[UPDATE 2:47 p.m.] Western Trinity County Getting Raided by Law Enforcement Again

Law enforcement Wildwood

[Crop of a photo sent by a reader]

Once again law enforcement is raiding areas in western Trinity County. The photo above shows a number of law enforcement vehicles gathered at Wildwood about 10 a.m.

One witness spotted “a fish and game truck hauling a trailer full of chopped plants down Wildwood road towards hayfork.” Reportedly they are on Summit Creek but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Yesterday, rumors on social media credited them with removing marijuana from multiple farms. We know they went to at least one farm and that they had a helicopter with them, according to a resident.

We’ll update if either Fish and Wildlife or Trinity County Sheriff’s Office ever releases any information…which they rarely do.

UPDATE 2:47 p.m.: Sounds like they are hitting hard. According to scanner traffic, earlier this afternoon the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office requested another trailer.




  • ” “a fish and game truck hauling a trailer full of chopped plants” What no Chipper today???!!!

    • The cops gotta make some money too…

    • At 5:00 pm yesterday I saw a F&W truck between a load of other official trucks, on 3 and 299 junction area. I assume coming back from the Pines raids. Well sure enough I saw dead weed plants in the back. Heard the chopper this morning.

      Don’t know why no chipper….

      • A couple years ago my friend got busted. He had stuff hanging and stuff a month out from harvest. The stuff still in the ground got chipped. The stuff that was done got flown out on a chopper. So riddle me this…why did they spend the time and money flying the weed out when they had a chipper right there? Take all the time you need

        • cleaning fee on the chipper, dont like it when you return it all gummed up…..Trinity maintenance dosnt like to loan out tools anymore to the SO.

      • Leveling the playing field

  • “Oorah!” Go LEO

    • I like stars too!

      What a load of poop! They used to treat Syphilis with Mercury too…

      • It worked didn’t it?

        • I like stars too!

          Well, if killing the patient is efficacious treatment…

          One thing for sure, many common medicines are useless, and some are harmful. Giving Cannabis products to children seems a bit inadvisable, but saying that it is a miracle cure is just obtuse.

          • “Giving cannabis products to children seems a bit unadvisable . . ” What would you suggest? You know, to Do No Harm -keep them out of harm’s way.

            What is “common medicine” to you? What the group-think masses refer to as “common medicine”? Like man-made aspirin? Or chemo? Or nature? Common nature.

            Fact or fiction? This doesn’t take a rocket surgeon.

          • Ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s big business. Prop 64 killed medical… Police, big Pharma, big Ag… BIG LIE Canna saves lives.

      • Uh maybe catch up a little, that comparison is so wild west and makes no sense in this discussion.

        Look up the research from Israel, the country that has been and is leading the cannabis research around the world. Your tax dollars are paying for it seeing as israel receives the most monetary assistance from the US than any other country.
        Theyve found the cbd’s to help broken bones heal almost twice as fast, kids with 700 seizures a week go down to one, eat cancer tumors, etc etc.
        Theyre finding each part of the growing female plant to have different types of cbd’s that each have their own healing properties. Those flimsy little branches near the bottom of plant have specific cbd different from the upper branches.
        We have receptors in our brains for thc&cbd whuch means we have evolved using them.
        Thc is also its own medicine for things like ptsd. Ive talked with many veterans about it&they need very high dosages to feel better&dont get high off of it. One i talked to was on 37 pharmaceuticals for ptsd&getting hit by ied. He quit them all using cannabis&is functioning well.
        Cannabis is being proven over&over that if used with opiates for pain the patient does not go up on dose and thus has much lower rates of addiction.
        Its a pretty f*kin amazing medicinal herb.
        & at this point who cares if people are just using it to get high?? Waaaaay better than alcohol and pills.
        You’d be amazed at the amount of teens addicted to xanax in our county. They drink with it and black out and end up in jail or hospital. If you cold turkey from cannabis use you may feel a little uncomfortable for a day if you were a super duper every 5 minutes heavy user. If you cold turkey xanax you’ll most likely have a grand maul seizure or the like and have a high chance of dying.
        You could get online right now and buy as much xanax as you want, & kids are.
        Maybe focus on the real problems. Youre out of touch if you think pots even in the top 5.

    • Why can’t that be found in JAMA or NEJM, you know respected, peer reviewed publications. Seems that a quality study documenting the cure of an “incurable” disease would certainly rate publication.

  • They cut so much weed today they ran out of trailers and might ask road department for a dump truck

  • they dont bring chippers around trinity as much as hum, saw the chopper dragging a100ft rope today, probably to net the weed not chip it

    • It’s like toddler world. Toddlers like nullification too. They just do what they want without regard to consequences then scream and whine over the results.

      • What in the world are you talking about?

        We are all jurally malnourished. We must re-learn or remember or be taught that Jury Nullification must be taught to all state citizens. If a jurist finds a (legal) law to be violating the unalienable right of an accused, they can declare not guilty without reprisal.

        Condemnation without investigation serves no one.

  • That be eastern trinity.

  • Remember when F&W went around citing you for barbed hooks or one fish over the limit? Now it seems they’re an arm of the Franchise Tax Board.

    • I remember when the branch was lower then refuse collectors .They are now a branch of The state police

  • Western Trinity..?????……. Pretty sure Hayfork is Like southcentral..asian and eastern Europe .I live in western Trinity.

  • Pines still had police cars at the entrance at 5pm looked to be checking ID’s for those who dared to enter.

  • grow ballz🤙

  • Alt Right For Life

    Weed free pines is cool, let yuppies from the Bay buy that crap and rebuild, weed is over.

    • Alt right the turd reich

      Cannabis and her producers will adapt to these new man made laws. Her production, like her beauty, will never stop.

    • right wingers against free markets and deciding for yourself… Not very libertarian at all… Weed is a weed… should be deregulated as such — that’s capitalism/free market/libertarian

      all the regs are nanny state fascism aka red commi

  • Hey a portion of all the money that is collected can be donated to the local nonprofits anonymously!!😁 Seeing that our local & State representatives, Cannabis Profiteers don’t give a damn. The nonprofits significantly impacted by the Cannabis Greenrush don’t benefit at all from the grow money confiscated or Cannabis Tax collected. Essentially they are all screwed. Fuck Prop 64

  • Man, they chopped a lot of properties yesterday. Does anybody know if they are chopping again today (Saturday)?

  • I saw 2 sherifs on highway 36 by hay fork exsit 1 in the back of a full sided white truck,he was just ripping in to large bags pulling out large zip bags of weed,I thought it odd cause they were on the inside of a tight corner and no back up.I come around corner and quite scary to see,few more corner right in front of hay fork exit there another one and he had a big white van pulled over same way.They should pull them over in safer spots not on corners like that.

  • like alaska raiding crab fisherman for fishing for crab… there would be no poilice or a town without the weed. Trinity still run by corrupt red dix

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