[UPDATE 12:26 p.m.] Convoy in Southern Humboldt

ConvoyA convoy was seen heading out Sprowel Creek Road from Garberville this morning. A reader described at least 10 vehicles, “many unmarked with big antennae.”

Earlier, before 7 a.m., two readers described seeing a “black Ford sheriff with the chipper followed by a white sheriff rig…” headed north on Redwood Drive.

We’ve reached out to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and asked for more information.

UPDATE 9:15 a.m.: “Our drug enforcement unit is serving search warrants today in South Humboldt,” explained Samantha Karges from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. She said that officers were working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

UPDATE 10:50 a.m.:
We’ve received several reports that the convoy was parked at Tooby Park.

UPDATE 12:26 p.m.: Several readers are reporting that the convoy is in Rancho Sequoia near Alderpoint.



  • Excellent, loving this new push by all levels of Local Law Enforcement and the environmental agencies, coordinating on these big grows in the hills!!!

    The more the merrier, keep it coming, chase them all out of town, and make them hurt as much as possible. Sick of their disrespect, neglect, poor morals, destruction of our community/environment, etc.

    • Looks like 61 new abatement notices in the Times Standard.

      • They hammered salm Creek. But was it was a pretty haphazard posting of those damning (damned) letters. Until they can actually match correct APN, with correct owner and legitimate infraction (empty hoopys were rumored to have been served), all abatement letters should be declared null and void.

        • They are flooding people with extraneous and sometimes false charges. But since it’s civil fines and not criminal there is nothing you can do for now. Eventually they will be bogged down by a class-action lawsuit for the sloppy way they have handled this. Of course by that time many people will have lost everything. Classic government exercise of power. We all wanted terribly heinous grows shut down but they are using their power to attack everybody without the means to enter the permit system and take whatever they can extract from them. Now they say it’s to protect the permitted “good” growers (oh wait- I mean “farmers”)!! They will change their tune weekly because they are dirty ugly liars with no accountability. Enjoy your “legalization” everybody! Yay- We “won” and now we are “safe”!!

        • It does not matter if the hoops are empty. They were illegally constructed and used to grow black market herb. The bulldozing to build the hoops was illegal, the drying shed was illegal. the forest conversion from trees to open land was illegal, The pipe stuck in the creek was illegal. Go small or talk to the lawyer.

        • What’s the point of an empty unpermited “hoopy”?

        • Its federal not bought out locals they need to enforce to federal regs.!!!!

      • $10,000/per day for 90 days! The county has got to be making a small fortune. If all of this nonsene improves the quality of the weed by protecting the legal ops its a win.

        There have been some heavy hitters in the abatement notices the past two weeks. A few who were already underwater, or needed kicked off the island for growing CRAPPPP!

    • sick of all of the weed hating, property rights haters who shit on our industry here in the north…

      Move to alaska and whine about crab fishing, traitors

    • You are not smart, they cut all the weed down, then they replant after they leave.

  • Once again Humboldt cuts it’s own throat.
    Stupid stupid stupid

    • Of what use are those who violate the law and trash the environment? They don’t pay taxes. In fact they use up taxes. Better to have a fourth of the number of growers if the remaining ones pay for the services they use.

      Somehow that trickle down theory of pot economics created a few really rich people who might build a huge house or by a luxury pick up on occasion but did not create the vibrant economy as they mostly otherwise were a drag. Or on vacation in more civilized venues.

      • just remember, your tax dollars are paying for these rediculous raids, which are destroying our local economy… tax takers… not tax payers… are gutting our industry and giving it to the vulture investment community and to those “nobility” who are on the “inside” of the new con job pot economy… Scabs… if you think busting a few mom and pops will drive prices up, look at Oregon and Washington

        • 61 abatement notices with a minimum $10K fine, $610,000. How much do you think it cost to send the crew out to pull a few weeds? Send the weed posers and interstate criminals back home and watch what us investment vultures turn it up a notch. I think the message is “Get legal or get poor.”

          • it cost around $25-30k per day, unless there is a helicopter, then $45K. the governor cut the funding for trespass grow cleanup mainly because of the inflated and bogus cost these agencies were charging.

