Multi-Agency Task Force Served 23 Search Warrants on Alleged Illegal Marijuana Grows in Trinity County

loader dumping marijuana into a trailer

All photos from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department

According to a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, 23 search warrants were served in a two day period. Although the dates or addresses weren’t named, we believe that the time period is the 19th and 20th of July and some of the warrants were served in the Trinity Pines area.

Below is the press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

TCSO press releaseHelicopter hauling marijuanabundling marijuanaRaiding a greenhouse with marijuana



  • Looks like they found lots of everything except cash.

    • The cash? check their pockets….

    • They need to go to Eureka to their houses to get the cash.You just know all the $$ didn’t go to the Toyota dealer and pickup canopy dealer.

    • Theives with badges

      They found lots of cash, mist likely over $100k, but these deputies have a habit of keeping up to 85% of the cash. Since there is zero accounting it is the deputies words against the farmers words, this means the deputies and SHERIFFS can just loot and steal whatever they want and there is zero accounting and zero persons to answee to, the just split the money, steal the goods and eradicate the plant and walk away with naive community support. It has veen happening in Mendo, Humboldt and Trinity since the 1930 and alcohol prohibition. These deputies are thieves.

  • Hear anything about that bust in hoaglin valley near kettenpom last month? Was a huuuuuge grow, been operating there many years. I wonder what they found

  • Lot of speculation they would find opium poppies up in the Pines – appears not.

  • C.A.M.P?! What gives tuba and calaveras the right to play cop in Trinity? Must be no unpermitted in their counties. I don’t know why pigs always like to come to Trinity to flex.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many raised their hands when asked who wants to serve search warrants up in the mountains and get out of this valley heat!

    • More than likely they are connecting the dots.

  • Sounds like the cartels in the national forest aren’t getting busted this year . Pretty sure because any marijuana offense is a misdemeanor and they can’t fine those guys because they have no property to attach the fines too . So the trespass cartel grows in our forests will probably increase in the coming years making the national forest a very dangerous place . Is that a smart decision the law enforcement made to go after property owners and not the worse actual criminal type people like drug cartels ?

    • It’s true that it is financially better to fine than prosecute. But then there are dozens of people on owned parcels growing illegally for every trespass grow so the damage done there is cummulatively worse.

      But the bottom line is that without enforcement, there is no reason to pay for permits. Without permits, there is no way to stop damaging practices. This is true for any thing from vehicle licensing to labor laws.

    • Whoa

    • Gadzooks! That says it all. Look at all of ’em. No wonder they’re cracking down, the whole scene of grow plots stick out like a sore thumb, and that’s from a satellite you and I can see.

      Lots and lots of properties, and they all look connected together and on the same page. Zooming in, plants become visible in neat rows, circles, or zig zags. North of the middle, it looks like everyone’s junked cars and open trash are dumped in an central location, while the plots are kinda clean. It must have taken some time for all of this to get this way.

  • And another thing, $3000 cash? They could have got more than that by looking in peoples wallets at 23 properties. What about the places that had already harvested deps? No cash there?

    • All the grows in the pines are operated for the asian cartel, the worker bees just get a new pickup, the boss get the weed and turns it into $$.No money at the grows on those kind of sites.

  • Contemporary Satire 4 you!

    Here is a story I am predicting:

    The USDA today announced that there is a 25 million pound surplus of fine Cannabis Flowers, which is driving down prices, as demand falls off.

    Economists say that overproduction threatens the entire future of the American Cannabis industry, since Chinese production is saturating world markets and keeping international prices low.

    “American producers can’t compete” said the Secretary of Agriculture, “and anyway, they are all high all the time”…

    President Trump, serving his ninth term, is threatening tariffs on Chinese Pot, if the Chinese refuse to limit production and exports of their cheap weed.

    Oregonian production has completely shut down, since the glut of Oregonian weed caused the construction of the “Oregon Wall” by the Trump Administration, and since Oregonians can’t afford to leave their state, and since they are all too fucked up to drive anyway…

    Diane Feinstein, the 129 year old Senator from Northern CA has decried the pot glut ever since the paving over of Humboldt and Mendocino Counties was completed, since there was no other way to limit Black Market production there. “Were going after Trinity next” she stated from her suite in the Hunter’s Point SNF she has occupied for 22 years. The Comforti Paving Company of Alameda has been contracted by Governor Newsome to complete the “Trinity Project”…

  • So these cops had solved every single murder, rape and violent crime and we’re sitting on their hands waiting for something else to do? If not this is a complete waste of time when police should be focused on violent crimes not cannabis Gardens.

    • I know for a fact the violent crime I reported to TCSO has been under-investigated by Det. Josh Ford.

      I handed him 70% of the case on a platter.

      I complained to his supervisor Brian Ward.

      Nope. Nothing. 1.5 years later a violent assault on a 71 year old neighbor is solved but not prosecuted. Fuckers.

    • You just don’t get it, do you? Party’s over. Can’t grow like that any more. It’s not a go. No can do. It’s illegal now. Proceed at your own risk. There are new laws. Get a permit or else. Zero tolerance. Comply or get lost. Not ignoring it any more. These cops go out and bust law breakers, they aren’t detectives. Too bad. Money well spent. Fuck the greenrush. It’s over, Rover. Later gator.

      • For a (Or 23) search warrant, detectives are needed, or at least detective work by police.

        I agree with you halfway though the original point still exists.

