Multi-Agency Team in the Trinity Pines

Trinity co sheriff and other law enforcement at a marijuana grow.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, Fish and Wildlife, and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office are in the Trinity Pines this morning. [Photo provided by Gary Booth]

Multiple agencies including at least the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office are raiding a property in the 300 block of Horseshoe Loop Road, according to photos sent in by a reader.

“[There are] a bunch of white suvs are down the road from me and a truck with a trailer and a copter overhead,” wrote Gary Booth a resident of the area who provided the above photo.

We’ve requested more information from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and will update if they return our call.




  • Trinity Pines ? They will be busy in that spot for years.

  • There are literally hundreds of grows up there.

  • Not eastern eruopeans

  • Why is Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office up there in Trinity County?

  • Trinity County and Siskiyou County? Have they found collusion Hmong friends?

  • Bout friggin time!

  • Obviously there learning most of these Asian syndicates are all connected! Sheriff Lopey ain’t playing… Good seeing them spending time in places devastated by unsustainable Ag practices and land degradation! Salmon are winning today!

  • Oh my they hit the fortune cookie

  • Watch them grab one place and leave the others alone. They are lazy and inept. They squander the resources that should be used for efficient eradication. They do not do their job but rather they do the minimum and then in press releases pretend they are busy and professional. The Pines deserves a major sweep but they will do little.

    • So….to be more efficient should they bring 40 wood chippers and not 2? They might be there a few weeks instead of months.

  • They may be looking at more than mj. Some Hmong have been bragging around town about all the opium fields they have planted up in the pines.

    • No doubt. I have seen more poppies than ever. Yes- with slits. Was in a circle of maybe 8 people last weekend and the conversation turned to concentrates, producing cylinders for vape pens. One guy mentioned that putting some opium in that concentrate would make a superior product. All agreed. Of course it is the next step- let’s not fool ourselves.

      • I’ve seen DMT vapes, so Im sure opium is not far behind.

        • Morphine in opium gum is not heat stable.according to literature.opium pipe in oroville museum is vacuum assist device lowering boiling point.morphine evaporates from gum ,vapor smells and intoxicates.transdermal.delightful.only addicting in USA party style environment.i have only seen opiate in Mexico once ,a mayor in Sinaloa de leyva.heroin.but considering the area..

    • Damn, wouldnt they be able to see the fields of opium plants from satellite imaging? Feel like the pines is a spot that everyone looks @ from Google earth. If I were them I would plant that stuff where no one is looking.

  • Watch out for H

    Yep poppies are the new crop here among the cartels now that you can buy a product that makes it easy to produce heroin directly from fresh poppies without the usual processing.

    And the cops are only gonna bust the big pot grows if theres some good land/stuff for themto confiscate and sell. Everyone ought to read about the abuse of search&seizures all over the country by local cops and feds.
    As my friend who’s a lobbyist in Sac says, every single govt/political/police action is about making money.

  • Google earth this area it is frickin out of control. This place will take them the whole summer to eradicate. Talk about illegal grading.

    • Go to te county of trinity and look at the property blue print . It was all sold legally in small parcels thatss why it looks like it’s outta control. But really they are all individual medical grows for patients . Don’t judge when u don’t even hav facts to back up what’s so wrong from other areas. What about the ones in Gville where thousands of plants are grown in greenhouses and there’s like 20 green houses on one property . Compare to 50 to 99 plants each individually owned property

    • And Google Earth is 6 year old pics.

  • Trinity county has no grading laws, because the BoS are assholes

    • What are u talking about everyone there does everything through the county. They don’t tak water from creeks or rivers . They drill wells and comply with trinity county waterboard . And everyone either have septic or portable potty’s and are very clean and grow vegetable and farm live stocks. On top of that everyone is trying to go green by solar panel. Even the white folks that has always lived there who didn’t liked them when they moved in Loved them after the fire that came thru there a few years bak. Cuz they wouldn’t leave and stood strong and fought the fire themselves In flip flops along side fellow Americans . They stopped it at the entrance of the pines as a team. The firefighters got mad cuz they wouldn’t evacuate but wouldn’t help fight the fire either cuz they focused there team and assets in the town of Hayfork. Which is understandable and what they should do and nobody is arguing that fact . I’m only saying they were shocked to see us be able to save there’s property’s in the Pines

      • My man fought that fire along side the hmong. They brought him water for his fire hose and they stopped the fire i bit after the entrance of the pines. The hmong are kind quiet ppl.