          • If you clean up your scene in the 10 allowed days there is no fine😊

          • What makes you think the county sent anyone anywhere to pull up anything. This is all done from their office, using their computers to find pictures of greenhouses taken a couple of years ago. The only thing the county sent was abatement notices in the mail, and someone to go nail up some on posts somewhere within a half mile of the alleged violator. It’s strictly a low rent high profit caper.

            • There a bad moon on the rise now the county is going to die bringing on the heartache a match lit a fire burning what will tomorrow bring bad choices blame it on the moon we are losing our County code informent is bringing it on leaving many with no choice there’s a bad moon on the rise

        • bearjew, what a “rediculous” claim! Destroying what local economy? What are you talking about, hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions? Because if there was as much money coming into the local economy as you guys keep BS’n about, there’d be a big box store on every comer and in-between all that new car dealerships, chain restaurants and supermarkets.

          Did you know that both Garberville and Redway are listed as an “Disadvantaged unincorporated community”; meaning an inhabited community (12 or more registered voters) with an annual median household income that is less than 80 percent of the statewide annual median household income. Did you know that?

          So show me the money, where does it go? Because it sure as hell doesn’t flood, let alone trickle down into the local economy like you want people to believe, any more than Reggae on the River or voodoo economics did for the local economy. Its all based on alternative facts. Its called a black market underground economy for a reason. You need to start smell’n what you been shovel’n…

          • Without the pot dollars in people’s pockets, local businesses are hurting. Talk to them, they’ll tell you.

          • [edit] I’m a logger with a finance degree and have published thousands of professional articles on business. I’m here to tell you that cannabis was the last vestige of prosperity in the north and now its GONE… Like a silver mine without silver… GONE… NO MORE ECONOMY.

            Sure, there are some tourists and some whiney plutocratic authoritarians around who overpaid for their houses in Eureka, but for the most part canna-ag was the regions breadbasket.

            Now that 64 has DESTROYED the region, don’t get on here and spew NONSENSE about how the new “everyone is broke” laws are making the region great again.

            If you are a republican, you should hate all of the regulation. If you are a democrat you are suppossed to hate big business crushing the mom and pop pot farmer…

            but if you are a corrupt POS then you love 64 and what it is doing to the region, period.

            Don’t piss down my neck and tell me its raining… property values are in freefall!

            • It depends on the property. The value of your place up the hill is dropping, but for smaller, more easy to sell parcels like city lots it’s going up. There’s a lot of California-legal cash that the Federal banking system doesn’t want any part of and real estate’s fairly liquid if one can find a pool of ready buyers. You said yourself people tend to overpay for houses in Eureka. That has to be even more true of Arcata.

              • Must be realtor,or humboldt county land baron, good luck with that positive outlook, remember real estate in the 70s in humboldt ? Took 3 to 5yrs to sell a house here

            • Patriot in Willits

              The decline in the north coast marijuana economy was a foregone conclusion once it was legalized. The fall in the price was predictable, and a clearing in the forest can’t expect to compete with the economies of scale associated with flat, irrigated acres in the Central Valley. The raids on unpermitted growers is not the reason things are going down the tubes, the ballot initiative process and capitalism are.

            • Financial Future

              Doug Fir prices are up. And so are prices for permitted track and trace weed…

          • Do not agree. I have seen the local economy up close for the last 40 years. Those stinky Benjamins ( Humboldt Sawbucks) have made a huge difference in what this place looks like. The services, the music and retail options are truly incredible for the number of souls in this neighborhood. And Ed any government income survey aint counting funny money.

            • OMG, Dave Kirby, who was apart of the system and knows first hand about using money with no interest loans just because the JP Hospital District got financial aid for being in a “Disadvantaged unincorporated community”. I’m sure you didn’t say that to them, right? “any government income survey aint counting funny money”, you don’t get it both ways Dave. Its the oxymoron of SoHum and the dark side of marijuana. Its not all a wonderful world of Disney, even Disney had villains!

              But Dave, whats so “funny” about that “money”? According to you, “Those stinky Benjamins ( Humboldt Sawbucks) have made a huge difference in what this place looks like.” Does that place look “funny” to you? Most of that “funny money” is laundered through those same business you claim it saved.

