DHHS Wants You to ‘Schedule Your Back-to-School Vaccines’

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services:

[Photo provided by the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services]

The start of the new school year may feel far away, but it’s not too early to schedule an appointment for back-to-school vaccines.

In 2016, a state mandate went into effect that requires all children entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and seventh grade be vaccinated, or in the process of being vaccinated, against measles, mumps, whooping cough and other diseases.

Children in child care settings must also be immunized. In the rare instance when a child has a compromised immune system, that child’s physician can provide a medical exemption.

During the 2016-17 school year, the prevalence of fully vaccinated Humboldt County kindergarteners increased 5 percent from the year before, and the upward trend continued during the 2017-18 school year, increasing 2 percent from the previous year.

“Vaccines provide protection from serious diseases that can be spread throughout the classroom and the community—including to babies who are too young to be fully vaccinated, and people with weakened immune systems due to cancer and other health conditions,” said Michele Stephens, director of Public Health for the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services.

Stephens said most serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, like measles and polio, are rare in the United States because of childhood vaccines. However, many still exist here and abroad. “These diseases can make children very sick, leading to missed school, missed work for parents and even hospitalization. Protecting our children against vaccine-preventable diseases is a precaution every parent can take.”

Vaccines are available from clinics and other local health care providers. For more information about immunizations, contact the Public Health Clinic at 707-268-2108. Parents can find out more about the recommended immunization schedule at www.shotsforschool.org.



  • I’m more than disillusioned to see this darkest deception “advertised” on this blog.

    JULY 16, 2018

    US government exposed: for 30 years, it broke the law on vaccine safety
    By Jon Rappoport

    For 30 years, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) broke the law regarding vaccine safety, and no one noticed or cared.

    Then two men came along and discovered the scandal: Robert F Kennedy, Jr., head of the World Mercury Project, and Del Bigtree, the producer of the film Vaxxed. They filed papers in court, and they won their case.

    Here is the issue in a nutshell: In 1986, a law, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, was passed. It insanely excused vaccine makers from legal liability stemming from unsafe vaccines and the injuries they cause. Buried in the law was a provision ordering the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to update Congress, every two years, on its efforts to improve vaccine safety.

    Kennedy and Bigtree thought it would be very interesting to read these HHS reports—all 16 of them. So they filed a Freedom of Information Act request, and then…nothing. No replies.

    Kennedy and Bigtree then went to court to obtain the information—and after wrangling and stonewalling, HHS admitted it has NO such reports in its archives.


    And the further implication is: there are no reports, because HHS has done nothing to improve vaccine safety in all these years.

    The original 1986 law removed all liability from vaccine makers BECAUSE THERE WAS A PROBLEM, AND THAT PROBLEM WAS VACCINE SAFETY.

    Congress protected billions of dollars that could never be sought in court from vaccine manufacturers. Those law suits, filed by parents of vaccine-injured children, would henceforth be illegal. That was the substance of the law.

    So, did Congress recognize there was a serious vaccine safety problem? You bet your life they did, and to make it seem they cared, they charged HHS with doing something about it, and reporting to them (Congress) every two years.


    And thanks to the efforts of Kennedy and Bigtree, all this is now exposed.

    You can read the court judgement and relevant press release on my blog.


    In 1986, vaccine makers went to the federal government and said they were going to get out of the vaccine business, because juries were awarding too much money in court, to parents of vaccine-injured children. The feds basically said, “We’ll ram through a law eliminating those law suits,” and they did. EVERYBODY AND HIS BROTHER KNEW VACCINE SAFETY WAS A MAJOR PROBLEM…

    Including the US Department of Health and Human Services, which was tasked with doing something about it. Back in 1986.

    And now it’s discovered there is no evidence they lifted a finger these last 32 years.

    Instead, they’ve lurched forward, introducing more and more vaccines into the childhood schedule—and never running studies to gauge the toxic effects of the increased load.

    To any person with open eyes, these are the actions of criminals pretending to be scientists.

    If you want to glimpse the level of profound criminality, talk to the mother of a bright, happy, open child who incurred brain damage after a vaccination and checked out of this world.

    • I try to be neutral on what I post. Many of my readers prefer vaccinations. Some don’t. Here they can discuss it.

      • yes most public media forums usually do post the health and human services press releases that go out to the public. pretty standard , but id love to see someone in public journalism who post the articles scrutinize them with a closer investigative eye on facts to go along with the standard press releases they make.
        For instance, the article states ” in the (rare) instance child has a compromised immune system ,that child’s physician can provide a medical exemption”.
        over 50 million Americans have autoimmune system diseases that compromise their health every day. It’s an epidemic from which approximately 50 million Americans or 20% of the population, or one in five people, are suffering (according to the National Institute of Health). In comparison, Cancer affects 9 million and Heart Disease, 22 million Americans. Put them together and you still don’t touch autoimmune illness rates in our country.

