Two With Outstanding Warrants After Failing to Appear in Court, Says Humboldt County DA

This is a press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The District Attorney’s Office seeks the public’s assistance with the apprehension of two people with outstanding warrants as a result of their failure to appear in court for arraignment on their cases.

If you have information regarding their whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Marc Scot Henson (Age 60) – Warrants for possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a prohibited person, and possession of a controlled substance.

Marc Henson Booking Photo May 2018

Henson booking photograph May 2018

—-Leland Nelson Shinn (Age 28) – Warrants for burglary, petty theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Leland Shinn Booking Photo February 2018

Shinn booking photograph February 2018




  • is that kid “thugged up” or what?????? They gonna have fun with that one,,,looks like pops has been at it awhile, he’ll be back

  • Sad, even Santa 🎅 is on meth. Better start locking your chimneys.

  • Back up the boat

    I find it interesting that the district attorney requests the community to help locate these people yet when arrresed they are taken to jail just to be cited and released. Why bother? Kaitlyn Tavares was wanted last week and she was immediately let back out. Sorry. I’m not going to waste my time and effort for a cite and release. Do your own work folks. And how about when someone gets stabbed multiple times, almost dies, and identifies the attacker, you have the balls to prosecute the punk? How does that sound DA?!

  • Can’t change our system by complaining, but we can make the criminals day or week unpleasant or help our community to be safer for a min. Lee is a sad case he robbed his own grandma and that’s not even the burglary charges he’s facing. So protect your own family and turn him in ! And if anyone noticed his Dad was the one who choked his girlfriend out in fortuna yesterday.

  • We have solar lock-down, weather warfare and goon squads on the take, but, let’s get distracted by what the District A repeats like a trained monkey regarding “Controlled Substances,” oooo, and the second amendment right to be armed as a last-ditch front to preserve our rights against those who are born here and practicing a foreign jurisdiction on American soil – the traiterous British aligned BAR BARs.

    Those so-called “warrants” are as fake as Fleming.

    “Arraignment” -lmao- is in the Matrix. The first step into the pit of vipers for anyone entering as a labeled “Defendant,” is the show cause hearing. Where’s the accuser.? Where’s the valid complaint signed under penalties of perjury by a fact witness to a crime? How much is the performance bond on the trust’s NAME that phonetically sounds like the one you go by?

    If you find yourself up against the devil-doers, in their dog and pony show arena, and they offer to contract (ruling, opinion, order), ask for a ‘lawful’ order.

    Fiction can only create more fiction. Hence, the pirate in the black robe cannot produce a lawful order.

    • You’re only supposed to take one red pill, not a whole fistfull.

      • Funniest comment here in a long time. 🙂 Thanks Jaek!

        Don’t stop Central. The world needs people who question authority.

        • I agree 110%. ROFLMAO

          THANK YOU Jaekelopterus. I’ll have to share this one!

          And, thank you I like stars for your kind words.. When i question pretend external authority, i do it for entertainment purposes, and yeah, i’m curious.

          • Wow, hope that was Jim’s rebutal. Zebra Killin mfer. Rest in a perpetual state of anctiose paranoia.
            Spell check that for me would ya.

  • “Failed to Appear” -even funnier. Upon attack of “The Countys'” last FTA mailing (using the United States Post Office to russel-up revenue based on unlawful/void/make-it-up-as-you-go claims, is Mail Fraud -but that’s anther story). I went to the bullet-proof glass window in the court file clerk’s area, and over to the “Traffic” window, and asked who the judge was on this alleged FTA? Off went the public employee in different directions, then circled on back to me. She wanted to know who told me to ask who the judge was? “No one.” She shuffled around some more and came back to tell me that there “Wasn’t any judge there.” So i asked who the prosecutor was? “Not there,” was the reply. How about the Court Clerk? “Nope.” “Then how can it be said that i did not appear if no one was there to witness my presence?”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Bahaha. Having worked at the court house (court clerks dept) this sounds like Mendo County & oh so familiar!

