John Fullerton to Announce He’s Running for Eureka City Council’s Ward Three Seat

John Fullerton

John Fullerton

Community announcement/letter to the editor page

Press release from the Fullerton for City Council Committee:

Noon Wednesday in front of the Gazebo in Old Town Eureka

People are invited to John Fullerton’s campaign announcement for Eureka City Council – Ward Three.

John is a self employed CPA with a business in Old Town.   He moved to Eureka 40 years ago and has been long active in the community and is a former member of the Eureka Planning Commission.

He has also served on many other boards & commissions over the years including the Eureka School Board, Coast Central Board of Directors, Redwood Acres Fair Board and the Redwood Community Action Agency.

John believes board members should not only love Eureka but be experienced and active & engaged in the community as well.



  • I gotta say that last statement, that “board members” (I presume this means Eureka city council members) “should not only love Eureka but be experienced and active and engaged in the community as well” has got to be the most brilliant, insightful statement ever made by any candidate for any office that I’ve ever heard. If I lived in Eureka I would run to the polls to vote for this guy. Darn, he’s good!

  • Sure won’t get my vote!!!

  • If John Fullerton is running again, I would hope he would smart enough to not make the same campaigning mistakes that he has in the past. But unfortunately he seems (again) hardwired on pushing résumé and status/class rather than emotion and energy.

    As a voter, I can’t tell you one specific thing he stands for — let alone three points of policy focus.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      There is one specific thing that Foolish John Fullerton stands for – MONEY, MONEY, MONEY… MONEY!!! 🔥💰🔥

      Fullerton the Fool might as well just light those tens-of-thousands of campaign dollars on fire 🔥 for all the good it’s going to do him come election time. Spending that much money on a Eureka City Council race would have probably worked a decade or two ago, but times have changed and being Mr. Moneybags is only going to backfire on Fullerton.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Re-elect Natalie Arroyo for the 3rd ward

    • not voting for her

      For what? All she did was show up for meet and greets and mugged for camera time. Not much else of substance came out of her actual duties. John has a deeper knowledge of this city and it’s issues that go farther back than some of these council kids have been alive. That’s experience we need.

  • I wonder what breed of dinosaur he is.

  • Meet the old boss same as the old boss

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