              And, if you “have seen the local economy up close for the last 40 years”, it means you have been apart of the problem for the last 40 years. The horse is dead Dave, get off…

              • Ed ….You are slipping old man. You just did an excellent job of contradicting your first statement. You are correct pot has had a major impact on the local economy. The hospital receives better reimbursement due to its distance from the closest E.R. .It has nothing to do with underserved. Redwoods Rural was founded on the underserved rural population and is an F.Q.H.C. I am glad to have been “part of the problem” for the last 40 years. Twist a fatty and get over yourself.

                • Taurusballzhoff

                  Disadvantaged, Unincorporated Community… I love it! More like schizophrenic, grasping and disingenuous… All those drugs, so little time! Garberville, and folks like Dave Kirby, Kent Scown, Barbara Truitt: These people will say anything at all, tell any lie to keep the money coming in! Then there is Matt Rees and his USDA money plan to convert the “CR building in an Impact Zone” to a hospital…

                  My God, Ed, you know this already! If it comes out of Garberville it has to be 99% driven by the self interests of the folks who benefit most!

                  Meanwhile, are there any other grants or Government money we can apply for to support our poor little bump in the road?

          • white cops on dope

            Those numbers are skewed down because people do not report their income accurately.

          • Ed, undeclared income does not count. Duh.

      • Do you even live here????
        The growers i know have paid taxes for years, started businesses and beyond that paid dues to the community in form of funding schools, fire depts, community centers, supporting artists&musicians&small local businesses, fundraisers raising thousands of dollars to support community members with medical needs, etc etc.
        Theres no big box stores because nobody wants them in so hum and for that matter how is that equivalent to a “good economy”???? Folks take pride in supporting small local businesses and seeing as we have the most entrepreneurs percapita in the state I’d say we’ve been doing well at it. Its a lifestyle choice to pay a little more at a local store to support the owners who then support/sponsor school activities, etc. Sustainable economics is all about how long you can keep that dollar circulating in the same small area. A lot of folks here have been trying to carve out a different way of living and working to support one another rather than big corporations.

        Now all the local stores are reporting 50-70% drop in sales, for real. Especially in southern humboldt. The folks who did it right for so long are the ones getting in trouble now as they never went big and now cannot afford to get a permit. Who do you think are getting permits???? ONLY the folks who went big in last few years! No small farmer has 400,000 to invest in a permit that you have to pay for whether you have a crop going or not.
        Plus my friends neighbor got busted and she walked over to it twice. First time it was empty dusty lot (no rehab on these grow sites they raid) then went over again as their water tanks were missing and guess what someone else had bought it, taken their watee tanks and started a new grow.
        The cops can make a lot of money repeatedly busting then selling the land to someone else.

        There are also incredibly inept folks going out to inspect as part of the permit process. They have no idea what homesteading is nor do they understand how cannabis is grown. A friend was told they cant have pertilite in their soil if they want the permit. Wtf??? No one else i know waa told that. Other friends who were almost done with permit process and had paid a lot of money, had thr county tell them to do all these fixes on their home on the property to get permit. They said they would need to go up to thr next tier of garden size to make enough to cover fix-up costs. The county said no way. So they opted not to grow this year and guess what? They still had to pay thousands of dollars in taxes on a crop they werent growing. Thats what ed densons lawsuit is all about. How is it legal to tax a non-exidtsnt crop??? Does this happen to other crops? No way brcause pot is more regulated than your food. I think all permit applicants should record every conversation with each inspector who comes to their property because they cannot be trusted.
        Plus right now the last big corporate timber companies are stripping our hillsides pouring more silt and diesel laced herbicides into our waterways. It’s consistently amazing and sad how many folks just buy the company line instead of thinking for themselves who’s really causing the problems here. They spend millions convincing people that someone, anyone else is to blame but them.
        Its obviously working.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with your point about good people not being able to buy into permits while many greed growers were able to because they had blown it out. I’m sure there are some good folks who got permitted and I know there are terribly destructive growers who did not. But nearly all of the actual cases I know run like this- Grower A) Kept it smallish and right. Never became a baller or wanted to. Quality product in small batches grown organically. Actually cut back on water use during the historic 5 year drought. Could not even begin permit process due to fees, taxes and the cost of bringing their Class K homestead (restored logging land) up to all codes (roads, old landings, ponds, every outbuilding, etc) required for a permit to grow weed…..Grower B) Saw an opportunity and blew it up! Grabbed water from wherever to feed huge greenhouses and flats. New flats were bulldozed for more grow. Old logging roads reclaimed, regraded and also new ones bulldozed in. Sprayed heavy with Eagle-20 and then sold that product to the medical dispensaries- for sick people to smoke! When the 5 year historic drought hit? They went even bigger, grabbing more water directly from creeks and rivers because…screw the fish and wildlife we are being very productive here! These are the people who made piles of cash and so then had piles of cash to throw at the county for the permits…..Now- all the permit people are good?! And all the unpermitted people are bad, black-market cheaters?! I wouldn’t believe how insane this bullshit is if I had not seen it with my own two eyes and in many examples. It is certainly a farce.