        Between 2000 and 2030, the number of Americans living with chronic disease is predicted to increase by 37%, but here’s the really upsetting part. With the prevalence of autoimmune disease on the rise, more children are getting sick and at a faster rate. In fact, autoimmune disease is one of the top 10 causes of death for kids aged 1-14 and one of the top 8 causes of death in children and young adults aged 15-24.

        “Here are some additional alarming statistics:

        IBD seems to be increasing in children, according to a 12-year study showing an incidence rate doubling over 1991–2002.
        Best estimates of the total autoimmune disease financial burden are around $100 Billion. However, this number was based on data from the last decade and we suspect it to be much lower than the actual, since psoriasis (one autoimmune disease out of 80+) estimated a total US cost of $112 Billion in 2013.
        NIH research funding for Autoimmune Disease in 2003 came to $591 million. In comparison, cancer funding came to $6.1 billion; and heart and stroke, to $2.4 billion (source: NIH).

        Autoimmune Illnesses Affecting Our Kids

        Here is some additional information on some of the more prevalent autoimmune illnesses our children are struggling with:

        Inflammatory Bowl Disease – A chronic inflammatory bowel disease that was once considered rare in the pediatric population, is currently recognized as one of the most important chronic diseases that affect children and adolescents. IBD is split evenly between Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Approximately 3.1 million Americans currently have IBD, based on a national survey, conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

        One in ten IBD patients are under the age of 18.
        On average, people are more frequently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis between the ages of 15 and 35, although the disease can occur at any age.
        As many as 70,000 new cases of IBD are diagnosed in the United States each year.

        Celiac Disease – There are 3 million Americans with celiac disease in the United States. An estimated 1 in 133 Americans, or about 1% of the population, has celiac disease.

        6% of young children suffer from celiac disease and this number has increased by 18% from 1997-2007 (2008 report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
        44% of all cases are diagnosed are under the age of 20.”

        there is 80 different autoimmune diseases that affect the bodies ability to respond to normal illnesses properly and its ability to properly respond and produce the antibodies that vaccines are supposed to trigger . Some of those autoimmune diseases are neurological, muscle/skeletal, dermatological, etc,while others are gastrointestinal .
        Things like Inflammatory bowel diseases such as crones and colitis, as well as M.S. , Lupus, psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Aids, Leukemia and other cancers, transplant patients , diabetes type 1, various thyroid diseases, etc. just to name a few.

        All these diseases , which besides already weakening the immune system, often also require certain meds to control them ,that are also immune compromising , and many of those meds state right in their own inserts that vaccines may not illicit the proper response when taking them, as well as the recommendation to avoid receiving and being near people who have recently received live virus vaccines for at least 21 days as they can shed to those with weaker immune systems.
        keep in mind our stats show 1 in every 5 American has one of those immune system diseases. As we age we tend to get weaker immune systems as well.
        With all that said , I find the loose wording of “rare” to be a bit misleading.

        Now to the next area of that statement ..” physicians may issue a medical exemption”.

        Senator Pan and Allen were the originators of that new vaccine mandate bill in ca., and are now in the process of changing their original statements they made to legislators when trying to push that mandate bill(SB277) through ,into a new bill with tighter restrictions on physicians who grant medical exemptions , as well as smaller amount of reasons a physician may grant them .

        Senator pan wants even more strict controls over physicians and how they see fit to treat and look out for the best interest of their patients based on private personal family history etc. , made into a law with a new bill.

        There is also currently new bills going through legislature that will disallow children birth through age five to be eligible for cal works if they dont also get all vaccines. AB-1992. Its being referred to my some as the iron fist of medical tyranny.

        It would require cal works children to get even more vaccines than other children , even if they are not enrolled in a daycare or preschool.

        There are no vaccination laws requiring infants and toddlers to be vaccinated unless they are enrolled in daycare or preschool at this time. In order to attend the preschool or daycare,a child must have ,according to the SB277 mandate law, multiple doses of ten antigens .

        Cal works infants and children would be required to get All the vaccines “recommended” by the acip/cdc, adding multiple doses of hep a, rotavirus, pneumococcal and influenza yearly starting at 6 months, in addition to the multiple doses of the ten antigens in sb277.

        Most of this sounds like it will be more difficult for a physician to to grant the medical exemption in the future . Especially after the recent well known Dr sears was punished for granting the exemptions for some of his patients..http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-ln-sears-license-20180629-story.html

        the article also quotes them as saying “vaccines provide protection from serious diseases”
        https://www.vaccineinjuryhelpcenter.com/difference-between-immunization-and-vaccination/Since no vaccine is 100% effective, vaccination does not automatically mean the person is immunized against the disease.
        In addition from pub med….Go to:

        The MMR vaccine contains live attenuated measles virus. It is estimated that administration of this vaccine is associated with moderate (39.4°C) fever in as many as 5% of recipients, and a rash in approximately 2% of those receiving immunization (3). These events typically occur approximately five to 12 days following immunization and often resolve without medical intervention. These systemic effects are likely caused by replication of the attenuated strains and host immune reaction. It has been shown that following the immunization of healthy children, the measles virus can be detected in urine as early as one day and as late as 14 days (4). Similarly, during acute infection by wild-type measles, the virus could be detected by RT-PCR for up to 14 days in >50% of healthy children (5) and up to one month in >90% of HIV-infected children (6). With the high sensitivity of an RT-PCR assay for measles virus and the lower detection limit at approximately 10 to 100 copies per reaction (7), recently immunized patients could test positive for an attenuated vaccine strain for two weeks

        https://www.nvic.org/CMSTemplates/NVIC/pdf/Live-Virus-Vaccines-and-Vaccine-Shedding.pdfThe Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines:
        Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission

        • Unfortunately, this site consists of me and a few freelance reporters that I pay abysmally. I barely have time to do what I do. If you want more indepth articles more often, donate or support the businesses who advertise here. I can’t afford to hire anyone more.

          • I totally understand . You and Your site are a very well appreciated and respected asset to this community . I appreciate you allowing me to add some info to the press release. Thank you very much. :).

    • If your shtick is going to be long, plageristic copypastas, you could just post a hyperlink instead. Then you could credit the text’s original author (Jon Rappoport) and help him sell his products (books about denying germ theory, the most thoroughly tested theory in science.)

  • Why force it? If they work so well people should be protected from the few who decide it is not safe!

    • Not all people can build immunity like babies. Not all people who get the shots build immunity either. Then, if people’s fears are played on, many parents think might they are being safer not getting the vaccinations and their children get caught when a person without immunity cones in with the diseases. People who only see the rare adverse reactions dismiss the risk of diseases they no longer see because vaccines have virtually made them so negeligible. All you have to do is look go the places where enough parents decided not to vaccinate to see these diseases are still able to cause epidemics.

      I am old enough to have been a child before the vaccines for measles, mumps, chicken pox existed. I got all of those diseases when my sister started school and epidemics swept her school. They lead to pneumonia and kidney issues. Unfortunately for me, I ended up with an encephalitis, was sick for a whole year, basically don’t remember anything from that year at all, except for a brief memory of my father carrying me up some stairs. These things are no jokes despite the dismissal of those lucky enough not go through such waves of disease due to vaccinations

    • Don’t get your dog it’s rabies shot. See how that works out. [edit]

    • Might want to think that one through a bit harder, Okay?

    • They have to force it. More and more are getting a clue. Do some research about virus shedding and you will realize it’s the vaccinated spreading the disease. Oops. Looks like we have found the best way to cull the population

  • Most school disease can’t be vaccinated against.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Only vaccinate libs.

    How can I help give every lib a vaccine or two?

    Make America Great Again, vaccinate a lib.

  • It’s an interesting topic and I always like to hear a spirited debate…
    I could do without the trolls but sometimes they’re funny too..
    On a personal level, I was born at home, breastfed and was never vaccinated for anything…. I’m now 43 and in excellent Health. I have been blessed to have never been stricken with any of the illnesses they vaccinate for. When my firstborn got his first shots he had a serious allergic reaction. Since that day neither he or his two sisters have been vaccinated for anything and again I have been blessed with 3 of the healthiest, strong and well developed kids that I could ever ask for…

    • yeah, you don’t seem to understand vaccines at all. It’s not that you personally (or your kids) will contract these disease if you are unvaccinated. We vaccinate individuals in order to control disease at the community level.

  • It’s an interesting topic and I always like to hear a spirited debate…
    I could do without the trolls but sometimes they’re funny too..
    On a personal level, I was born at home, breastfed and was never vaccinated for anything…. I’m now 43 and in excellent Health. I have been blessed to have never been stricken with any of the illnesses they vaccinate for. When my firstborn got his first shots he had a serious allergic reaction. Since that day neither he or his two sisters have been vaccinated for anything and again I have been blessed with 3 of the healthiest, strong and well developed kids that I could ever ask for…
    And before I get bombarded with all the comments from a the people that know so much more than I do, I should probably add that I am in the medical field and that I’ve had an active medical license since 1999.. so I have a pretty solid understanding of both the pro and anti vaccination perspectives and i firmly believe in a parents right to choose what should or shouldn’t be injected into out children.
    Now to really piss some people off, ill add that I only drank raw milk (lots of it) up until I left at 18 for college…
    And I believe we should have the right to choose that as well😀..

  • You would think in this community there would be love, understanding and civility! I am rarely disappointed by attacks and silly attacks. If your child was healthy prior to getting “ safe and sane” vaccinations only to have them come down with life changing illness how will you feel then? Your being FORCED to do something while the government knows a certain percentage will have adverse reactions. If someone does not want to risk that, aren’t they the ones at risk and NOT those really smart people who took the vaccinations?