  • OK, So I’m Not goin to say I told you so, but, I have been posting on social media the dangers and pit falls of the so called catch and release system. I’m a professional bail bondsman, and if I ran my business like the county, well lets say I would be out of business real fast. Lets assume that the county sent not just one sheriff to go look for these guys but 2. Lets say they spent a total of 20 hrs each to be on the conservative side, I dont know how much a sheriff makes, but lets say $20 an hour. so we have a total of 400 times 2 or $800. then how much did the court spend getting ready to bring these guys to court$$$$$ who knows. Its your money they are wasting. Now, we give the county free space on this site and also on the other site. I know from experience its not all that cheap. This so call Pre-Trial program is going to bankrupt not only Humboldt County, but every county in the state. I dont care if you are on the left or right, but my common sense says this has to stop. I’ve been fighting SB10 now for the past 2 years. If the governor or whoever succeeds Brown signs SB 10 into law I promise you that things everywhere in the Golden State will tarnish and crime will get much worse,

  • Shinn pipped up right as I got out of the car (about 20 minutes ago), saw him out of the corner of my eye thought it was my neighbor so I said Hi, he said he didn’t mean to scare me but that he was running from someone, went to get my dog; then luckily the police showed up, they were very courteous.

    The police said they were who he was running from.

    Don’t know if they caught him.


  • I hope they get him, he needs it ! Who the heck would want that guy running around he doesn’t contribute to anything good! There are people with real problems who try hard and don’t get breaks like stupid drug addicted blanking people like him , he choose that life I KNOW FOR A FACT!

  • Central you don’t stop doing what you do its the dumb ass bail bonds fault the old guy got the wrong court date so all u piece of shit professional bails bondsman can stick it up your ass because you guys need to do your job better that way that the dates are right on the paper that you wrote and a man show up to court

    • Yeah! It’s the systems fault! Don’t blam the low life, theiving , drug addict, no job having , social parasite , government $ collecting , POS junkies. They are only victims.

    • M henson,

      I have a collection of Dismissed for this very same (FTA) reason. One for their frivolous marihunie ORDINANCE, and one for Measure Z, “county-wide,” million-a-month extortion. Do you think i knowingly wouldn’t show up for those two cases when i’m the one who filed them?

      The latest ‘Dismissed’ one is signed by newbie Kelly Neel, who was given the (flimsy) Oath by Hinrichs just a few months ago. I Disqualified Hinrichs previously in a personal litigation case. From the bench, all she had to say was, “I do not have jurisdiction.” I always have a witness with me.

      I’ve received nothing but professional service from the Bail Bonds people. Even telephoned one early, rainy morning before they were open and one of them, a female, came right away and opened the office. She certified my document, printed it, and gave me some extra forms she had for future use, and i was able to get to “court” on time.

      Criminals are entitled to a speedy trial <<singular, not Try-alls of ridiculou$ 'conference management' and 'pre-trial' hooey.

      Skitzo systems create skitzo people.

  • Steve Payton,

    William F Honsal Undersheriff
    Humboldt County, 2017 $115,231.00 $0.00 $54,251.00 $169,482.00 $53,521.00 $223,003.00

    Michael T Downey Elected Official
    Humboldt County, 2017 $64,650.00 $0.00 $7,403.00 $72,053.00 $28,529.00 $100,582.00

    • you fail to understand Mike’s 2017 pay as a comparison. his last year of normal pay was about 300K and his pension will be based on it. 2017 was all vacation and sick time he didn’t take over the years.

  • local,
    You could be right. I was going by what transparent California has. For 2016 – a year of normal pay -yes? “Other Pay ” – at $18,000 and “Benefits” at $74,800. I’m thinking vacation and sick time are in there. (Maybe $ from estates of the deceased, idk). Downey retired three months into last year, if i remember correctly, i doubt he denied a paycheck out of the people’s public treasury for those three or so months ‘on the job.’

    Name Job title Regular pay Overtime pay Other pay Total pay Benefits Total pay &
    William F Honsal UNDERSHERIFF
    Humboldt County, 2016 $110,147.00 $0.00 $14,306.00 $124,453.00 $57,413.00 $181,866.00

    Name Job title Regular pay Overtime pay Other pay Total pay Benefits Total pay &
    Michael T Downey ELECTED OFFICIAL
    Humboldt County, 2016 $162,598.00 $0.00 $18,019.00 $180,617.00 $74,844.00 $255,461.00

    My more important point -to me- is ,Honsal, being un-elected, is no more a County Sheriff than Federal Reserve is Federal. . . . As anyone can see by his job title of 2017 UNDERSHERIFF. Without a chain-of-command, how legal, or lawful, are Billy’s commands to his Deputies?

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