        • “The growers i know have paid taxes for years, started businesses and beyond that paid dues to the community in form of funding schools, fire depts, community centers, supporting artists&musicians&small local businesses, fundraisers raising thousands of dollars to support community members with medical needs, etc etc.”

          God, where do I start. They may have paid property tax, but sure as hell did not pay personal income tax on what they were growing or selling, right? And if they started businesses, where did the seed money (sorry no pun) come from to start that business. As for “community centers” you must be talking about the Mateel, yes? Maybe in the beginning, but the Mateel only serves the Mateel Board and if you count all the members, its a small fraction of the community.

          I guess we are just going to take you at your anonymous word about the rest?

          “Do you even live here????” Wow, if I had a dollar for every time someone said that! You got me sir, you are correct. We no longer live or own our property in Southern Humboldt (1961-2015). And like most people that try and protect rivers, wildlife habitat and endangered species across this world, they don’t live there either; is there a problem officer?

          • what does individual Federal Income Tax pay for?

          • Greenrushers won…. lease land. Make millions. Leave rich

            • leave? most the legal farms I know are green rushers. most the non “compliant” (LOL) are older and set in their ways or small time, growing just enough to get by..

              As Farce said above.

          • Many growers pay federal and state income tax, and have done so for many years. Otherwise all their income would be only ‘mattress money’ and not available to spend on big ticket items. Maybe not all income, but lots of it. I don’t think even our president pays income tax on all his income, either.

          • We don’t see any of these people investing in our town and we do see them and the trucks delivering to them tearing up our roads whether they are forest service or county roads.

            • when you analyze property tax you find that the properties that are still in Dads name paying tax on peanuts are the ones not investing in our towns. I pay tax on 500K and I have neighbors that pay tax on 50K but their property is worth 300-400K. and most of the crime is from these properties, so basically they pay the least and consume the most.

          • Hey Dude, not only was community responsible for making the Mateel happen, you seemed to leave a few things out like Beginning’s, our other community schools, our volunteer fire depts., hospice, Reggae on the River, the summer arts festival, Redwood Rural Health Clinic, KMUD, the town square, our new public restroom. Shall I go on……..

        • Sorry Bro, evolve with the times or perish

      • My friend is a finical adviser in this area. Growers pay more i tax than others because they are afraid to take any deductions. Only a very small grow would avoid paying taxes, since you cannot qualify for any type of credit/loans without declaring an income. Im surprised you can file your own taxes and not understand this.

    • No…….California voters cut humboldt countys throat….. not humboldt.

  • Blah blah..where did they go…if you don’t like cannabis move….its here to stay

    • “ it’s here to stay “

      Yeah fucking right ! Certainly not in the way that it’s been grow since 2000 . If you haven’t noticed people are packing up and going elsewhere and i say good riddance , I’m here to stay

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    No Excuses

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis Is Legal.

  • Caption obvious

    There in rancho

  • Longtimeobserver

    There is about 10+ vehicles in Rancho They headed up toward 2nd gear flat

  • Longtimeobserver

    There were multiple trucks marked Sheriff and several white SUV’s no markings and a blue pickup with a silver type logo I couldn’t see it to well My question Kym is can you find out if that helicopter last week was the Sheriff?

  • No doubt the county won’t collect on most of the fines. Some of the folks getting letters are so underwater financially they couldn’t come up with 10 large if you held a gun to their head.

