! Ervin Sweat did not have a gun with him. The gun “recovered” from the scene- a S&W .40 caliber- is standard-issue among most police forces. What Ervin Sweat did have, however, was a cellphone that had footage of two APD officers doing business with Brad, a known heroin dealer in Arcata. Brad, by the way, was the guy that got lit on fire on the front stoop of the First Presbyterian Church one night. That was an anti-dealer attack, not an anti-homeless attack.

    • Apples and oranges.

    • Please tell more. None of this info has been released or even mentioned. Did Brad survive his burning? Even that news story disappeared w/o a peep. Last I heard was that “somehow” Sidelines and TJ’s are both staying in business on the plaza! Talk about a scene that should be cleaned out- it’s hard to believe that anybody is taking the hard drug problem in Arcata seriously.

    • Our government hates competition. Period

      We fly coke in from South America

      We keep a watchful eye on poppies in Afghanistan

    • Priorities, I agree with a lot of you’re saying but I don’t think you grasp the scope of the environmental impact the grows have. The heroin meth problem are small in comparisons to, for example, clean water that we all depend on in this area. In the higher elevations we ge water directly from the source. Even if you filter it, that wont get all the contaminants and bacterias these grows produce out of the water. We don’t have the money to spend on elaborate filter systems. Also the Idea the these posts warn people in time to do anything but run and hide is ludicrous. I’m sure the feds monitor movement and activity, and even comunications when the grows are spooked, so they gather intel for future operations. Not to mention, if they clean up because they think they are going to be next we still get the effect we’re after. Win win for the comunities.

  • Don’t you all understand that growers are now paying the cops to do these raids.. and Kym Kemp, she’s just an eye in the sky . Be grateful you know what’s happening in a rural area thanks to her, whatever her beliefs of lifestyle, at least she’s still doin it. Cheers. Not everyone wants to be on the side of the murderous law enforcement of our country, and it’s nice to know they are still being militarized for a flower. The environmental destruction is still under touched, mostly because the biggest culprits can pay, and when you can pay, you can be free.. America is fucked no matter which lens you look thru. And even though Kym is a starnge neo liberal rural conservative hybrid, at least she looks out for her entire community, not just the people she agrees with. A true good citizen. Thanks kymm

    • Yes on Kym! I have strongly disagreed with her and she lets me- even on HER website so I gotta respect her. Her fire coverage is THE BEST. Her eradication coverage is good and she lets us all voice opinions and backwoods facts. She has earned my strong respect.

  • Murderers and thieves

    Great job Kyk covering these draconian military style assaults in our communities. The local newspapers from Sonoma to Northern Humboldt have had to step up yheir game to keep up with the Redhead Blackbelt. No more are stories just stuffed and swept under the rug, from caravans of military vehicles armed with machine guns ripping screaming crying children from their parents arms to theiving stealing cops committing highway robbery and stealing possibly millions from cannabis farmers to the deputies who kill other deputies claiming suicide (Mendo) to coverup their black market dealings in Covelo with the Kartel you are there. Reporting, sharing and caring about the future of our communities at a time a wicked, and an evil local law enforcement system which steals, kills, threatens and intimidates witnesses and will kill their own to silence witnesses has run completely amok with numerous deputies who are stealing and accepting large payoffs from the large kartel growers. Research Covelo, Mendocino County Deputy Suicides and look at the Cox lawsuit alledging a “sex cult” inside the Mendo Sheriff Department including wife swapping and suspicious deputy suicides in which other deputies were inside the same house whwn they took place. The MCSO IS DIRTY FROM THE TOP DOWN, ALLMANy IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!

  • Remember these same cops protected the Timber industry for over 100 years as they destroyed our redwood forests for the exteeme profit od only a handful of men and corporations. The Sheriff can care less about the environment, the entire “environmental degradation” plot is nothing more than a ruse to garner support for their community unsupported war on cannabis, of which the police and sheriffs support 100% since there is the opportunity to plunder the money, drugs, pot and weapons. Do not be fooled, these redbecks could care less about trees or forests, they are in it for the slipped away 100 dollar bills and the free dope and pot which the deputies turn around and steal and sell on the black market where they earn extra money to buy their kids school clothes. Happens every year among certain deputies with kids down in Mendocino County. Do your research Kyk, dig deeper!!! This is common knowledge and I am sure the community will feed you the names of the Mendo Deputies who steal and sell on the black market…. The entire family is a bunch of drug addicts and drug dealera, they just got their own working as a leo.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Weed growers just need to understand that they aren’t welcome anywhere.

    Just get out.

    Good work law enforcement, keep wrecking these people and drive them back to their slums.

    Growers are not welcome.

  • Daily reminder that COPS ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS. That means they are to be held accountable by the public. How can they be held accountable if all heir activities are done in secret. I for one can attest that the humboldt county sheriffs are not above stealing money from your wallet and not reporting it. Information on where they are spending so much time and money serving warrants is the least any respectable journalist can do for their community. And for that, the red-headed blackbelt has my respect.

  • Legally unprotected farmer

    Appreciate you for this Kym, as a grower with a permit I still get the heebie jeebies knowing that they’re even on my side of the highway. The PTSD lingers and it’s a total violation that they are chopping crops still even though I agree that the environmental shit is terrible and deserves severe repercussions.

  • Grower /non grower those are petty issues at this point whats more amusing is how clear it is on who really owns your land cuz it certainly isnt you that was the whole purpose in buying land at least for me was to not have to participate in society’s shenanigans its rather alarming to be told what I can or can not build or being told you have to tear a structure down cause it wasn’t permitted i say fuck you and your permits what ever happened to the good ol days of mind your own business why do people want to support goverment telling you what and how to do anything on your own land

  • Can’t believe people still think letting a few run the many is a good idea.

  • All these people will see after the raids stop this year banks are down 3million$ An Les Schwab Alones down 100,000$ a month. Good luck to the rest of the economy all the money is now going into police corruption & government! People are so backwards it’s quite amusing!!

  • Amusing – like the Keystone Cops? with force of arms.

    . . . the raid on Monday consisted of the following departments:

    the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU),
    CDFW Watershed Enforcement Team,
    Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit,
    California State Water Board and
    Humboldt County Planning and Building Department

    A “Unit”of a quasi-municipality, masquerading as “The County” Sheriff’s Office. This implies We the people elected a Sheriff -who was sworn into office and posted a surety bond into the public records to secure Humboldt County’s highest elected position on the land. As in . . . there’s no chain-of-command in place. Bring on the dancing deputies. Bread and circuses.

    A “Team” of Watershed Enforcement – r.u. cereous?

    Another ‘Unit’ -unification of Fed/State corporation’s group think., posing as The County Inc., collective reps.

    An unelected “Board” claiming external [State] authority. This is the same Board of Directors who orchestrated the Oroville Dam collapse due to lack of maintenance.

    And a “Department” aka The County Inc., staring San Diego transplant John Ford.

    Smells like RICO reek.

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