    • No. Vaccinations are not bullet proof armor. Some people will still get sick. If there is enough exposure to the disease, it will overwhelm even vaccinated people. People who cannot be vaccinated like infants, old people whose immune system are becoming less vigorous, people with auto immune diseases are vulnerable. Vaccinations work as much by reducing the surrounding danger as by protecting the indivdual. If fewer people develop full blown disease, then there are lower levels of exposure.

  • I bet if a anti-vaxer’s kid got polio and ended up in a iron they would sue the government for not making them give their child the vaccine. Quick question, are all anti-vaxers Flat earthers also?

  • Why is the vaccine argument almost always framed as ALL vaccines are good versus ALL vaccines are bad? How about overcoming this false dichotomy with a little critical thinking and application?

    • Would be nice, has reason on its side and is an agreeable idea. However people who oppose “injecting stuff into children” don’t see it as that. Any vaccination is an anathema. The debate always ends up in the same place.

      In a world where people who are old enough to have experienced epidemics of purported “harmless” diseases, leaving only those people who have never seen such widespread disease, the stories of bad reactions that do happen will be more important than the complications from diseases that have become myths to them. It becomes a totally one sided story until someone brings in these diseases from unvaccinated areas and some learn the reality to the cost of children’s lives and health.

      • Most people that don’t want to vaccinate their young children are not necessarily anti-vaccine, they just know that the newer vaccines produced after the mid-80s are now combined with other viruses. To stabilize them these vaccines have a lot of additives in them, such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde just to name a few. These are not the same vaccines that were given to you in the late 60s 70s and early 80s .These metals and chemicals are extremely dangerous to the human body, especially for young people, pregnant women and older people. The same groups of people that are now the most targeted in the vaccine push. These vaccines are produced by the pharmaceutical industry the same industry that has unprecedented power over our governing body with rules and regulations that exempt them from being sued by people who die or are injured from their products. one of the only Industries in the entire world with those kinds of legal concessions.

        Everybody crows and insist that Donald Trump and most of the Republican Congress are controlled by the NRA’s monetary contributions, 5.1 million in contributions in 2016 alone.

        Let’s compare that with the pharmaceutical companies that spent an estimated 240 million last year.




  • The secret to progress is truth. People are truly passionate about their positions, and that, friends, is a HUGE part of the problem. When emotion interferes with facts, the truth gets lost in the shuffle.

    “I am and have been for years, a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. I have not the least doubt in my mind that vaccination is a filthy process that is harmful in the end.” Gandhi

    America has 5% of the population, yet consumes over 50% of the world’s petrol-chemical pharma poison pills, paying the highest price for disease care . . . ranks highest in autism (1 in 58), and suicide. But a distant 45th for longevity, 42nd in infant mortality, -far behind countries that emphasize herbs and supplements for good health. We rank 19th in education -just slightly ahead of Mexico.

    In 1986 there were 11 vaccines on CDC’s list. Today there are 53. Read the ingredients and tell me which one you would knowingly inject into a living life form.

    https://vimeo.com/279540413 CDC is a Vaccine Company With Patents on Vaccines! 7-11-18

    https://thefreethoughtproject.com/hhs-vaccine-safety-reports-lawsuit/ 7-15-18



    In my Humboldt opinion, the vax-a-nation religion is a mental illness that may very well destroy humanity and/or a large percentage of life on earth.

  • Life is full of risk. Everyone has a personal story. I grew up in the 1950’s and was vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus, the standard in those days. At age 12 I got Salk vaccine for polio. I didn’t get any of these diseases and I had no ill reaction to the vaccines, maybe a little sore for a day or two. We had no other vaccines for childhood diseases, and I got all of them and recovered in average time with no lasting side effects. My brother, my cousins, my best friends, most all of my schoolmates — same story. A few people got sicker or had mild side effects after vaccination. Does this mean vaccines are always safe and effective? No. Does this mean vaccines are dangerous and ineffective? No. I believe it should be the individual’s choice (or the parents’ choice, for minor children) whether or not to be vaccinated. What you do with your body is a fundamental right. Lotsa tough choices there, and nothing’s 100%.

  • I am an adult so I get to choose. Tomorrow I am getting a pneumonia vaccine shot. It does not protect against all possible pneumonia, but that diease is a killer and I prefer to protect myself. CHILDREN with less developed immune syatems die every day from preventable diseases. Few children are negatively impacted by vaccines. Try being rational. It’s good for you.

    • Vaccines are a victim of their success. If the diseases they prevent where as common as when I was a child, few people would not see their great advantage.

      Having said that, I think the standards for evaluating safety are flawed. It is not enough to study the safety of a single vaccine but the effects of many of them in a short time. The overall population studies always show an advantage of vaccinations over non vaccinations but never are directed to improving the safety within the group getting them. It’s like public health is afraid to acknowledge any such issue for fear that fear mongers will create panic. But not doing a better job also gives a bit of validity.