    In the past the county did not collect a penny from the illegal growers. Now they collect permit fees from the legal growers and fines from the illegal growers, or put the latter out of business. Looks like a windfall for the county and the end of competition from crappy pesticide laden cartel weed. Win-win.

  • is brick weed still a thing or are you one of those idiots that believes the Mexican Cartel is growing weed in the hills.

    • You probably couldn’t find it around here but brick weed is definitely still a thing some places. There are a lot of relatively poor people out there. A quarter ounce of good weed is $100 and up many places. An ounce of brick weed might be $80.

      • What ? You can get an ounce of good weed in Phoenix for 140 these days at a shop . Seen it with my own eyes .

        • How about Des Moines, or Omaha, or Minneapolis, or Charlotte, or Indianapolis, or Oklahoma City, or Dallas, or…

      • Please take me to the guy that’s buying fire quarter ounces for 100 bucks.

        • See my reply reply to Cove Bro above. In many places, the end of the line consumer is still paying crazy money.

  • Protect the real Humboldt brand. Send the posers packing or fine them into oblivion. Quality versus quantity. Brick weed may not be a thing but grows shipping weed full of glyphosate is a reality. Hash and extracts laden with plastic compounds is a reality. Exactly what happens when people try and produce more for less money. Cartels are not exclusive to people from Mexico. Any group of people who conspire to grow illegally, ship illegally, conduct their business illegally, and collude on pricing and competition is a cartel. Back when you could have sold a pound for $500 and made out handsomely the price was $1500. Welcome to legal capitalism where only the strong survive.

  • Yeah there in rancho right now seen them drive right on by my place earlier

  • The ones who know how to grow it right & know how to market will continue on.
    The ones who are whining overspent & should blame themselves no one else.
    Greed comes in all sizes and races and it starts with no conscience of the environment, our rivers our land, our neighbors, the air we breathe, the new gold here in SoHum is Water. When will it all end ? Is it possible we can all be apart of one community, helping each other and making SoHum better for all who live and work here? I believe in a new model where we all get along and we all help our community.
    Let us learn from the past so we can have a vibrant future here. Those that want to continue being vibrant farmers and those who do not. Growing is not for everyone.
    But let’s all clean up our land and waterways for the next generation of farmers.
    Worms can clean up all your pesticide dirt in 6months if you tried it. Let’s all be the healthy change together we want to see happening here. Tell all the stores here not to sell the pesticides and if they do don’t buy from them. We want a clean SoHum moving forward and we all can do it together. Blackmarket there will always be one but let it be a healthy one.

    • WOW… cops in rancho……. I am sure they didn’t see one of the hundred greenhouses from windy ridge on the way there… I am sure they missed them for they are so hard to see. keep your shit in order law dogs. you are worse than the people you are after……. protect and serve my ass….. damn cops are self serving and serve the ones that pay them the most !!!!…… Whores for the courts

      • Did you miss the dancing deputies video? Can you imagine if all 58 counties do this horse sh!t? We’ll have to pack and leave California , not because of geo-engineered tsunami flooding, or 5G non-human frequencies when the volts are turned up, or 66 simultaneously started fires all around us, but instead, due to embarrassment.

      • Gotta agree with that.

  • They are going to capone you. And if you cant afford the fines your,property will be forfeited whether you like the idea or not. You shouldnt have been making a fucking mess in them pristine woods to beginn with.
    Most of you were getting real money not that long ago for each and every pound. Should have cleaned up your shit. Even most compliant grows still look makeshift. A complete joke they allow this shit so consider yourselfs lucky they let you once you pay them.
    Clean up your shit!

  • all that work for 500 or LESS a pound

  • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

    Unionize and Collaborate. If the smaller to mid-size growers could come together they could form viable, regulated grows and take their products to market. To help keep the grow economy alive it’s going to take teamwork, collaboration, good business practices, marketing, reinvesting in community and possible unionizing to establish price-fixes and keep the value in Humboldt grown brands. Unless there is a totally new economy to replace the old, cannabis is it!

    In step with that, it’s time for ALL the businesses, (Especially The Hotels) to clean up their act, send all the transient vagrants packing to some other place as long as it’s not here, same with the meth addicts/dealers and start revitalizing the tourism and appeal that was very strong in the area for many years. Get all the crazy assholes out of Shelter Cove!