      • Agenda 21 look it up

        Thats because Calfire purposely lets properties burn in accordance with agenda 21. They want people living in cities not in forests and woods, the woods are for logging and resource extraction and the cities are for people, anyone else notice calfire purposely lets fires rage in neighborhoods that are old or not valuable. Its done purposefully. The state and feds want people living in cities not rural country. Sonoma county is not allowing rebuilding in area deemed a high fire risk… Get ready, the powers that be are reorganizing who lives where to suit their priorities using zoning laws… Agenda 21, look it up!!🔥

        • In Berry Creek near Oroville, indoor growers got film from a trail cam of Calfire throwing a road flare into an indoor grow long before the fire got there!

  • They also raided a grow on Fir Meadow Rd. today, they work fast, less than an hour and all the plants are gone!

  • Take a look at the amazing number of open grows in Trinity Pines here!
    If Google Maps works for you, here’s the link to get you there quickly:

    • More like lucky horseshoe loop.

    • Thanks for the link! It’s insane!! I never realized it is like that!! All the retired guys and millworkers sold their hunting cabin property out there years ago, every one. I realize the Hmong helped the U.S. out in Vietnam, but they are in U.S. soil. The average citizen has to follow the rules ! Are they protected and exempt?? Migrants refugees and illegal aliens don’t have to follow the rules but the citizen does??

      • you talk like trinity pines is all/only hmong.. while there is a large population of them in the pines.. theres way,way,way more white trash.. so maybe you should lay off your ignorant racist rant. I’ll take a hmong as a neighbor over a white trash tweeker any day

        • She/He/It is correct. Most of the problems in the pines are white and with trash all over the place. Most the hmong I hear of are good neighbours and keep properties clean. Also some of the slowest drivers on 36 and DO pull over to let people pass in brodozers.

        • Agree chickadee…the degree of harmony and cooperation within the Asian community is admirable, no matter what project they work with.

    • Holy Schnikees, and i thought sohum was off the chain.. they Hmoungst be swingin for the fences over in Trinity..

  • That classy weed barrier fence with the wooden posts barely holding it up is the international symbol for dirt baggery. They all scream “nothing to see here folks, just being in compliance with the ‘ fence your legal weed ‘ ordinance.”
    Down with the blight and destruction. Good riddance assholes.

  • The one she never posts.

    That’s where the problems started, I don’t know why they would waste time anywhere else ?? that is a disaster do something about it!! Why not start your paper terrorizom over there how hard would it be to post all those property’s ? Shut em down or light a match assholes. .

  • Just got word that they are ID’ing people coming in and out of the pines, and they raided a permitted garden because of “complaints”. Whats the point of having this whole permitting process to go through when the county can still raid you anyways if a complaint is made? Everything so ass backwards in Trinity. They should be raiding the 10-20 tresspass grows that they even SAY they are aware of currently?


    Does the County have an estimate on unpermitted cannabis cultivation operations?
    We currently estimate that over 3500 unpermitted cultivation operations exist in the
    County on private land, and an additional active 10-20 illegal trespass grows on public

  • Tired of liberals

    Yeah if it was Humboldt you all would be hollering why are they doing this weed is legal. Haha.

  • So.. I am just going to put this out there. People are so cut up about grading and cannabiss farmers clearing flats for their homesteads. Trinity pines is crazy. For sure. But to put it into perspective… but Humboldt and the state has been has been letting the logging industry do this even worse for decades.. with out $10,000 a day fines. Now the state and county want to claim they care about the ‘environment’. Give me a break.