      I vaccinate by animals but there are indivuals who have serious reactions to their boosters. I give up on some particular vaccines for an individual or spread them out or provide an anti inflamitory previous to getting a shot- all options not given to parents. Not all vaccinations are of equal worth and I judge the risks for sensitive individuals, although most by far don’t need such cautions.

    • Lefty for Life, I would assume you are pro-choice? just for the record so am I. Are you aware that abortions kill over 600,000 kids a year? If my assumption is right and you are pro-choice, why is it okay for a woman to make that decision about her body, when it is not okay for people to make the decision of what is injected into their body?
      Even at their peaks diphtheriaand and whooping cough combine killed less than 11,000 people a year in the United States.
      At its peak polio killed about 3,000 children a year in the United States
      I can’t even find data about smallpox in the United States because there hasn’t been a confirmed case of it since 1976 and that was through a laboratory accident, but historically it killed about 30% of the people that contracted it.
      And mumps were very seldomly fatal along with measles so at its peak all these diseases combined killed an average of less than 12,000 people a year in the us. Now compared that to the 600,000 plus kids aborted each year in the us, if it’s really about the safety of the kids WTF?



  • Bill Gates has said on record that vaccines have the ability to reduce the population 10/15%; Trumps son Barron has been damaged by vaccines along with thousands and thousands of other people. I suggest people ask their doctors/nurses for the inserts on these vaccinations and read the side affects! Why are vaccinations mandated when in America we are free to choose our own outcomes BUT can have our children taken away from loving families for not vaccinating. I would like to hear from any medical practioneer why a 1 day old child needs a hep B vaccine? Has any studies been completed that considers the cummalative affect of 50 plus vaccines on the body at such a young age? If vaccines are so wonderful why do you need 1 or 2 boosters! Why has BILLIONS of $ been paid for vaccines injury? I’m just saying a well informed public usually makes the right decision. We are way down there on the life expectancy in the world, why are we some of the sickest people in the world if vaccines work so well. I believe WE have right to say I want a vaccine{s} and the right to say NO without punishment.

    • Possible side effects simply do not happen commonly. But they are all lumped in the insert without regard to likelihood. If the side effects are more common than the risk of being unvaccinated, then the vaccine should not be approved.

      Some vaccines are also not required. They can be refused while continuing to go to public schools.

      If a sensational story seems like something unreasonable has happened, 90% of the time the article is defective and there is a lot more to it. It needs research.

      • According to the CDC serious side effects, affect one out of every hundred people that are giving vaccines. So I have a 1 out of 100 or 1% chance of getting a severe reaction from a vaccination.

        On the other hand there have been no reported cases of polio in the United States since 1979, except for travelers from foreign countries last case being reported in 1993 so I have pretty much a zero chance of catching polio inside the United States.

        There hasn’t been a single case of reported smallpox in the entire world since 1978, so I have an absolute zero chance of catching that.

        There hasn’t been a confirmed case of death from measles in over 18 years in the United States and in 2017 there were 218 confirmed cases of measles with the average being less than 300 people a year, so even at the high number or 300 that’s a .00009 % chance of catching it.

        The last reported deaths from whooping cough that I could find were from 2012 were18 people died mostly infants under the age of 2. in 2014 there was a reported a 32,971 cases of whooping cough reported
        So I have a 0.010% chance of catching whooping cough.

        Starting to get the idea yet?


        • I hope that people do go to read that link. It is informative about more than the one vaccine. What it really said that “serious reactions” for one type of vaccination -adenvirus- were reported within 6 months of injection at one in 100 but it was not clearly attributed to the injection. Besides which it is not a vaccine even available to the general public.

          On the other hand the DTap has a moderate or serious reaction rate of one in 10,000 to a million depending on the nature and severity of the reaction. All of the tetanus deaths currently are in people 55 or old- people who have not had a booster probably and the immunity conveyed by vaccination has waned. I get a booster every 10 years due to working with farm animals.

          Beside complaining about the side effects of vaccines without understanding the side effects from the diseases themselves is not useful at all. Saying that deaths were declining before vaccinations because of better health care does not mean that people were left without damage just because medicine had improved enough to prevent many but not all deaths. I personally suffered some of the common side effects of measles like ear infections and kidney problems an pneumonia that left me with life long issues.

          Besides I suspect that autism will sooner or later be determined to be caused by an infection of some sort. It is certainly not due to vaccinations.

    • The “population reduction” Bill Gates is talking about comes from a reduction of birth rate due to a reduction in infant mortality. The lower the infant mortality rate, the fewer children people tend to produce (accompanied by education and access to birth control.) You are also conflating a reduction in birth rate with a reduction in population size. Not the same at all.

  • Just some graphs

    • Math has a well-known liberal bias. If it were really important, Alex Jones would have have segments on Seseme Street.

    • Even with accepting dubious graphs with no information as accurate, improvement in deaths stats do not mean that complications of these diseases were eliminated too. Polio deaths dropped because iron lungs were invented in response to epidemics and kept patients alive until those who were going to improve could breath on their own again. But many were left with life long disability including post polio syndrome. Thyphoid fever improved without vaccination because public sewers were built which reduced exposure to salmonella typhi.

