DEU and F&W Raid Parcel Northeast of Bridgeville

MarijuanaPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 16, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served one search warrant in the area of Pilot Ridge near Holm Creek as a result of citizen complaints about illegal cultivation of marijuana. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit assisted in the service of the warrant.
Deputies investigated one parcel, which did not possess nor was in the process of actively obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt.

Deputies eradicated approximately 969 growing marijuana plants and seized three firearms.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:
– One water diversion violation (up to $8,000 fine per day)
– One water pollution violation (up to $20,000 fine per day)

No arrests were made during the service of the warrant.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539marijuana



  • yellow plants with weeds growing. Lol

  • A big THANK YOU to the Sheriff’s Department and Fish and Wildlife for cleaning up these illegal pot sites. Hope you can make some arrests in the near future. Be safe!

    • It’s not about arrest, stopping crime or the environment. It’s about money,that’s all they care about.

  • those poor plants were neglected! not worth the charge!

  • These 8 and 10 thousand dollars a day fines are a big joke..This is what it’s costing the taxpayer.. you might as well make it a Billion $

  • No more mega grows?

    So if these busts are any sign of what’s around I take it there is no such thing as mega grows in Humboldt county anymore? otherwise why would the valuable and very limited resources of the county and state be wasted on such relatively small scenes?

  • Wow. All the way out there…that looong drive…and all they got was 1 place?! Ha Ha! Okay- we are back to NOT taking these guys seriously. Everybody carry on!!

  • Looks like an amateur grower was responsible for those plants

  • Oh those sad plants do they actually qualify ? I don’t see the threat to any legal farm there lol.. guess they weren’t getting too much of that “diverted” h20

  • No need for the cops. The grower is his own worst enemy.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Thanks so much to all LEO’s who participated in this raid! By “Eradicating” these sickly plants you have done a great service to benefit the cannabis market. A little advice for the growers: Invest $20 in a smartphone microscope and use it to look at the undersides of your leaves before they get to the point of looking like these ones because my guess is you were about halfway into a broad or russet might infestation.

  • The snapdragons are healthier than the plants!

  • These Growers Ran Away judging by those plants; A week ago. Maybe they flew back to Russia. Maybe they went to Putin; “Hey problem in Humboldt”( as interpreted by a linguistic). Who knows right now… Bottom line; Who do you think is more powerful?? Trump ? Or Putin???

  • What a waste of time…..those plants would die other own.Guess all the big grows moved to Mendo.

  • Dang those plants look like they were rode hard and put away wet. Glad your keeping that off the market. I would hate to think somebody might smoke that.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Wow, you folks are as mean as the anti-pot folks. Some, anyway. Looks like a medium, non-greedy commercial grow. BFD. Yeah, the containers could be bigger and this and that but the operation doesn’t scare me any more than corn or tomatoes. Are all the farmers supplying our local farmers’ markets under the same rules? I know Ed Denson is busy now, but what gives?

    Usually LEO’s make sure the un-approved, nasty water intake and ag chemicals spilling all over and rodenticide and all are recorded. At least they didn’t supply unrelated photos from other “bad” farms. That’s good.

    What happens if you draw water to support any other agricultural activity? Water is water. Same rules for everybody?

  • What a shame that it has come to this. They must have really pissed some people off or the narc neighbors are out of touch with reality. Shame on HCSO to drive past much larger, trashy grows to get to this. The only good thing about it is the grower was put out of their misery and can now enjoy the rest of their summer.

    • Unless water needed is so hijacked that other users didn’t have enough for their basic needs. Nothing is more irritating than to see the precious water you need for drinking and washing being squandered by poorly designed and shoddily build diversions. Especially since people who do that are rarely considerate of other users.

      Put in storage tanks. Fill in winter when water’s plentiful. Be respectful of people and wildlife who build their lives around a water source that provides all summer, no matter how small. Don’t got cheap at other’s expense.

      • Unfortunately, in all their incompetent wisdom, state law says that you cannot store water for more than 30 days. Another law says that one must not use water during the dry season, about 5 months. Draw your own conclusions about this conflict of laws. Lets face it, all this rigaramole about environmental damage by people in the hills tends to fall flat on many levels. What is the F & G/County’s real agenda?