    • How many tax dollars does that green diamond patch generate compared to the pines? Money talks when comes to politicians and the news media, lmao

    • I’m no fan of industrial logging or especially clearcuts. But clearcuts are done once and then let go for 20 years- maybe get sprayed. Weed grows get worked every year, usually expand and they take water out of the creeks every summer. They have resident growers who kill any wildlife that ventures in. 2 different rotten greedy ways to kill the planet.

    • funny the way that cannabis and cannabis alone requires complete prepare of old logging roads in Humboldt County even if a proposed grow is on just a tiny portion of land. Shouldn’t there be other ways to repair damage done by old logging practices?

  • There are alot of good people in the pines. They have some low low’s but so does every neighborhood. These cops will go somewhere else tomorrow. Trinity doesn’t have the $ to eradicate the pines and I don’t think they want to pull a Humboldt and drain all the money out of their county anyway. They come for a couple every season.

  • Alt Right For Life

    With Pines raids, odds are gunfire is involved, acting like your 3.5 acres is so isolated your actions don’t matter.

    We need cops to bully growers and make them move somewhere else.

  • There wasting there time in the pines cuz garberville and murder mountain where all the big growers at. The pines is nothin but a bunch of small grows for patients. Nobody there does anything to violate the environment from what I see everyone drills Wells and farms . I mean let’s not single them out jus cuz we’re jealous. Cuz let’s be real how would u like it if you was singled out and picked on. And by the way everyone up there are individual family and in no way in hell all connected like mafia. It’s like us saying all te white folks up in Gville are all connected and shit too.

    • The Hmong are a criminal enterprise, not individual growers. It’s called the “Hmong Nation Society”, they are a nationwide gang. Look it up.

    • Racist Trinity Sheriff

      They are Brown and the cops are white. There are numerous “gorilla grows and trespass grows all over trinity”, this has nothing to do with eradicating illegal grows or Trinity would prioritize the Trespass grows, this has everything to do with using racial profiling to go after a certain nationality of people that the local klan in Trinity does not want there anymore. KKK IDEOLOGY is alive among certain groups in Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino …… This is a racist bust, plain and simple to see, if it was about illegal pot, they would be busting the trespass grows.

  • Everywhere you go any county you enter there will always be those who take the primerose path period. I know a lot of legit folks out there who have there permits and only grow 99. I find some of these comments harshly uncredible and a sham to what really is going on.

  • >”But to put it into perspective… but Humboldt and the state has been has been letting the logging industry ”

    Look closely at the clearcuts… they all have wide berths for streams. Damaging a stream = big no no.
    Timber companies (well, now)… do archaeological surveys, wildlife surveys, stream habitat monitoring… etc.

    They spend big money on environmental regulations.
    (Probably more than they wish they would spend).

    • but even the studies and the scientists and the logging “experts” its all just a big government rub and tub fee party… everyone wins, except free markets — why should some shmo who is ignorant tell me its bad? Weeds legal. Let em go… if the folks want to sell it in state then so be it, they can get the permit… Should bust anything over 1 acre per parcel, legal or “permitted” aka inside man/greasing off the greedy local yocal county boss hogs…Permits? An old boys club N u ain’t in it!

    • I call Bullshit on that Bozo. Wait till you see the google maps update for the area around Harrison Gulch Rd clear out to Deerlick Springs. Class 1 watershed with clear cutting and herbicide of anything still standing. Even graded off all the gravil from the Forest Service roads clearing the logging slash. SPI is a terrible neighbor. Want to see what it looks like before logging? Head out to Hall City Cave from Wildwood. That 4 miles is set next to be clear cut.

      • Hm…

        I think SPI is a good neighbor actually.

        Tom and Chad are good folks. If you bavnt been in their Weaverville office, the pictures on Toms wall are a little surprising; personal pics of owls and wildlife.

        I think they know and care more about the local habitat than 98% of growers.

        I’ll give credit where it’s due.

        Also, Pinkasso, you should check out the old growth Cedars, pines and fir on Barker Mt; incredible and I think untouched in many sections.