      Sheesh! Do you think there was some magic going on? Amended to add after reading subsequent post- magic is exactly what some seem to think prevents disease.

  • “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
    – Krishnamurti

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Glad to read a lot of facts and truth about Big VAXX and Big GOV MEGA FORCED VACCINES “for everyone from womb to tomb”… 300+ Forced vaccines for all originally signed into CALIFORNIA law by corporate puppet Gov Jerry Brown…

    I would really love it for Ann D. a licensed medical professional who left comments
    above regards not vaccinating her 3 children…I want to know if her kids are school age and go to public school? Does she claim medical waivers for vaccines?
    I would love to meet a medical professional local who can offer guidance for also seniors who want to prevent vaccinations should we need to be in E-room ôr hospital and vaccines are required for services? Should elders wear medic-alert tags that alert professionals that I am violently allergic to many Big PHARMA and Big VAXX drugs and products so special medical instructions for chemically injured and hypersensitive conditions. I don’t do any Big PHARMA drugs so in emergency must give me only very small test dose and be prepared and have antidotes to any drugs test dose… I have nearly died from drugs used for pain and antidotes and 9 hospital staff to save me. Maybe Ann D can contact Kym Kemp and offer contact with me?

    We really need to keep this discussion going and really come full circle with a Peoples Holistic Plan for healthcare… Really!

    BIG VAXX used CA as the showcase place to start laws for 300 Forced vaccines for everyone from womb to tomb…do the search…it was just 3 or 4 years ago… Right after he signed a law that said any child of 12 years or older can be engaged by officials anywhere and given immunizations of BIG VAXX and shots of BIG POISON PHARMA, WITHOUT GOV officials being required to notify parents or even submit or provide records of such hostile non-consensual injections upon your child!

    By late 2016 OBAMA signed National 300 Forced Vaccines for ALL from womb to tomb for all USA citizens, with his photo OP in the WH…Oh Yes OBAMA whore for Big PHARMA & BIG VAXX…He takes mega $$$ millions from Big VAXX and Big PHARMA and insider tips and owns stock! By late Dec 2016 OBAMA did his next global whore for Big VAXX act, when he signed the Global 300 Forced Vaccines for ALL from womb to tomb… BIG DAMM GLOBALISTS CRIME SCENES fully engaged making USA global headquarters for FACIST mafia SICKOCARE and NO exemptions allowed. This is big corporate globalists all the gov officials and politicos for over 32 years have been raking the dirty filthy rotten drug dealers mega $BILLIONS and never requiring HHS, CDC, FDA, etc to protect health and safety. Follow the money trail… It is a sordid even obscene trail of bloody SICKOCARE porn… USA gov and WS are global headquarters for SICKOCARE for ALL. Like the heinous SICKOCARE many military vets are tortured and poisoned and denied appropriate holistic integrative healthcare
    and given big bags of Big PHARMA POISON PETRO CHEMS COCKTAILS—OY VAY big super addictive really fuck you up pain MEDS, and big deadly sickening sleep MEDS and big PHARMA super addictive POISON PETRO CHEM PSYCHE MEDS…Jeeeeeeeze!

    Those drugs will really fuck you up and like the TV ads say, “This med may cause you have heart attacks, strokes, liver failure, blindness, kidney failure, severe anxiety or depression, sleep walking all zombied out or very suicidal or willing to enact violence upon others and yourself”!!!…”But just ask your doctor if this drug might be right for you”….if you ask your doctor about these sicko disabling deadly drugs, you have just signed up for the trials big experiment. No guarantee the drug will work for you and absolutely many harms possible and no money-back-guarantee! Your doctor is NOT well informed at all and may never read the Warnings of heinous sicko side effects and certainly does not know or understand the ingredients or chemistry in the drugs
    and neither are doctors required to know the horrors of combining all these drugs into chemical hell cocktails….they profit highly from RX drugs and win big luxury vacations for the whole family and new $100,000 cars…

    Fact: statistics prove, you are 9,000% more likely to die at the hands of a MD in USA, than you are likely to die at the hands of a gun owner.

    1. The FDA Death Meter… Anh-USA.org
    2. PharmaDeathClock.com

    Do the math

    See VAXXED and meet the people!

    Another truth is since gov under Ronald Reagan 1986 made law you cannot sue Big VAXX for damages, disabilities or deaths… The BIG corporations never pay for their crimes. So you want to know about the known $$BILLIONS paid out for such heinous vaccines sicko effects?… Well if you have a lot of money for Careproviders, assistants, attorneys, specialists private doctors and traveling costs,etc… You can file your claim
    In a gov court where if you prevail and win your claims for damages or unlawful death,etc…the $millions or $billions you will be paid, do not come from the guilty Big PHARMA corps or MSM who air their obscene SICKOCARE TV ads… Your case winnings come from hardworking taxpayers treasuries accounts… Yes we the citizens of USA get ripped off by SICKER BIZ AS USUAL. ALL BURDENS FOR DAMGES AND DEATHS ARE BORNE BY CITIZENS NOT CRIMINAL CORPORATIONS.

