Woman From England Dead, 12-Year-Old in Hospital, After Tragic Accident in Mendocino County

Screen capture of Patricia Sanz Munoz's LinkedIn page

Screen capture of Patricia Sanz Munoz’s LinkedIn page.

Press release from the California Hwy Patrol:

On 07/16/2018 at approximately 1500 hours, the California Highway Patrol was notified of a solo vehicle traffic collision on State Route 128 near mile post marker 31.5. In the initial investigation, it was determined the vehicle occupied by the three parties was traveling east on State Route 128 up a steep incline and came upon a party that had spilled bails of dirt in the roadway. The parties pulled to the shoulder and stopped, the driver exited the vehicle and began to help clear the roadway. For reasons still under investigation, the vehicle began to travel backwards down the incline and traveled over the shoulder and down a steep embankment. The right front passenger and the rear passenger were both ejected from the vehicle. The right front passenger sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. The rear passenger sustained moderate injuries and was transported to the Oakland Children 1s Hospital. Alcohol and drugs were determined to have not been a factor in this collision. The driver was identified as Chris Parsons, the right front passenger was identified as Patricia Sanz Munoz, the rear passenger was identified as Luis Parsons. This collision is still under investigation.



  • Dope growers spilling dirt onto the roadway. Not uncommon.

    • Yea and I’m sure they will get away with. It was caused by an Unsecured load, Not a tragic accident.

      • The vehicle didn’t roll backwards because of the unsecured load.

        • If the load wasn’t spilled then they wouldn’t have had to stop…… So yes, an unsecured load started the chain of events. Stop covering for irresponsible dope growers.

          • That is a completely arbitrary place to begin examining the chain of events.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            The important thing here is that someone has died a horrible tragic death and a child has been seriously injured. That is what’s important! What’s not important is you making assumptions (there isn’t one sentence that says anything about “dope” growers) and then badgering Kym for no legitimate reason but simply because of your assumptions. If it turns out that they aren’t dope growers but instead are landscapers, petunia farmers, homeowners who needed to fill a flower bed, or whatever they may be is it gonna make this tragic event any better?

          • WTF?! This is your logic? You sure it’s not the car’s manufacturers fault?

        • Correct, it rolled backward because of an unsecured brain. That said, I’m a fan of a hand lever activated emergency brake located between the driver and the passenger. Then both have the option.

          • Unless it couldn’t hold. Or slipped off.


              Pardon my caps lock.

              • Caps are appropriate for this comment.

              • Things that make you go hmm

                Are we really victim blaming here ⁉️ A child has lost their mother, and is badly injured. And you’re just going to sit back and fault the driver for his “supposed”lack of use of the parking brake ⁉️ WOW that’s nice, I really hope that you never need help. Ohh but you won’t cuz you are perfect! My sincere condolences to the family and friends that have been affected by this Accident and as well by any of the other comments on this thread ❣️

                • Can I recommend that people buckle their safety belts, or would that be too controversial for you? I’m not suggesting the driver be charged with negligent homicide.

        • If the load had been secured in the first place they wouldn’t have been stopped in the middle of the road picking up there crap!

          • A properly secured load can shift in transit or with heavy winds. Nobody told the dude to get out of his dang car.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Will someone please remind me to remember that some people on here are flawless and never have accidental events in their life?

      • Toyota Priuses and some other electric cars even if you put them in park will not hold on a steep incline especially if shaken faulty engineering might be part of the blame

    • I understand the incorrect parking is the cause of the accident, however the dirt spilled onto the road did play a role in this situation.

      My first thought was indeed, dope grower. Like it or not, there are many deaths and tragic events brought on by marijuana. This may well be one.

  • RIP, so sad. My prayers to the family.

