Heart Fire Closed 101 at the Ridgewood Grade Earlier; Now Partially Reopened

Hwy 101 closed at Redwood Valley after the Heart Fire rolled along the Ridgewood Grade

Hwy 101 closed at Redwood Valley after the Heart Fire rolled along the Ridgewood Grade this afternoon. [Photo by a reader]

A fire that started a little before 3:30 p.m. on Hwy 101 at the Ridgewood Grade between Willits and Ukiah has burned through about 65 acres and closed Hwy 101 for a time. The fire is now about 50% contained.

According to Cal Fire, “Hwy 101 is open with one lane in each direction.” The forward spread has stopped.



  • Copter 101 Territory.

  • Reading “The forward spread has stopped.” is the best news of the day!

  • Just drove through about 1 hr ago. Couldn’t see flames but they were mopping up. Not really much smoke either. Still flagging and one way traffic at that time.

  • Thanks for the video footage!

  • Damn same spot last year practically…

  • A big THANK YOU Cal Fire for your hard and never ending work this summer. You are all greatly appreciated!

  • I sure wish people would STOP throwing lit cigarettes out of their window…. make it a felony to smoke in a moving vehicle, drivers and passengers alike!

    • They they’d stop and drop their butts before they drove off. No assurance that this would solve the problem.

  • Lol and 10x the wrecks from stressed drivers used to smoking hard enuff not smoking a j,plastic and glass bottlez are bad also

  • Passing by at 3:50 p.m

  • I have seen fires here several times over the years.. Called in situations where a trailer with a dragging chain is throwing sparks..

  • Everybody who starts a forest fire should be trained as a volunteer so they can learn
    What not to do and see what sacrifices the men and women firefighters have to go through over carelessness. They get no pay they just have to work off their crime through out wildfire season. Enuff said. That’s one way of educating them as well as for them to educate others to the dangers,

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