    • they have all inhouse environmentalist and biologist. do you think those employees want to loose their job in the land $12/hr starting pay for a BS. you might want to walk some of the land before looking like a bozo.

  • @FrankyLee Actually Humboldt is raking in the cash from permitted Farms! Just getting rid of the ones who don’t pitch in and destroy the county. I hate clear cutting too, but that’s what happens when you ask permission… Almost anything is possible with money and the right permit…

  • Some of us have lived in the Pines for 20-plus years and enjoy our home has been taken away pretty sad so many people are on here talking smack about shit they don’t know about you don’t live there don’t worry about it mind your own business read the Bible where invade all your homes in your properties and talk shit about what you’re doing you act like you’re all high-and-mighty why don’t y’all mind your own fucking business

  • A blind man can see there is more to this situation in the pines. Trinity Pines is a shit hole grow site. Every parcel is growing illegally and using heavy toxins. Gardens visible from the road. Completely out of control, yet, nobody gets busted. Why is that? Trinity afraid Hmongs will start running for local office? Big pay offs?

    • I think the TCSO makes a million or more a year in not-reported pull-over busts.

      Why would a corrupt dept in the hills with zero oversight mess with that system?

      Every week there are accidents, and busts and shit that doesn’t get reported by the Trinity journal or Kym. It’s not their fault, it’s the TCSO being incredibly secretive and lame.

      Look at the TCSO press release compared to any other SO in the country. They might as well type it and mail it out.

      No one missing in Trinity is found. The TCSO ain’t looking! They don’t care.

      Most reported crimes seem to be unsolved…

      The CHP has done the best work in Trinity Co. And here the Sisky SO is in Trinity! Ugh

  • >”I call Bullshit on that Bozo. Wait till you see the google maps update for the area around Harrison Gulch Rd clear out to Deerlick Springs. Class 1 watershed with clear cutting and herbicide of anything still standing.”

    Eh ? I looked around in google earth.
    If you take a close look in clearcuts you can see the watersheds left standing.
    Logging plans and inspection are California CDF, and not subject to local control.

    Please post a photo of the Class 1 watershed with clear cutting.

    • follow maple creek up from Big Lagoon. GD cut right to the creek which is a nice steelhead creek. the following year all the deep holes were filled in with angular sediment and are still filled in as of this year.

  • Funny you ling langs keep posting pictures of logging that’s what comes first in this county it was around long before marijuana so keep hating that ain’t getting you anywhere go eat some KungPuo an put the effort into buying houses instead of living in a 10×10 apartment in etown. Am driving a 70,000 truck an Mabey invest into something called a house we’re your family can live

  • They are back in the pines today

  • Dawnice Robinson

    Northern California drug task force. Trinity ,Butte,Shasta,Tehama,
    Siskiou,lassen. Humboldt county has there own way of doing things. Trinity county has their own way of doing nothing. As long as it is coming up off of someone else’s hard work their in. If it sounds like work with no reward they don’t have the resources. The lost hiker bout month or two ago, the family was informed that it was too hot and the terrain was too rough for tcso to get involved. The family had to find him on their own. But during the hottest week thus far, they have a helicopter and plenty of feet on the ground in order to eradicate someone elses back breaking investment. My point…… Trinity county is still the wild west, keep water with you,trust your gut, and don’t think for even a second that if u are in a situation there is anyone to come to your aid.

  • Mrs. Wendell S. Truggmann III

    For years CDF has required ALL clearcuts to be replanted/reforested;… and within five years those trees must be 3 feet tall. This requires several hundred seedlings/acre to comply. This is monitored closely and timber companies and private landowners are fined for non compliance. Please check the regs.
    Just the facts ‘mam.

  • Hope they get them all ,have ruined hunting here in Trinity with all the or not… Hmongs have brought some bad things here.. dont follow our rules … and laws .. Permits dept has embezzled monies from all these folks .. they all need some jail time to.

  • The Hmong may be all those good things however they have dog fighting rings going on i. The Pines. They must be held accountable are you missing a dog a cat? They are practicing this consistently…

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