  • Whats a bail of dirt???? fyi [edit] other farmers use dirt too. And ive seen the county trucks spill too.
    The incessant need to link everything to pot is sooooooo tired. The dirt didnt make the person forget to pull the e-brake after stopping on a steep incline.
    Blaming everything on pot is actually very detrimental to our communities, focusing on just that takes away from the other REAL things that are harmful. In our area a high percentage of teens are addicted to xanax, its easy to get and a worldwide problem at this point, my nieces 19 year old friend just had grand maul seizure after stopping xanax cold turkey which is extremely dangerous thing to do.
    Do a quik search of meth in US and you’ll see one of those real issues, an Atlanta paper just did a good article. Ive seen meth labs in the trunks of cars.
    Theres also more heroin and cocaine in the states then ever before and your tax dollars are being spent to facilitate poppy farms in Afghanistan that the taliban was burning. Only thing i can agree with them on.
    Cocaine is everywhere its like the 80’s only the coke is not cleaned and is nasty.


    Above all so sorry for all involved in this accident, may it remind us to not take even one second for granted.

  • Truly horrifying, certainly unintended, accident by someone who got out to help. They have my sympathy for this loss. I hope the child will recover fully.

    A reminder to all that we live in a place that has unusual dangers, from wild animals to unstable terrain.

  • My family member once did the same thing. They jumped out quickly and did not fully have the car in P…. Not the other persons fault.

  • My old manual VW Rabbit disappeared once; since nobody would steal it (as it was beat to shit), I looked around and found the emergency brake failed, so the car rolled into the neighbor’s yard. Luckily it was stopped by some big bushes! There was no damage to anything as the car only rolled about 20 feet. Since then I always double check to make sure I have put my vehicle in gear in addition to setting the emergency break. May the victim rest in peace.

  • Which vehicle went backwards? Doesn’t say. But the truck load wasn’t secured.

  • Darwin Awards all around. As per usual.

  • Wow people a lady died stop arguing. R.I.P and condolences to the family.

  • Here’s a new article that appreared today at a Vermont news source. See photo.

  • Must have been a very terrifying experience for all… especially the 2 in the vehicle! I’m so sorry this happened! And yes, they should have been seat belted, driver maybe didn’t get brake fully on, etc! But there are always things that are shoulda, coulda, wouldas in accidents! That’s why they are called accidents! But hey, it’s just so easy to 2nd guess actions after the fact!

    It’s sad when someone’s initial reaction, when they hear of a tragic situation is about what the victim(s) did wrong…should have done, shouldn’t have done or didn’t bother to do and so on! Wouldn’t our lives, our world be a much better place if initial responses were overwhelmingly empathetic…If we were kinder in our thoughts and words, if we could put ourselves in the victims place and imagine even a portion of what they felt and continue to feel. These survivors are going to be dealing with guilt, pain, suffering, depression and traumatic stress disorder. They will relive what happened every time they close their eyes… and sometimes even when they’re eyes are open! This will go on for months maybe years… Please be kinder to those who suffer tragedies. Think about how things would feel to those involved! Our life could change forever, within seconds and for the worse, because of an accident! And we… you and me…have as much of a chance as anyone else of being the cause of it! Think before spewing blame and before making ugly statements! Please!

  • Charlie shelton

    Luis parsons is one of my besrest friends and his mum is such a nice lady and she was always sweet . What a tragic lost this is . If this message gets passed up on him tell him Jake Morgan and I (Charlie) are supporting him all the way and when he gets back we will give him the time of his life

  • José Luis Sanz Munoz

    Hi im José, Patricia’s big brother, i live in French Polynesia and i’ve heart about this tragical évents yesterday night. First of all, RIP my sister who i hadnt seen in person from 12 years and who i wont sée any more. Patri i know where you’re now you will bé as always: happy and bright. I will remember you so. For Chris, my brother on law, i can only tell you that 2years ago ive an accident and somebody sustained fatal injures also. If this consoles you. This type of tragedies happen and sometimes on thé best moments of our life. For my nephew Luis i wish you à fast récupération and well, here you have your big uncle. Im far but im avalaible for whatever you and your fathée néed. For all our family specially my parents and those hundred of Patricia’s Friends CONDOLEANCES. Es una gran perdida.

  • To Chris Parsons, his child & Patricia’s family… I am so very sorry.
    To Stormy: grow a heart; it will serve you well.

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