Eureka’s ‘First Annual Street Art Festival’ Starts August 11th

This is a press release from the Eureka Street Art Festival:

A rendering by Cix, proposed for the building on the corner of G and 2nd Streets. Image provided by Artist.

Eureka, CA – The first annual Eureka Street Art Festival will be spreading color throughout the city from August 11 – 18, 2018. For the week of the festival, local and international artists will be painting murals and creating street art throughout Old Town Eureka, focusing primarily on Opera Alley, which runs between 2nd and 3rd streets. On Saturday, August 18th, there will be an Opera Alley Street Party to celebrate the completion of the murals. Throughout the week, join us for talks, special events, and the opportunity to watch the creation of world class art. Daily Art Walks will take place at 5:30pm, leaving from the Black Faun Gallery. This festival is family-friendly and free to the public.

This first annual festival will feature the creation of about thirteen new murals in Old Town by a diverse group of local and internationally recognized artists. Visiting artists include: Cix (Mexico City), Elle (New York), Xavi Panneton (Oregon) and Dave Van Patten (Long Beach). Local artists include: Anna Sofia Amezcua, Matt Beard, Johnathan Desoto, Brian Tripp, Phyllis Barba, Julie McNeil, Blake Regan, Stock Schlueter, Brandon Ilic, Rachel Schlueter, Elizabeth Berrien, Erin Urbanic, Courtney Karnes, and Matthew Marshall.

We are currently seeking approval for the designs from the Arts and Culture Commission. Not all of the designs are finalized, and not all of the approved designs will be painted.

A rendering by Matt Beard, proposed for the utility box outside of Cafe Nooner. Image provided by Artist.

Join us on the final day of the festival, Saturday, August 18th from 12:00 – 6:00pm for the Opera Alley Street Party, which will stretch along the alley from C street to H street. Come appreciate the completed artwork, talk with artists, enjoy live music, and have a drink. In addition to the muralists painting throughout Old Town, there will also be dozens of local artists live painting during the Festival. There will be THREE beer gardens (cash only), featuring beverages from Humboldt Cider Company, Mad River Brewing, Eel River Brewing Co., Booth Brewing, Six Rivers Brewery, Lost Coast Brewery, and It’s Alive Kombucha. The Kids’ Zone on E Street will feature crafting activities with SCRAP Humboldt, face painting, and a chalk area. Enjoy performances by Bandemonium, the Synapsis Aerial Collective, Barnett and the Boys, the James Zeller Trio, 707 Band, the Cold Light of Day, and various DJs. And don’t worry: there will be many food vendors located throughout the festival!

This festival is being organized by a group of local business owners and art enthusiasts. Want to get involved? Volunteers are still needed to help during the Street Party on August 18th. Email for more information.

This event is sponsored by the Black Faun Gallery, Humboldt Cider Company, and the City of Eureka.

The Eureka Street Art Festival’s mission is to create intentional, accessible art that enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization, and attracts visitors to Eureka. Our long term aim is to recreate this event annually and continuously introduce new public art in Eureka. Excess funds raised by the Festival will go towards the maintenance of existing public art throughout the city.

Visit to learn more.

A rendering by Xavi Penneton, proposed for the Roadway Inn on the North end of town. Image provided by Artist.




    13 new murals? Annual event?
    Not enough buildings in old town.

    Maybe beautify the jail somehow,since they decided to plant it and social services in the center of town traffic,instead of the edge of town like most cities.


    That pink one Cux.
    You can do better.

  • With respect for artists, the large scale, brilliant colors on the side of building are just too busy. Traffic, people, parked cars are busy enough without adding more visual disturbance. I loved the utility box because, while exciting, it was relatively small like a jewel.

    I like murals but can’t the committee judge some more calming images and colors as a benefit to the already harried populace?

  • What makes Eureka unique are the Coast, the Redwoods; being surrounded by Natural Beauty — it is why tourists from all over the world come Here to escape their cities and their busy lives. I believe that our mural projects should reflect the beauty that is already here, appropriately “artistically enhanced”, of course. Let us add to the beauty that is our main draw for tourism, not create a busy “city-modern “look” “. And what about “peel and stick” large scale vinyl photographic works (like on large RVs) that could be peeled off and replaced every 3-5 years? And ideally should not all the “art” come from local artists? (just saying)

    IMHO we should not try to be something or somewhere we are not and be much much more of what we are (focus on the positives of course). More of the “Rocks and Water” like the utility box across from Pierson’s rather than “City at Night” on the Alley.

    I also think that a large scaled Jurassic Park themed mural would be appropriate since #2 was filmed here. A mural that would create a selfie and photo shot that would, perhaps, permit one to appear to about to be eaten by a T-Rex? Even so, each mural should create a definitive photo opportunity that would put the subject “in the canvas” — with Instagram and the Net it would make Eureka even more of a destination for folks from all over the world as they shared their photos with the world.

    And I agree with the earlier post, the Court House should be “re-done” as a center piece, but not with paint, but in mosaic tile, and my theme would be Majestic Soaring Redwoods trickling with Magical Light and on the street/person level scaled to human size for photo shots. It would be a world wide draw.

    Perhaps the coming soon New Mayor will be a person of similar vision.

    Anyway, if we are going to “paint the town” let us do it uniquely and well, and to the best extent we can lets use local talents and our own Natural Beauty as themes. After all even our current President is smart enough to recognize our unique local beauty.

  • OR we could find artists with actual talent and vision. When I was in school the standard definition of art was “form, beauty and unusual perception.” All Eureka gets is the wacky perception part. LOL

    But seriously, PLEASE stop the bad art. PLEASE, somebody STOP THEM ….

  • Go for it, I love art displays! It will put Eureka on the map.

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