      • Hey grandpa it was illegal before also. There are some smart outlaws out there that can still make a living in the hills without permits.. the type who don’t go running for their giant dodge dually every time a helicopter flies over. You gotta have big balls but it’s not over, just separating the wheat from the chaff.
        The black market should be really good this year due to all the eradication and cease and desist letters.

        • Bart does Humboldt

          the black market prices will continue to fall. the legal stuff is cheap – even in states where it is not legal.

          • Black prices are going way up because of all the busts and abatement notices . Neighbors selling at 1400 black market while we’re getting 8-9 legal . Obviously busting illegal grows will help in the long run

      • SRSLY … “It’s Over?”… ok … that means the economy, the jobs, the communities, the schools, the cops, and the town is over too… wake up

        hard times indeed, but punishing one group in favor of big corporate groups aint gonna help and is not liberal, libertarian, or cool

        • Well put bearjew!!
          How much u wannabet some of these commenters are trolls being paid to write crap like that!

          & i too want to know what makes pot busts a priority over violence murder child abuse and meth production???? In all of our neighbiring counties too, we should get some say in whats top priority crimes we want dealt with like SF did awhile back before the techmonsters. Pot wasnt legal but was “de-prioritized” after a vote on what folks wanted to see police focus on.
          Oh thats right none of those things line cops pockets with $$$$. If youve never dealt with corrupt cops it may be hard to understand but trust me, the pot busting law enforcement has been making millions for a long time off illegal seizures of land and items. Theres many articles about the feds doing it too. I cant completely blame them thats gotta be hard to resist when you know you wont get in trouble for it.
          My friends neighbor got busted, the cops did their “our warrant for this property extends 2 miles in each direction” BS & came onto my friends land when he wasnt there. (this is pre-permit times) He had 200 seed plants he’d started for himself and 3 other neighbors (not big grows). They were about 3-4″ high. He did heavy equipment operation for putting in culverts. The cops took the plants and his excavator. He got a lawyer& met with the cops who said if he bought his excavator back for 30,000$ from them they wouldnt press charges. He did it and never heard from them again.
          That’s how this sh*t works!
          Its all a big game.

        • Think of it as broken window policing. That reducing the pot free wheeling illegality will reduce crime over all.

          Despite the protests that pot growers are all just like carrot farmers, that is clearly not true. It comes with a sizable side of crime and violence with trimmigants, cartels, thefts, disappearances, etc. Yes, there is criminal activity possible any place that money can be taken but illegal grows add so much more inclination and opportunity just because of the nature of those whose whole life is an indulgence in contempt for the law.

    • shaggy bumblebee

      remember the lost hikers last year in trinity co.. a woman, her sister and her daughter.. reported to TCSO by campground host after they didn’t come back to their campsite where all their stuff was for like a wk.. TCSO DOES NOTHING.. 3 women disappear leaving all their belongings behind and they do absolutely nothing.. they wait until the family calls to make a formal complaint and so then they’re forced to act.. they quickly/easily found their car.. the only one still alive was the daughter bc the other 2 shielded her body from the cold w their own bodies.. they died just the night before.. if TCSO had acted when first notified they would be alive.. they killed them w their inaction.. what a bunch of incompetent lazy morons!

      • The camp host reported on Sunday June 11th, that the three had not been in their camp site for several days and were scheduled to have checked out on the 7th. On June 12th the family called, a deputy checked various trailhead, found the vehicle and a search was instituted the next day.

        Seems actually to behave been a fairly prompt response to an indefinite situation.

        • shaggy bumblebee

          what the trinity journal failed to mention was that at least one of the women had just died.. when people are fighting for their life, a day, hrs, even minutes matter. if someone is suspiciously missing the sheriff should act immediately.. not days or even a day later. they did nothing when the campground host reported it.. nothing. they had to act when the family contacted.. they realized they fucked up and their incompetence would be exposed when they ignored the KOA host the previous day. they could have been found a whole 24 hrs sooner.
          I don’t know why the trinity journal would cover up for the trinity sheriff.. gee.. go figure.

  • Hopefully my ex and his corrupt chronies are among the reaping.

  • Dawnice Robinson

    If my uncle, brother, family or even friend was not at a designated place to receive provisions that were crucial for sustaining life,like drinking water for instance. And I went to tcso to get help finding this lost hiker, and they told me it was too hot, the terrain was too steep and they just didn’t have the man power or resources , knowing that the activities in the above article are being justified as some sort of public service, I believe I’d be all in to chop a bunch of weeds down too! Poison oak and star thistle bundled with vines off of BlackBerry bushes and stuffed right down the fat lazy mouths of a bunch of badge wearing power trippin money grubbing making a living on others suffering sick excuses for public servants. I hope mother earth keeps her cleaning process on schedule. Might be the only way to get rid of these roaches

  • serious question.. can a person still grow 1000 sq ft of medical mj if they are growing for 10 people w cards without needing any kind of permit? thanks

  • Corruption priorities

    Lots of homicides and unsolved murders and lots of missing person cases, do the Sheriff Deps assign 15 people to solve serious cases… NOPE!!!
    i too want to know what makes pot busts a priority over violence murder child abuse and meth production, TIME TO DEMAND CHANGE, NOBODY IS SAFE WHEN THE COPS ARE CORRUPT THIEVES

  • Calaveras was involved for the I help you you help me game. All those agencies will be doing the same thing in calaveras very soon.

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