24 hour Transformation of the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwood Teen Center and Offices

Information from Betsy Totten of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors:

Boys and Girls ClubThe Take Back Eureka community group has organized the painting of the Boys and Girls Club Eureka Teen Center and offices. Dozens of volunteers from the Eureka Rescue Mission, Rotary Clubs, local professional painters and community members will begin painting on Saturday, July 21st at 10am at 939 Harris Avenue in Eureka.

PPG paint in Eureka has graciously donated all the paint and supplies to cover this large building and Piersons Building Center has given a monetary donation to buy new plants and flowers for the property.

“Kids are the future of Eureka. We need to make sure our youth know that we care. We need to show them that when a community comes together, great things can happen,” says Michelle Costantine, Take Back Eureka Founder. “What better way to give these kids some extra pride by providing them a beautiful building to call their second home.”

PPG Store manager Carlos Freitas adds, “When the group (Take Bake Eureka) contacted us asking for the large amount of paint, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. As professionals, we know how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can have not only for a building, but for an entire neighborhood. We are always looking for ways to support our local community and we are excited to help.”

New Life Services, a restoration company with the mission of enriching the lives of others by restoring their property, building their future and developing the next generations donated their services by Power washing the building over this past week.

“We are overwhelmed by the amount of support”, says Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods Executive Director Monica Rose. “It’s important our kids have a place they are proud of so when the Take Bake Eureka group told us they wanted to paint we were all humbled by the offer. It takes a village, and right now we are seeing first hand what a village can accomplish.”



  • You can put lipstick on a pig, too. Look at Old Town. Add a few murals by non-local “artists” and everyone is gaga. Paint a few utility boxes and we are supposed to be impressed. How about more police to take down the druggies and drug dealers? I have had drug deals go down ON THE FRONT STEPS OF MY APARTMENT BUILDING. EPD seems out of its league. Maybe more sheriff’s deputies. Paint on a building is just paint, not progress. The kids need discipline, not paint and games.

  • Take back your common sense, please and thanks...

    Who exactly are they taking Eureka back from? Do these people get out of town much? I really believe they don’t…

    If they did, they would realize this problem is nationwide and there is nothing that we can do to solve it on the local level. Anyone who suggests that is a big liar, really stupid, or a manipulative sociopath that wants to control others based on fear.

    Have these folks even done anything to address the real people that are behind this problem: The billionaire Sackler family that has essentially single-handedly caused this problem?

    • Obviously there’s an opioid epidemic happening nationwide. Just because these same issues are happening other places (or everywhere as you say), should we not at least try to address it where we live? Your logic is nonsensical. Give up and let it be, huh?

  • Wow, only two days after Ms. Costantine announces she is running for mayor.

    Amazing coincidence!

  • People are meaner on the internet.

    I may not agree with Constantine on everything, but Im very grateful for how much she is trying to improve Eureka.

  • Mr. Bear, you may be right, it seems a little fishy, but the more I thought about it the more I said….who cares. As long as somebody is doing something positive for Eureka we should be happy.

    With all that is negative in the news, this is a good one. HSU discontinuing football may not seem significant but the community was very behind this historic program, and would attract large crowds to a gorgeous location to play football. HSU President makes well over $500,000 per year when benefits are added to her salary.

  • No tolerance for intolerance

    Take Back Eureka is credibly accused of fostering hate speech. While the teen center is a good deed for sure, the consequences of her being voted in for mayor will be a victory for the insecure, fearful, credulous, hypocritical, tax evading, free loading, bigoted, misogynistic, weak, pathetic, bullying, russia-cucked MAGA crowd.

    Receipts? I got ’em:


    https://www.facebook.com/CorneliusLoewenstein (go deep folks, there is plenty to find)


    • CheckYourReceipts

      You might want to check those receipts. From what I understand, the person who did that interview for KHUM lost their show over it. TBE Mods went on air for an interview shortly after to clear up some of the misinformation about the group. Oh and Cornelius, not a member of TBE…. actually not involved in any aspect.

      • receipts in hand

        Provide receipts then.

        I could care less what you “heard” unless you back it up.

        Funny that you say a radio host lost their job but the podcast is still on full display for everyone to hear, no retraction.

        I “heard” you are no longer a practicing pedophile. Have you stopped?

        We will be waiting for your evidence.

        • The radio interview focuses almost entirely on posts from one member of the group. Several people below confirmed he was removed from the group due to his comments, and general outlook. Apparently you have a lot more time to invest in this disagreement than I do. I have a family, a life, and better things to do today than sit on a website and argue with a troll. Have a great day! 😎

  • Worker, not complainer

    Critics are welcome to put their time where their mouths are and come help us paint on Saturday morning.

    You all act as if this is the first project we have done, it isn’t. We have been doing them for a long time.

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