    How about seasonal colds/flus/pneumonia shots they hand out free to all citizens seniors with insurance???? Every year Big VAXX says they are guessing wildly at what strains of these ailments might be evolving this year and they are not sure ever because the colds/flus and pneumonia DNA are on their own agendas and it’s always a big surprise after the shots are given?… Oh and every year our gov tells us at least 36,000 citizens died of these ailments and most of them received the shots! How many GODZILLIONS of seniors do you have to talk with who tell you they had a shot once and got sicker than they ever been and sick for months and hospitalized and nearly died and were not even exposed??? Many folks say they will never take shots again and have not been sick since! I know I will never take shots and I do not get colds/flus, etc in 20 years and should I, I will use holistic alternatives to chemical medicine without threatening my life or dying.

    Big PHARMA/VAXX and. MEDICARE For All as we know it is not what we need…not more excessive super addictive fake medicine drugs that cure nothing and cause such egregious insane immoral harms. We must make them illegal.

    We need holistic integrative alternative modalities healthcare for all and do not forget mental health is zombie drugs toxic cocktails making victims dead and Big PHARMA and Big Gov and Big MSM and Big Monetary and Big Military and Mafia Medical very very stinking rich!!! Like many EU nations with national single-payer healthcare that cover herbal remedies, supplements, homeopathics, advanced nutritional remedies, CHINESE Accupuncture,Swedish massage, deep tissue massage,
    Hydrotherapies, and a lot more… People mention that all the developed nations in the world have some form of national single payer healthcare insurance and most have a lot of holistic alternatives modalities that are covered and not just plain old MEDICARE excessive deadly Big PHARMA drugs always too high recommended doses, excessive invasive tests and excessive surgeries!

    We should unite and demand our gov to ban all Big PHARMA TV and written content SICKOCARE Ads for public health and safety protections now! We lose a lot more usa citizens due to SICKOCARE than we do to military casualties! And USA pays the very highest prices in the world for Big PHARMA drugs and care that is causing huge rising costs in a fake healthcare system that is sky high costs for SICKOCARE. It is a big long war on the heritage holistic modalities of our ancestors from around the world like the burning of the agrarian holistic medicine people called “witches” by the capitalist LUDE rude crude dudes who were intent to monopolize and commercialize chemical healthcare. It’s a long and sordid tale pumping separating humanity from our divine rights to the real natural remedies handed down to us for eons and evolving.

    Robert Kennedy Jr and others very wise and very awake aware and informed by truth of we the people… The real live documentaries you will NEVER see on TV while the sicko Big PHARMA ads play on and on for $billions… Kennedy and many other brilliant ones are our justice HEROS willing to charge these mega corporations for their treasonous negligence and frauds of endless harms and deaths… And sue the hell out of them and fine them for mega $$$billions and shut them down now!

    People do your homework if you haven’t learned enough from your own experience and that of others… USA is prime global showcase and CA is the PROMO SPOTLIGHT
    KICKOFF FOR THE BIG PHARMA AND BIG VAXX GLOBAL WORLD CUP SPECIAL ALL COMING TO YOU VIA PRODUCTS WITH PROPRIETARY UNDISCLOSED SECRET RECIPE INGREDIENTS WITH NAMES MADE UP IN POISON LABORATORIES THAT NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. MOST DOCTORS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS and It’s CA GOV whores for Big VAXX and Big PHARMA that are bloody guilty dripping in filthy dirty money changers that must be cleansed out of our people’s national holistic integrative medicine health freedoms. We the people got to unite in the other war on dirty drugs and dirty vaccines and dirty needles, the insanely legal corporate mafia fake medicine drugs and vaccines at the world’s highest prices and excessive doses… This is not healthcare that’s why USA is SOOO far down the list of nations with our US health statistics that many countries far surpass US and why many travel to other countries to get far superior holistic medical and dental care.
    MEDICARE for ALL not what I want to our children and grandchildren, etc.

    I’m pushing 74 and I was born very near an earthworm composted heirloom organic garden, to a natural rearing trained nurse gardener, herbalist, home remedies, nutrition yum nut, comedienne who was not into over counter or RX drugs and the only vaccines we got were smallpox when way young and polio when I was about 10.
    My parents told me they did not want the polio vaccines but they were required to go to school…and they did not know how to get around that so we prayed we would be protected from harms of polio vaccine before we went and got in line at the school.
    I think everyone adults and children got polio back then about 1954.

