Man in Well-Known Animal Abuse Case Agrees to Not Own Any Animals and Is Sentenced In Vandalism Case

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:Charles COle

[Yesterday], 59-year-old Charles Cole of Arcata pled guilty to vandalizing the Arcata Co-op on November 6, 2015. The terms of his sentence include: 3 years of probation, he must not go near the Arcata Co-op nor the clerk at the Co-op whom he engaged with prior to committing the vandalism, and he must comply with all conditions of the mental health counseling he is receiving. He also must not possess any animals and cannot seek return of the dog he once owned.

The last sentencing terms above relate to an animal abuse charge that originated from Mr. Cole’s actions on January 14, 2016 in Arcata; this charge was dismissed today. In a trial on the animal abuse charge in July 2016, the jury split 7 to 5. Subsequently, several citizens contacted the District Attorney’s Office to provide additional information about the incident and the People set the case for a new trial. Before the date of the new trial, Mr. Cole’s defense attorney declared a doubt as to Mr. Cole’s mental competency and in July 2017 he was transported to Napa State Hospital for treatment, where he remained until June 2018. (Today Mr. Cole waived custody credits for his hospitalization in Napa, so if he violates probation he can be required to serve up to 180 days in jail.)

The District Attorney’s Office appreciates the citizens who came forward to provide information on Mr. Cole’s actions. Before taking the plea…the D.A.’s Office contacted many of those people, who all agreed that in conjunction with his course of mental health treatment, this plea addresses Mr. Cole’s behavior.

Earlier Chapter: Man in Well-Known Animal Abuse Case Agrees to Not Own Any Animals and Is Sentenced In Vandalism Case



  • Kym, the link to the earlier story just takes you back to today’s story.

  • You do a disservice to apes everywhere with that statement.

  • This man has a mental illness. Not that he is likely to read such nastiness himself but a person who constantly berates others for their lack of compassion shouldn’t go insulting how a person looks.

  • I can’t stand people like him , just looking at his picture makes me sick.

  • Dang, that’s some hardcore punishment. He can’t go to the co-op anymore but where will he get his organic, gluten free, sustainable grown wine at?

    • It’s not just a hippie thing, it’s a health thing. Laughing at someone’s possible health problem is messed up. I was always laughing at that crap but all of a sudden I became sick and had a huge soft lump growing on me, lost 75 lbs and super tired. Turns out I’m allergic to bread and my body is not breaking down the high fructose syrups. I went gluten free & high fructose syrup free & now bump is gone, I’ve gained back a third of the weight I lost and have energy again. I honestly feel like a jerk for every laughing at anyone buying that stuff, considering it became a useful & helpful option for me & others. Besides why you looking at others groceries while they’re rung up? Mind your own biz sometime, you might enjoy it and find more time for better things to think and do .

      • You do realize that you just called me nosy while at the same time informing me of your diet? Never met a gluten free person that didn’t tell me about their diet before I asked (which I have never intended to) And suggesting that I can’t laugh at people who shop at Arcata co-op is hilarious. I generally laugh at every single thing that arcatians do because they all are equally ridiculous and out of touch with reality. By the way winco has fruit also and you’ll save a fortune.

        • Two words: Eureka Natural Foods

        • Very aware, that one day you might find yourself on the opposite end of the scenario. What goes around comes around. Probably why I have diet problems today, for all the times I laughed at others diet in the past. Sad you where that on your sleeve, as I once did. Good luck with that. By the way, I love WinCo, see you there, I’ll just look for the knucklehead laughing at others, as I once did. Good luck with that.

  • I like stars too!

    The man is disabled! Have some compassion!

    • I’m too busy giving all my compassion to the mother who tried to kill her daughter during exorcism at centerville but isnt responsible for her actions also because she was high too. My compassion levels can’t keep up with the drug addicts abuse levels, I’m working on it though maybe there’s a class or something I can go to to learn how to send prayers and compassion over the internet?