    It’s still beautiful land and could be a strong draw again with the right type of environment — cottage industries, decent food, nice places to stay and NO STREET PEOPLE AND NO METH. Sounds harsh but this is an issue in most CA cities and towns now and it’s very out of hand – Economically ruinous. End the welcome wagon and the handouts and get back to business!

  • By my estimate, we are still in first stage collapse with some evidence of early second-stage.

  • Bust em all! Time for the timber industry to make a come back

    • If they stop logging for 500 years, maybe it can make a comeback.

    • have you noticed the trend of Green Diamond selling or wanting to sell 4th gen redwood tracts. since we are all learning as we go science wise about how many generation a redwood will yield, I am starting to think that 3 generations is it.

  • Brainwashing is going on on a massive scale.

    Pretty sure the three or four public Abatement hearings I witnessed last year at the non-judicial Supes’ meetings were based on nuisance. From Shelter Cove to Willow Creek and the County outskirts of Eureka in between, those shows were minus due process in more ways than one. Shortly thereafter the Supes. delegated authority, that was never delegated to them, to the Planning Dept. with John Ford as Director and transformed him into judge, jury and executioner.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpTJ3gfszbg 8:35 environmental regulation. Nuisance explained.

    It’s obvious to any rational observer that the Supes. serve no useful function except to hide obscene extortion amounts, pegged for investments, behind the Redwood Coast Energy Authority. Why else would RCEA all-of-a-sudden be on the scene, claiming the colossal “community choice” half-truth? The BOS are on the Board of RCEA . . . follow the conflict of interest monee trail.

  • shak @ 12:44,

    Power of the County, as far as Sheriff being the highest elected official – can tell both State and Feds to go pound sand (except for those million$ in grant bribe$), has never crossed Billy’s mind. He has not been sworn into any elected position. The Supes, practicing the tyrannical twist of appointing persons to Elected office positions, and unlawfully, and illegally, adding more to others’ job description is a joke. A big joke. On us.

    This is normal corporation behavior for Order Followers.

    As Soon as everyone realizes they are all Mall cops who work for a corporation, being EUREKA CORP. and COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT CORP. that is with STATE OF CALIFORNIA CORP. and is also under the US CORP. out of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, we can advance much faster. Lets really get to the root of the problems here. Al l this is, goes deeper than what I just pointed out. Hopefully it helps some to get a big grasp on all this mess we live in with all this legal jargon, which is just language made up from the BAR association out of LONDON Corp. who is actually it’s own separate Corp state, only by a name of a so called government. We The People do not exist any more. We are all under a Organic Constitution that was drawn up by District Of Columbia Corp., After the Constitution and White house was burnt down in 1877. Then… That’s when the Corp. came about in this Corporate Country. The District Of Columbia sprang up. and here we are, I’m not even mentioning 1933., when Our country declared Bankruptcy and the London Corp through International Bankers took over. BAR = British Accredited Registry, out of London Corp. In 1933 much more happened that I’m not even mentioning.

  • That was quite a mouthful. While it’s true they’ve messed it up beyond recognition, it’s not true that we’re defeated. The original compact still stands, but it’s up to the people to defend it and preserve it by making a stand.
    We can always audit the Constitutions, both the US and State. Any unconstitutional laws or acts will be considered null and void. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3EBsr1iP6s

    We can spread the word that we are not US citizens, but that we are non resident aliens. A non resident alien does not live in DC or in a territory. Federal Taxes for US citizens do not apply to non resident aliens. (they are paid voluntarily through consumer purchases). Unfortunately, govt workers are trapped within the jurisdiction of DC citizen status.
    Even if only half of us reclaimed our republic, that would be worth it just watching the slush funds for war & coups’ dry up.

    We can spread the word about the importance of electing a sheriff who supports the constitution. In the meantime, we can reach out and educate the sheriff in office and hope s/he decides to do us proud.

    The difficult part is undoing the brainwashing that has been performed for decades. It’s really sad when people can’t tell the difference between a privilege and a right, and that’s just one of the areas of consternation.
    A lot of work ahead.

    The Constitution was created by WE the people, not them the govt. It’s up to us to assure they support it.

