[UPDATE 9:17 p.m.] Carr Fire: Map, Detour for 299 Closure, etc.

Carr Fire rolling towards residences.

Carr Fire rolling towards residences. [Photo tweeted by Cal Fire]

The Carr Fire exploded yesterday around 1 p.m. near the north end of Whiskeytown Lake closing Hwy 299, a major east-west artery, and forcing evacuations. By 9:45 p.m., Cal Fire’s Shasta division was tweeting the fire had reached 2500 acres (almost four square miles) and was only 5% contained which is the estimate given today also.

As of this morning, 299 is still closed in both directions. A detour is available though. Eastbound traffic is detouring south on Hwy 3 at Douglas City and then connecting with Hwy 36 and continuing east to I-5. Trucks larger than 65′ have to choose a different route. See here for more information.

Hot temperatures and low humidity this week will feed the flames. Today, temperatures could rise to 108 degrees and humidity dip to less than 15%.

Firefighters will be trying to keep the fire north of Hwy 299 where it has not yet crossed the road. They will also work to keep it east of the Lewiston Turnpike Road, west of Grizzly Gulch Road, and south of the area known as Drunken Gulch.

For more details on evacuations and road closures, click here.


Carr Fire Map 7/24/18

Click on the map for an enlarged pdf version or use zoom to see details.

UPDATE 9:48 a.m.: Caltrans tweeted, “Closure is expected through the day, as fire crews continue their work. Eastbound closure at Buckhorn Summit & westbound closure at J.F. Kennedy Memorial Road.”

UPDATE 11:50 a.m.: Cal Fire is now saying that the fire is 3126 acres and 15% contained. The good news is that no structures have been destroyed, they said, and there has been no injuries. The cause of the fire is listed as mechanical failure of a vehicle. For more information, click here.

Caltrans is stating that 299 is likely to remain closed through today.

UPDATE 9:17 p.m.: Cal Fire says the Carr Fire is now at 3126 acres and 24% contained.

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  • Hands down, Kym is the best fire coverage. #2 is so far behind it doesn’t count.

  • Be safe fire fighters. I for one greatly appreciate all your hard, hot and dangerous work. THANK YOU!

  • Lisa Larramendy

    Trying to find out about structure loss both in French Gulch and off of Cline Gulch Road. Thanks

  • I got turned around at the CHP scales at Whiskeytown yesterday. You could see it growing rapidly. It was a long way around but happy to be home.

  • Great coverage. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to an updated map when you have one.

  • The glow of the fire looking east over Weaverville about 11 pm. It’s much more pronounced than is shown in this grainy cellphone image. I was shocked when I came over Oregon mountain, a good portion of the visble skyline was glowing red, and not the usual light pollution from redding. This shot is from lower down right above town. So glad it appears no structures have been lost in French gulch 🙂

  • This is not updated, they say the fire doubled in size last night to over 80,000 acres and is only 5% contained. All I want to see is an updated fire map and cannot find one anywhere

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