        • Please provide me references to these laws. I have never heard of them. And I’ve gone round the block with county environmental and health inspectors who know we store more than that.

          • If you have riparian water rights from a stream or river you are not allowed to store water, the county or state will allow you water storage for no more than 30 days.


            • Thank you. I can see where especially commercial operation would not be allowed store water. But this brings up why there was the big noise about storing water to allow in the winter to allow water to flow in the summer. It is hard to reconcile with these rules.

            • the misadventures of bunjee

              Actually you can store for longer than 30 days per your link, so long as it’s for personal, non-commercial (no cannabis for sale) use.

              From your link:

              “If you do need to store water, you must obtain an appropriative right from the State Water Board. The most common way to do that is to file a Small Domestic Use Registration (SDU) with the Water Board. You can qualify for an SDU registration if:

              • You use water only for domestic use (which can include up to 1/2 acre of garden and landscaping)
              • The domestic use is associated with a dwelling (usually a house),
              • The use is non-commercial (e.g., water is not being used to grow cannabis or other crops for sale), and
              • You divert less than 4500 gallons per day and store less than 10 acre-feet per year (which is vastly more water than most users need)”

            • Riparian rights are different than water catchment. You can store runoff from your roof or use a water catchment tank that captures rainfall. You cannot store streamflow.

      • You sound like the neighbor and you have made an excellent point. I forget that some people don’t even know the basics.

      • Guest,

        Points well said.

        I don’t know about teaching adult pigs – it’s generational, a learned habit of unconscious. I think its the way we’re raised.

        Let’s not go to fear -false evidence appearing real, that hangs on a water scare-city falsehood. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for protecting life giving water, with respect. However, Oroville Dam DID collapse, under the close and watchful eye of the State Water Infidels.

        Even HazMat is in for a “ta$te.” there is no water shortage.

  • Things should of been put in the ground two mouths ago at that size

  • Maybe they should grow pansies instead.

  • Wow what a ridiculous bust. So.. legalization= 0 cannabis?. 🤔. The more legal it got, the more illegal it got. As property owners.. we have no rights to use the water on it? Don’t touch the ‘Kings’ water or you’ll be ‘hanged’. Seems like mid evil England.
    So basically legalization sets us back to the 80’s… where most people have to live in fear. Meanwhile, I am sure the Cartell is having a hayday, on public lands since there has not been one bust on public lands this year??
    It takes more water to have a green lawn. WTH.

    • Legalization comes with rules.

      • leadership comes with responsibility and a sustainable vision. I have concluded that this entire shitshow is based on the vision of every deputy getting their own hunting property for nothing. corruptboldt at its finest. say goodbye to measure Z, the new economy won’t pass it.

      • Reasonable rules. These laws are extortion. I understand the need for sensible laws. This is absolutely extortion.

      • General Bratt.

        “Legalization comes with rules ” – Only if you autograph a valid contract -consent, capacity, consideration, and a “LAWFUL” object.

        You have the right to contract and Not to contract. <<THAT is the law.

        You can cling to 20th Century "Legal" slave-speak, or you can join the living in the 21st Century common law jurisdiction.

    • Off grid,

      10s !

      Now here’s the thing – the dense tone vibration of commerce can’t survive in the highest frequency, love. Their just not co-pa-se.

      Enough of us have to get through the door and hold the higher frequency while as many as ‘will’ turn their Shinola sensors on high and exit Oz.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    Wow. Some sad looking ladies. If HCSO has started busting these, I guess they did a good job this year. They’ll be able to lay off 3/4 of the sheriff’s dept now. Looks like we don’t need all those deputies anymore. Oh yeah, Humboldt economy in the shitter, prepare for hard times. Don’t worry, the legal scene isn’t going to help you, average size of permitted grows in Humboldt county between 5 and 20,000 sqft. The smallest grow in Salinas County=200,000sqft. Cost of bringing product to market in humboldt, about 4 times that of Salinas, cost of production in Humboldt is about 4 times that as Salinas. That’s not even looking at Santa Barbara. Largest permitted grow in Cali is 42 acres, and its not here!

