Low-Income in SoHum, Help Today at the Healy Center

Press release from Redwood Community Action Agency:

Redwood Community Action Agency ad

Redwood Community Action Agency is doing an outreach at the Healy Senior Center today. They’re trying to help more low-income members of the SoHum community.



  • When governments don’t take care of the citizens, it’s heartening that local people and organizations rise to the occasion! Thank you RCAA!

    • Almost all of their funding is government grants. A large part of that total is spent on salaries to file for grants and help people file for additional government programs. So actually it is government taking care of its citizens. At least some of them.


      • Thanks for the reply.
        Point taken. It is still, though, a community created, based and driven organization that makes it happen for local people in need. That is the foundation of where the help is derived.

  • Read that people who make less than $70K per year are considered “in poverty” in many cities including San Francisco. Article said if you make less than a 6 figure income you are in trouble in these areas.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Thank God for Seniors, and for the Healy Senior Center, an organization that comes through and carries on.

    Donate to the Healy Senior Center when you can, and receive this service, if you qualify.

    The Healy will be there to pick up where other organizations are failing!

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