Trinidad Woman Accepts Plea Deal in Toddler’s Death

Press release from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

Accepting a one-time, take-it-or-leave-it offer from the Mendocino County District Attorney, a 23-year-old mother entered a guilty plea on Thursday to felony child endangerment.

Defendant Alexandrea Raven Scott, age 23, of Trinidad in Humboldt County also admitted a special sentencing enhancement alleging that abuse of her 18-month old son was a proximate cause of the child’s death.

A no contest plea to a felony charge is the same for all purposes as a guilty plea under current state law.

To accept this disposition and avoid a possible murder conviction, Scott was also required to stipulate to an aggravated sentence of 10 years in state prison and to waive all local jail credits.

Because felony child endangerment — even abuse causing death — has not been characterized by the Legislature as crimes of violence, the defendant is eligible to earn time credits in prison of up to 50% of her overall sentence. Moreover, it is expected that voter-approved Proposition 57 will further shorten the time the defendant must serve in prison, mandating her release on community supervision after she has served only three years.

“This was a death that should not have happened; I expect that it has left an unfillable hole in the lives of the child’s father, as well as the paternal and maternal sides of the extended families,” said DA David Eyster, the prosecutor handling the case.

“If nothing else, I hope the stipulated prison time will send a message that those who abuse children should expect to be treated like the serious criminals that they are. In this case, it remains difficult to believe that a parent would leave her child alone for hours on end strapped into a car seat in a closed vehicle — all night into the following afternoon. How is it possible that the child’s mother did not safeguard her infant, failed to provide him necessary food and hydration for double digit hours, and allowed him to die a lonely, excruciating death in a hot car while she was literally yards away “partying” in a house with strangers? This sort of abuse is well-deserving of hard time in state prison,” said Eyster.

Following the court’s acceptance of her change of plea, Scott’s matter was referred to the Adult Probation Department for a social study and the preparation of a prison packet. The information developed by probation travels with the defendant to the CDCR to help the prison authorities perform intake, classification, and facility assignment.
The 10-year prison sentence will be formally imposed by Superior Court Judge John Behnke at 9 a.m. Aug. 15 in Department H of the Mendocino County Superior Court in Ukiah. Any individual interested in the concluding proceedings or this defendant is welcome to attend that sentencing hearing.

The law enforcement agency that handled the underlying criminal investigation of the child’s death and submitted the crime reports and findings that allowed the DA to pursue today’s conviction was the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Yeah, that’s almost as bad as running over your child and her friend while you are driving drunk!

  • Looks like she pays more attention to her clown eyebrows than she does her kids.

  • Nothing but sadness to be found in this story.

    • I so agree. She is remorseful, has pled guilty. Accepted responsibility. Will not be able to mother her other child for many years if ever.
      It seems very sad to me that many people who no doubt consider themselves “christians” have forgotten Jesus’ words
      He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.

  • She should never again be allowed responsibility for someone else’s well being.

    • I thought I had made a comment about possible sterilization.

      • Bug on a Windshield

        Perspective, I hope you are not suggesting court ordered, mandatory sterilization. This may be an open and shut case, but what happens in a case where evidence comes out years later to prove innosence? Oops, sorry, you can go now, oh and, feel free to adopt.

  • At the very least she had better have one of those implanted contraceptive devices that last ten years before she ever gets out. She should never have another child.

    • James Marmon MSW

      Pursuant Welfare and Institution Code 300 (f) any future child or children she should give birth to may be immediately removed from her care based on risk alone.

      WIC 300.
      A child who comes within any of the following descriptions is within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court which may adjudge that person to be a dependent child of the court:

      (f) The child’s parent or guardian caused the death of another child through abuse or neglect.

      Pursuant Welfare and Institution Code 361.5 (b) (4) at the Disposition Hearing the Social Worker can recommend to the court that no reunification services be ordered for Ms. Alexandrea Raven Scott and any newborn moving forward.

      WIC 361.5

      (b) Reunification services need not be provided to a parent or guardian described in this subdivision when the court finds, by clear and convincing evidence, any of the following:

      4) That the parent or guardian of the child has caused the death of another child through abuse or neglect.

      There’s no need for sterilization.

      James Marmon MSW
      Former Social Worker V
      Del Norte and Mendocino Counties

  • “If nothing else, I hope the stipulated prison time will send a message that those who abuse children should expect to be treated like the serious criminals that they are.“
    Need some serious explanations here!!

    • This shows the difference in not having money and being able to afford attorneys. Think the system treats criminals the same? Guess again.

  • Kitchen’s case is in Humboldt this one was handled in Mendocino

  • No Plea Deal, that deal is horridly insane… what type of justice offers a deal in exchange for a child’s death. How could they not prosecute to the fullest extent. Shameful

    • No justice here. The family initially lied to the father saying there was a car accident and the baby died instantly but the mother was fighting for her life in icu. Lies to cover up the truth. Who does that in a crisis like this where a child has died? It’s horrible. She is 100% culpable in Her child’s death

    • It’s horrible that she’s being allowed to get away with this without a harsh punishment. She’s a piece of crap [edit]

  • I agree with guest. That deal is barely a slap on the wrist!! She killed her child because getting high on heroin was her priority. She should be in prison for life. She’s an entitled selfish piece of crap. She only cares about herself. She will play the victim and blame her ex. Probably already has. She should’ve fried for this. What a joke the deal is!!!

  • Family of Liars

    This woman’s family originally lied to the father saying the mother and child were in a car accident and that the baby died instantly but the mother was in icu fighting for her life. He didn’t find out the truth until the following day. What kind of people do this in a situation such as this? Clearly there is culpability on the part of the mother, as wel as multiple attempts to coverup the truth.

  • Her family originally lied to the father. They told him there had been a car accident and the baby died instantly and the mother was in icu fighting for her life! Who lies during a time like this? They were trying to coverup what happened. It’s sick. Clearly the mother is 100% culpable.

  • The family initially lied to the father stating that there had been a car accident and the baby died instantly and thw mother was in icu fighting for her life. All lies trying to cover up what she did. She is 100%culpable for his death.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    TQM so true. That is the trend all the young ladies want these horrible over treated goat eyebrows these days baaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • She might have goat eyebrows. But she’s no lady

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