Del Norte County Sheriff’s Officers Take the Lip Sync Challenge and Show off Their Spectacular Surroundings

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office took up the Lip Sync Challenge that law enforcement departments across the nation have offered each other. Some have made videos that have gone viral. Many other departments have chosen to highlight fancy toys etc. in their videos. Well, Del Norte choose to shine the spotlight on their spectacular scenery–and wow! what a gorgeous place it is.

In the end, they challenged several local law enforcement departments including Humboldt County’s Sheriff’s Office…We hope if Humboldt’s officers jump into the battle they choose to share the beauties of their area also—the Avenue of the Giants…Shelter Cove…Trinidad…the vistas from the Alderpoint Road…the swimming holes out Hwy 36…Anyone else got suggestions?

In any case, kudos for making us smile, Del Norte County Sheriff’s Officers…

Note: as of 6:30 on July 19 only 11 hours after they posted it, Del Norte’s video has 3090 shares and 65K views on Facebook. (Hint: Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino County Tourist organizations might want to help their officers with their videos because this is a dynamite way to spread the news about a beautiful community.)



  • Fern Canyon and the ocean view behind the rest stop north of Trinidad.

  • Fern Canyon and the ocean view behind the rest stop north of Trinidad.

  • Awesome video great job DCSO

  • Awesome!!! loved this, you guys are the best! Come on EPD,APD,FPD,Garberville, Humb. Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and anybody I missed. Thank you, put a smile on my face this morning.

  • Love it!

  • The views from bear river ridge road perhaps?

  • You guys are adorable, well done!

  • Right on Del Norte County! This video is one of the few that showcases the beautiful areas of their county in and around the coast. Getting closer to my hometown! ❤😊

  • Better then my cup of coffee this morning!!!Awesome! Thank you for your service and a silly, fun giggle this morning! Shows that you are real people with a sense of humor and a hard job!!!

  • Great video!

  • Awesome video. So thankful this site is positive. LOCO has turned into a cop bashing session.

  • Where the Mattole meets the ocean.
    Kneeland airport.
    Richardson Grove.
    Shelter Cove and Black Sands Beach.

  • Betcha this bullshit was done on the clock at the expense of the taxpayer while some poor bastard was getting home invaded or some other heinous crime.

    Reminds me of this fucking nonsense:

    yet every mindless commenter on here is applauding it; amazing.

    • Morale building, community building, plus promoting their area as a tourist destination…I’m thinking it was a great use of their time.

    • There is no way this was done “on the clock”. Take your negativity somewhere else.

    • There is always [edit] who will complain.

      I’d prefer them doing this than what is happening nationally – killed for just being a minority. Its about time that the good cops start standing out of the shadows. There are lots of good guys who are marginalized due to some bad apples. I can’t wait to see HCSO publish their video response.

    • Chill out this was done in fun and as a citizen of Del Norte County I want to give them props for this all the cops out here from delnor to CHP to Crescent City PD they’re awesome out here

  • Amazing! Very professionally done. If these officers are this good at everything they do a criminal doesn’t stand a chance.

    It is refreshing to see the lighter, more human side of the police. The scenery is fantastic. I hope everyone in the country can see this. Well worth their time.

    I would suggest that the Sheriff’s department join up and have some fun with the fire departments. The friendly rivalry between the two departments has been a great source of amusement at times. So far Sheriff Honsel is winning Hands down after the awards dinner for the Sheriff’s Department Citizen of the Year, where he deadpanned a roast on the fire departments. He had the crowd laughing and applauding for quite some time.

  • The picture of this article on the homepage, where he overlooks the canyon/gorge. Does anyone know where that is? I really wanna jump off that. Explain the directions like im a 5 year old.. who can drive.

  • These are on the smith river. Not anywhere close to humboldt or fern canyon. Cross the slant and second bridge off 199 just past hiouchi and you’re there.

  • Lol. This was funny! This video must have been fun to make! Very little Algea in the Smith. Great swimming right now…

  • Do it at all the SWAP locations

  • Was not done on the clock from what i hear and was a great video! Where in a time where everything is so serious. Its nice to just have a good laugh every once in a while. You guys are amazing

  • While this video has amazing footage , and an amusing storyline (not gonna lie I smiled) but I’m kinda in the “Why?” camp as well…With so many unsolved crimes how is there ANY time for law enforcement to be organizing and filming lipsync in uniform? Makes a mockery of the victims and their families imo .

    • With all the negativity and hate going on right now, I find it refreshing and think the videos are fun to watch, police officer’s are people too, they have families that are scared every day when they walk out the door, there is good and bad in every profession, unfortunately it seems that all law officers are labelled as bad now.

      • Who murdered Chris Giouque or Stephanie Gawboy? And what about the Karen Mitchell’s and countless other women gone “missing” Not saying Leo’s are'” bad”…just saying please do your job well (not badly.)

        In Trinity Shasta area there are 57 -and counting- unsolved murders!

        How about the LEOs “challenge ” each other to crack those cold case files , compare notes, and connect the dots -as apparently some of the crimes are connected cross counties. Bringing justice to the victims, and some peace to their families is probably a bit more important than a multi-take cutsie lip sync to the ” police.” Oh the irony

  • Film Professional

    Kudos to the DNSO! Great spirit and humor!!
    Specially enjoyed the big (bear?) playing the instruments, and the deputy who evolved more into ‘rocker’ style as the story progressed. Funny! Camera work and editing were solid too.
    This endears and builds trust among the people to their public, safety servants. Cheers!

  • Meaghan Simpson

    IMHO these Del Norte County Sheriffs are way talented rhythm masters… Really good for heart and mind and balancing both sides of the brain! Just another down home demonstration of how important the arts are to holistic community. Soul power pumping DNSO…What a wow team in such great scenes! Like to encourage these folks to do more.

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