    Gotta think about precious knowledge and wisedom of our ancestors and people like the Amish and Quakers who live or lived outside the matrix of USA gov issue medicine. This is the heritage heirloom stuff we never want to lose… The stuff that came from heirloom organic medicine and like all the seeds and leaves and flowers and barks and roots that are given to us for our healing… And “The Healing of Nations” brings Peace. Health Freedom Zones.

  • Thank you Meghan Simpson.

    The only division is between those who are awake and those who have yet to awaken. Those who choose to move toward consciousness, and those who choose to move away from consciousness.

    For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. –Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth book.

    Not representing the people and incompetent to do so the corporate employees perpetuate fraud against the public, and the puked-out, sold-out, lamestream media repeats it as; “Law” enforcement -while the masses snitch on their neighbors and cheer their costumed “heroes.”

    We’ve been programmed into willful ignorance since the 1933 bankruptcy -seeking external authority permission and guidance to tell us ‘what’ to think – not, ‘how’ to think. The traitor, FDR, began with a $10,000 fine if the US Citizens (Not the people), didn’t turn in all of their gold to pay the Bankster’s mirage, labeled interest – even tho it was a mere 20 years (1913-1933) that the so-called Federal Reserve System went belly-up –as planned.

    HHS, read that FEDERAL Health and Human RESOURCE Service (ha), in HumCo, amounts to 1,000 over-paid, unconscious, double IQ, cowardly Order Followers <<<the most dangerous thing on the planet.
    https://avn.org.au/2018/07/two-children-die-in-samoa-minutes-after-mmr-vaccination/ 7-9-18

    However, on the grand scale of things . . .they are going down faster than they are rising up, their NWO scheme is falling apart and the big demons like old ghw bush will all soon be gone to hell. Brzezinski, David Rockefeller gone…Kissinger and Soros and old Bush will not be able to bring this "big idea" to fruition. Then the meek will inherit the Earth, that does not mean weak. The meek are rising and there is a hidden hand involved. Woe to you lawyers.

  • Metamucil floats


  • Thimersal is a preservative containing approximately 50% mercury. Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to man. (Next to uranium and its derivatives). Thimersal prevents bacteria growth in multi-use vaccines. It was removed from many vaccines in 2004—at which time more vaccines containing Aluminum were added to the schedule; while mercury laden flu vaccines were then recommended for infants, two years later added for pregnant women. Mercury is also used in the vaccine creation process and then through a purification procedure it is “removed”, however in some vaccines “Trace” amounts are left. So how much does “Trace” mean? The numbers that follow put this into perspective. 2 PPB of mercury is the mandated limit in drinking water. 200PPB of mercury in liquid waste renders it a toxic hazard. 2000 PPB of mercury in flu vaccines is labeled “Trace” amounts. 50,000 PPB of mercury in mult-dose flu vaccines given to infants, pregnant women and everyone else Mercury is toxic to the nervous system. More to come.

  • Aluminum is put into vaccines as an adjuvant to help vaccines work better and to enhance their effectiveness. The FDA maximum requirment for aluminum received in an IV is 25 mcg per day. Anything that more than 25mcg of aluminum per dose requires a label that says “WARNING” There is no requirment for vaccines to carry this label and also no requirement to limit the maximum dosage of 25mcg. All vaccines exceed the maximum allowable aluminum per day for babies, toddlers and children. At birth most children are given the Hep B vaccination. The amount of aluminum in the Hep B shot alone is almost 14 times the amount that is FDA approved for an 8 lb baby. That’s just the start—by 18 months fully vaccinated babies have received almost 5000 mcg of highly neuro toxic aluminum into their bloodstreams. When you get these shots and the aluminum gets into the blood stream it has the capability of passing the blood-brain barrier. This can be helped by Polysorbate 80. More to come.

  • Polysorbate 80 is an nonionic surfactant, a compound that lowers the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers foam agents and dispersants. In vaccines Polysorbate 80 helps disperse all the ingredients–including aluminum and mercury evenly in the liquid. The key danger of Polysorbate 80 is that that it assist in the delivery of compounds including mercury and aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is weak and easily trespassed during the first 2 or 3 years of life and often during senior years. And Polysorbate 80 may allow other vaccine ingredients to enter the brain. Furthermore after injection it can quickly break down into Sorbitol and Ethylene Oxide. Sorbitol may increase the risk of diabetes as well as cell death, mitochondrial failure and DNA fragmentation. More to come.

  • Formalin (Formaldehyde) is an aqueous or watery form of Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is toxic and is known to cause cancer. In 2011, the National toxicology program; an interagency program of the Dept of HHS named Formaldehyde as a known carcinogen. Formaldehyde is oxidized to formic acid which leads to acidocis and nerve damage.

  • Given the many toxic ingredients in vaccines there is no other way to describe the modern practice of vaccination, BUT as a biochemical warfare. No wonder we are seeing so many terrible reactions to innoculations. These are just some of the ingredients in vaccines, I just picked the ones people might have already heard about. And remember VACCINES are somewhat like CHEMTRAILS—You can put just about any ingredient into them. That is all folks. LARS

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