    • The old cut flower greenhouses in Santa Barbara County are FULL of cannabis now. Track n Trace- if ever implemented- will make life very tough. I think the county of Humboldt knows this. They are allowing their permitted grows to blow up one last year w/o track n trace- in order to flood the nation w/ “legal” product. That is the competition they talk about from the “black market” grows that they are busting and sending letters to. It’s a scam. Where they are grabbing money from both sides of the fence. And a very nasty federally criminal scam that Humboldt County is running. They want to scare any last permit dollars and associated taxes into their coffers before the entire scene crashes. I know of a dozen HUGE permitted grows that are not really track n traced and they all plan on sending their harvests into nationwide delivery (indeed their deps are already in NYC, Chicago, etc). Talk about some bullshit! The next corporate move- after a bunch of shutting down the un-permitted grows “for the benefit of the legal grows” will be to watch many permitted grows go belly-up under the track n trace system in CA. Then open up federal “legalization” when it’s best for corporate interests to buy up bankrupted permit farms and take over the east coast market. It’s not very hard to see what’s up. Just read up a little on Rockefeller/Standard Oil and Carnegie fortune…It is straight business strategy with a glossing of propaganda for herding the simple folks into losing their stakes. Same old story and everybody is falling for it yet again…

      • Exactly. Straight up.

        Nowadays the corporations send in trolls to social medias as well. They put down competition in comment sections and divide people. I really think they started with innies and outies several years ago. Hook, line, and sinker.

    • @In my 1911 I Trust:

      There are plenty of small grows (5-10,000 sf) in Salinas (city) and Monterey county.

      The track and trace has not been implemented by the state yet so as you point out there are certainly ‘leaks’ in the current legal grows. This will become much harder once T&T rolls out. Also you are correct … the friction of T&T is going to put many a legal grower out of business.

      Also, don’t be sucked into the thinking that because someone signed up for 200 free, temporary licences they are actually growing that much. I visit the biggest grow in CA regularly and it’s barely over 25 acres. We’ll only know who the true players are once each license application has to be accompanied by a large check.

      Having said that, the tone of your post is spot on. With the extremely rare exception, those who can’t scale will die. Humboldt is toast as a volume producer.


      • In my 1911 I trust

        @ JB
        Berner just got permitted for 36 acres of outdoor and 8 acres of greenhouse. He is also the breeder of all the cutting edge strains currently sought after by both grower and consumer. That is also enough acreage to supply a good portion of the entire state. My main point being is that Salinas is 1.5 hours away from the bay, Humboldt is 6. Most agricultural products are produced in that area, most are imported to this one. Cost of production and bringing to market is very high here. Even the multi-acre permitted grows up here will have a hard time competing.

        • @ In my 1911 I trust :

          Berner has put in much time into developing great strains. I hope he gets his new permitted grows up and running and is doing it in an economically sustainable way. I suspect in time he will.


          • I wish you had any frickin clue as to whats up. Berner in fact has not EVER bred one damn cannabis plant.

            • @ Perspective :

              You can argue the details of who actually physically pollinated the plants all you want (and you have a valid point), but without Berner, the Cookies Fam would not have achieved near the success with the strains that they have – that’s the credit I give him.

              And yes … The statement above mine that says “He [Berner] is also the breeder of all the cutting edge strains currently sought after by both grower and consumer.” is massive hyperbole.


              • In my 1911 I trust

                @ Perspective
                I should’ve been more clear, Cookie Fam genetics. I have not personally been to their breeding farm and watched them breed and/or pollinate anything. Since you obviously have I’ll concede your point

        • The tax on outdoor in Salinas is $5 a square foot. In humboldt it’s $1. How does that translate into humboldt costing 4 times as much to bring to market?

  • “It’s a scam.”

    Yes. It’s Fraud. All of it.

  • They were probably turned in I an X outlaw grower that paid for their permits now they’re on their high horses thinking they’re better than everyone Not everyone can afford those huge fees and hoops they make everyone jump through to get permitted

    • @avenuerider

      You’re absolutely right — not everyone can afford the huge fees and hoops. That certainly doesn’t mean that those who can are on any high horse or turned others in …certainly not the ones I’m referring to — very hard working and humble farmers just picking up a now legal crop.

      I did my Federal time for Central Coast growing and it’s surreal now to be able to be involved legally. I’ve seen all sides. What was a lifestyle is now open business with serious consequences for many. I’ve felt the pain and have empathy for the honest and hard working sector of the folks impacted.


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