Fire East of Garberville Near County Line Early This Morning; Power Out to 87

PG&E outage map

Power is out in the yellow area. [PG&E outage map]

A fire broke out early this morning near the intersection of Alderpoint Road and Zenia Bluff Road. Downed power lines are near the scene.

PG&E shows that power went out for eighty-seven customers around 5:29 a.m.

Firefighters from Zenia, Alderpoint, and Cal Fire managed to get on top of it quickly. They are currently mopping up.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Wow. Good job on the fire. Thank you.

  • Is the area in yellow the area of the fire, or of the power outtage? thank you. I have friends out of town who would want to know if their power is out.

    • Power is out in the yellow area. [PG&E outage map] <— Copied & pasted from the article!!!! It helps to read occasionally!!!

  • Good job everyone, thank goodness it was early with humidities up. If it was a late morning or mid day fire it could have really spread. That would have been a first report for Pratt Mtn. Lookout if it was still around. Miss that job

    • Hi Bonnie. Was Pratt Mtn. a Forest Service Lookout? I got to be acquainted with the lady who worked at the Horse Ridge Lookout, but I don’t remember her name. This was back in the 1970’s. I killed a rattlesnake under her tower one day. She had a couple kids with her, so I thought it best to remove it.

      • Pratt mtn was a Calfire lookout. Horse Ridge was USFS and in the late 70’s- 80’s the main lookouts were Mary Brooks and her sister, whose name I cant recall…

        • Thanks Ice. I served as relief lookout at Red Mtn. out of Klamath for a couple weeks one summer when I was a firefighter for CDF (now Calfire). Interesting work.

      • Back in the 70s, eh? I hope you are over your snake killing ways by now. They fear you. They are #1 rodent-getters. They have more purpose than freaked out, knee-jerk humans, for certain.

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Fire boys rock…

  • Article says “downed power lines are near the scene”. Does that mean they started the blaze or ‘fell’ because of it?

      • Thanks for the reply, Kym.
        BTW. I didn’t check RHBB for about 46 hours. And as I did this morn, I found the many new stories that were added in that time!! I can understand how recent days could have been a little stressful. 😮 May you now find more ease in your schedule!

  • THANK YOU. I hate all that smoke when it hangs around in the mountains

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