    • No compassion for this human trash. Have u ever read what he did to his dog, Mr Nobody. Glad the dog is in a happy home. May this man burn in hell, like the demon he is…

      • I have known mentally ill people to do all kinds of awful things. One homeless mentally ill guy I knew drank a bottle of Lysol in an attempt to heal himself. Others have heard voices telling them to kill and they did. Some set others on fire. Some set themselves on fire in an attempt to drive out their demons. It’s not that mental illness creates awful predilections that many have. It does impair the impulse control that stops others acting on such impulses.

        There is a real confusion that goes on among some commenters that criticising a people’s behavior like driving drunk or misusing drugs or whatever lacks compassion while the minute such behavior injures a child or animal, it becomes fair game for merciless attack. The person who has the capacity to control themselves but doesn’t , needs no compassion. He needs a swift kick in the pants.

        It is possible to object to behavior or actions while maintaining understanding of the involutary nature of illness. No one gets sent to Napa for a year without some very serious illness. It is as bottom of the pit as a person can get. So, while acting to prevent bad action as much as can be done, having compassion for their mental illness is possible.

        • People have to want to help themselves. I have seen too many psych patients refuse to take their meds and one cannot be forced to do so without infringing on their rights. It is a catch 22 with no obvious solution. Using illicit drugs is a personal choice and one should be held accountable for the actions pursuant to their use.

          Abusing animals is a crime that deserves harsh punishments.

          • That is true. Compassion does not mean letting anyone continue to commit crimes just because the have a problem. It does meet appropriate response with consideration of the illness, which might very well make it impossible for them to ever “want to help themselves” as we mean it. It might even mean that they will never be able to exist outside of a locked hospital. It certainly does not mean laughing at their appearance.

      • No I don’t know the back story. Can you link it ?

  • Wow! I’ve stayed the heck away from that overpriced, self-righteous Co-Op for years now. I didn’t need the court to tell me so!

  • It’s too bad there isn’t money to get him the help he needs.

  • Stories like this are opportunities for readers to learn about themselves…… if they care to look deeply.
    I hope that a year in treatment has helped this man to become stable and see the errors that result from when he is not well/following his treatment protocol.

    • Maybe 100 red balloons with yellow smiley faces could give this guy the right encouragement, or bring a smile to his face.

      Happy healthy people don’t abuse animals.

      Happy healthy people encourage others to find health and happiness too.

      So, who’s paying for the balloons?

  • He has been abusing animals for a long time, I’ve even complained to A.P.D. & a few friends after seeing his actions years ago. APD did nothing then. It’s about time APD & DA did something b/c it took a long time. He has a reputation.

  • Maybe 1000 balloons with helium in them on a day with a good east breeze

  • I’m not a professional with mental illness but abusing animals is so wrong on so many levels. Glad he was apprehended and off the streets and hopefully he gets the much needed help. Somewhere in his life he fell thru the cracks and never got the help he so desperately needed. But this man had to have been doing this for along time And now hopefully be rehabilitated. If that’s even possible. Hats off to the people that had evidence about what he was doing.
    We need more responsible people who want to see change in mental illness in our Cty come forward and get these people help.

  • What ever happend to the Jackson ranch people who were starving hundreds of cattle and horses in plain sight of everyone? Slap on the wrist I bet. Rich people can do whatever they want but if you’re poor or a little weird looking they’re coming for you!

  • CornholeSlapper

    Thousands of these winners running loose in humboldt. One more deranged as the next.

  • What would be said if this were a woman, “Wow, 59? Looks more like 79! ” [edit]

  • This shows the basic ugliness of many commenters who are not so much interested in the difficult and frequently ugly mental health issues as they are in flagging their own virtue by accusing others of a lack of compassion. They are all for the government taking care of the poor deprived homeless as long as they remain an amorphus few but singularly nasty when the reality that mental illness does many repulsive things. This basic disconnect is why the government is paralyzed in doing what could be effective.

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