    • Rrroigghhtttt. Stand up to the government now and your a terrorist. You didn’t read the patriot act? Good luck with that. “We the people” disappeared long ago. Prepare for New World Order. People, stay in your homes. Curfew is at 7 pm, anyone outside past curfew will be shot. People, return to work at 7 am, any one not at work will be arrested and urine tested. Do not call lawyers or loved ones, the government will save you. People please stay in your homes, FEMA will assist you. Any person brandishing a firearm will be shot. Stay in your homes……

      • Covetail, that was the old admins. They are the ones who set up the Fema camps aka reeducation camps, the walmart camps, to imprison those who love our country and constitution. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re out of office now. The people have spoken.

  • All these abatement notices are pushing black market prices up to almost double legal prices.

  • shak @ 12:04 am,

    Defeat? – nay, nay. There’s way more of us who will mount a resistance before the fit hits the shan. I don’t think the people realize we are at war – what is called a mixed war, beginning with unlawfully enlarging federal jurisdiction in state territory.

    Constitutions don’t operate on you (me, us), only on those who took the oath. You can see the conundrum. No oaths and/or bonds to cover their lie-ability, recorded into the public record = all offices are vacant.

    I have a Secretary of State certified, hand-written copy of California’s 1849 Constitution, as well as a 1997 L.A. Appellate Court litigation that (re)claims the original, by disproving felonious Amendments. Our state constitution is what we want to hold and cherish –as if our life depends on it –cuz it very well may.

    The last document I filed regarding nature/marihunie (DR 160161) and the million-a-month extortion tax/measure z (DR160135), was a Cease and Desist Notice – June 1, 2016. Reinholtsen deemed both litigations – Dismissed (their fave). However, I disqualified Reinholtsen in an earlier case City of Eureka v the People April 8, 2013. Can I do Void Judgments? You bet. However, a Void Judgment is filed in a higher court – that would be a trial jury of the people – no admittance to U.S. Citizens or the BAR club cult (unless testifying under oath. Not gonna happen). Having played on their court in previous litigation, I knew going in, at best, they would be of public record. Btw, my docs/instruments are created in the common law land jurisdiction language of freedom.

    “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments’ rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.” -John Adams

    Through the years, the Supes, Downey, Honsal, past and present Eureka Police Chiefs, Planning Dept., Ag. Commissioner, County Commissioners, past and present District As, court file clerks, file clerks in the land records office, et al, have received (other than served litigation papers), Notice of Fraud, Contempt of Court (Henrichs), Notice of Color of Law, Sheriff Survey, a Cities and Counties Cannot Enforce Codes on Private Property newspaper article (read into the public and left copies – four times), Posse Comitatus information, my (recorded in Arizona) Fee Schedule Notice, Jurisdictional Clarification, Private Public Partnerships Securities, Privatizing Government is Evil, Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal, Law and Fictional Presumption, Labor Can’t be Taxed, Collectivist Fallacies and Interventionist Follies, Zoning Laws Destroy Communities, and more.

    I haven’t found a Notary Public in HumCo. who knows, or will do, a Notary Presentment, or issue warrants. If, when, a Notary would issue arrest warrants, including their significant others, I’d be first in line.

    Who will keep the truth alive if not us?

    • I honor you and your commitment, well done! Most, like self, are only in the beginning learning curves. You were ahead of your time, yet still fought your battles with substance and honor. Today, things are a-changing. The courts, congress, media, etc are undergoing a huge housecleaning. Heck, even the 9th district is straightening up. They’ve recently admitted that the people have a right to open carry, plus they blocked the ban on high capacity magazines. https://www.courthousenews.com/ninth-circuit-upholds-block-of-california-gun-magazine-ban/
      POTUS is trolling the Federal Reserves, which leads us to believe he believes his word. Many believe he is pushing to bring back the common law. He’s fed up with the corruption. This is why the ((( they ))) hate him. He’s holding strong to the Republic which is destroying the decades of the false democracy.
      Do you teach? Are you willing to join others who do? Are you well prepared to continue your battles after the roads are clearer, and help others?
      You’re right that we are in a Revolution, a silent revolution. It’s been glorious! Now is not the time to say ‘been there done that now leave me alone”. Now’s the time to say ‘been there, done that, I’ll be happy to lead the charge’.
      We don’t have to arrest them, we have to stand up to them and call them out.
      We have to demand for them to either support the constitution. They will never be reelected if they refuse to free the people.
      We are sick and tired of being told where, what, how, when to live, work and play. We are sick and tired of our tent cities while they live in mansions. (Pelosi, Waters, BHO, etc).
      Common Law is the Law of the people. It requires no lawyers. It’s simple and clean. But getting it back is convoluted and rough, as you’ve experienced in the past when the roads were laced with barbed wire spikes.
      The spikes are being removed. It is time.

  • Post or not to post, that is the question.


    It is the month of December on the shores of the Black Sea. It is raining and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt and everybody lives on credit.

    Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town.

    He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 Euro note on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.

    The hotel proprietor takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.

    The Butcher takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the hog farmer.

    The hog farmer takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

    The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the town’s prostitute that in these hard times, gave her “services” on credit.

    The hooker runs to the hotel and pays off her debt with the 100 Euro note to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients there.

    The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 Euro note back on the counter.

    At that moment, the rich tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms and takes his 100 Euro note; saying that he did not like any of the rooms, and leaves town.

    No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt and looks to the future with a lot of optimism.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the U.S. Inc. does business.

    • Yes, very much so, in the past and getting worse all the time. (until this admin). The costs of being regulated to death didn’t allow for cushion money.
      Take that same $100.00 bill, slash out the regulatory burdens. Now how much would that room cost? Big savings! That hooker would be able to save up enough in a few years to buy that motel. Just like in the good old days.

  • shak,

    Thank you. You’re encouraging. Am i willing to teach? Yes. I mostly feel that I wouldn’t tell anyone how to do something i haven’t done myself. However, i’ve done enough over the years to share with others. I’ve always wanted to stand on the courthouse steps and hand out ‘what to say in a kangaroo court.’ Would take a little over a month to shut down the demonacracy and bring in the republic form of government we were promised. Problem is, too many are willing to pay, but if they challenge jurisdiction, then they would see them retreat, and the people would rise to a new perspective of what this is all about.

    I agree with what you are saying.

    Torchbearers for justice, for healing and for unconditional love, it is time to pass through the flames together: the garden of the future we have longed for now draws near. James O’Dea

    • “At the core of each of these oaths, whether the federal oath in its current form or the various state oaths with their additional obligations, lies the simple language put forth by our first Congress: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      A brief analysis of these words and their meanings may help to solidify their significance. “I…”—an individual, person, citizen, one member of the whole, officer; “do”— perform, accomplish, act, carry out, complete, achieve, execute; “solemnly”—somberly, gravely, seriously, earnestly, sincerely, firmly, fervently, with thought and ceremony; “swear (or affirm)13”—vow, pledge, promise, guarantee; “that I will”— a positive phrase confirming present and future action, momentum, determination, resolve, responsibility, willpower, and intention; “support”—uphold, bear, carry, sustain, maintain; “and defend”—protect, guard, preserve, secure, shield, look after; “the Constitution of the United States.”
      –the FBI webpage on oaths. (2009)
      I actually love this page. It covers the oaths of all LEO’ and where the country got off track.
      Most of them are good decent honorable people who have been under the wrong leadership. https://www2.fbi.gov/publications/leb/2009/september2009/oath.htm

      The State is a checks and balance against Federal overreach and the Central Govt is a check balance against State over reach.
      The people are to self govern, non harassed, unless or until they literally deprive another their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      The POTUS is taking on the Federal Reserves. Things are looking up. It won’t be long before we’ve taken back our Republic.

      If you’re serious about reaching out and teaching, many ears are leaning your direction, to prepare them for the real Constitutional Republic.
      Blogs, radio, podcasts, chats, websites, opinion articles, weekly articles, and the other multitudes of platforms I can’t think of at the moment. All of which need back up platforms, due to unfair censorships and banning. (SGTreport, ie, banned the other day from YT over nothing at all. Fortunately he has many other ways & means to carry on).

      Various groups have formed on the 24/7 We the People patriots soapbox platforms. A fast growing outlet of research and information. They’re busy trying to define schedules for the various hosts & their guests.

      Don’t be shy.

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