ABC7 News From the Bay Area Looks at How Regulation Changes Are Forcing Some Cannabis Farmers to Relocate

ABC7 News, which serves the Bay Area, posted a story this morning that focuses on how the new Humboldt County regulations, known as Cannabis 2.0, are forcing some growers to move.

According to the piece, (you can watch the video above or read the article by clicking here), Cannabis 2.0 “sets limits on where grows can operate, puts a cap on the number of permits the county can issue, and gives businesses 18 to 24 months to relocate.”



  • Mendocino and Trinity are blowing up as we speak. Good night Humboldt!!

  • But how will Humboldt be able to keep the ‘best’ title if they all move away?…

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Mendocino is collapsing as we speak! they thought they were going to earn millions of dollars off of their permit program. When in fact at this time the amount of money they’ve generated from their profits has barely covered the cost of the program thus far. There still are only maybe three recreational approved dispensaries. And the Board of Supervisors can’t figure out their zoning ordinances and requirements still after 2 years of work. Yeah we’re blowing up but not in a good way.

  • Alt right the turd reich

    Humboldt is chasing away business. The emerald triangle needs to be the cheapest place to have a legal farm due to our weather and long distance to market

    • Phuuck “Legal.” Lawful. Lawful. Lawful. Lawful. The controllers mainly use the word “law” before the word enforcement – Pfft! “Code” enforcement -more deceptive semantics.

      Humboldt has what the ‘central valley,’ or inland states do not have – LATITUDE combined with the effects of its coastal environment.

      The media is the main tool of thought direction, printing weaponized propaganda to reinforce the lies we were filled with as children and up to our current state.

  • I don’t Want to see my home ruined! Figure it out. Alt right sounds like a Trumpster on steroids, he just doesn’t know it!

  • Hello; Funny It seems this time around the alt left politicians are destroying this county through their ever lusting greed for more power with multi-agency taxation like a venomous snake latched onto it’s prey our county has been so liberalized for so long, and now those officials have been granted a new puzzle piece of power with marijuana regulation and like the poison fruit they gobble it up consuming everything until our area under their control becomes a wasteland where; in time; they start to lose the power.

  • 3 percent of growers will succeed, the rest will have to survive on that dp system

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Wow, poor babies!

    Pot Growers do one thing well, and that is the persecuted complaint…

    It is too bad you suddenly feel that you have been legitimized, but somehow are being screwed over at the same time!

    Fortuna is anything but friendly! The folks there are a particular brand of “do what we want, not what you want! The alcoholics of Fortuna do not want to smell that weed, and, they prefer the odor of natural tobacco smoke…

    Personally, I feel that Cannabis farming has been totally out of control for more than 40 years, and, the straight citizens in Humboldt want it to just go away.

    Cannabis will not save Humboldt’s economy. Growing weed in a remote location will prove unprofitable, and non-competitive.

    Pot farming in Humboldt will be reduced to Boutique and high end product for drug dilettantes, tourists and rock-stars, and, guys, Humboldt strains are grown in Yuba City, Nevada County, Santa Cruz and many many other places! You do not need Humboldt County real estate to produce great weed, so, think about where you want to move next…

    Growing pot in Humboldt, it’s over, and everyone knows that Mendocino has better flower!

    • Mendocino, Yuba City, Nevada County, Santa Cruz and ‘many other places,’ lack the main thing that Humboldt has –Latitude to grow the best.

      ~this is in Jack Herer’s book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

      • The River is pretty dry so don't dive in! Or poop in it!

        Oh, that is pure nonsense.

        Anyone can grow weed, and yours is not that much better…

        All this stuff about quality is ridiculous. High is high. Get over yourselves.

        • That’s what the folks guzzling Two Buck Chuck say too. Just because you don’t care about quality and can’t discern it doesn’t mean others aren’t more fortunate.

          • I like stars too!

            Yes, and I personally haven’t tasted wine in about 30 years…

            Don’t smoke dope, but I used to like it. A pinch in a pipe was always enough for me.

            Mexican, Sutter County Garage Bud, Santa Cruz, Mendo, Humboldt:

            It’s all the same! High is high! I doubt if many stoners can really measure the difference.

            How much THC is enough? I don’t need to know, and, it all goes back to guys in the locker room…

            Your identity is hardly defined by how paralyzed the weed gets you, and you would be better off figuring out your next real move in your business.

            I hope you find something to be proud of in your life, rather than the way your buds look on Instagram, or how messed up it gets you…

            Create something! Teach someone something!

            My opinion, you are not perfecting bud because you want to be the best, you were accidentally the best while trying to make money.

            If you just want money, there are many ways to go that don’t include manufacturing and promoting useless drugs.

            • I like stars too!

              AND: Seeking more and more AFU, is the same as drinking 2 quarts of Jack Daniels, shooting up heroin until you stop breathing, huffing whippits until you pass out and your heart stops: demanding more and more THC, the highest high, is what we call Pathology.

              There are enough people messed up on drugs, and being proud of growing the absolute strongest is about the same as saying that you only snort pure crystal meth, cause it’s the best, dammit!

              Someday I hope Humboldt is defined by being the most beautiful county, and not by being the county with the best drugs…

            • You know, there are many, many effects of various cannabis strains, and the range isn’t just “zero to paralyzed. ” There are a lot of other sensations to be had besides being “stoned.” It sounds as if you’ve missed that, and I’m sorry.

              • I like stars too!

                And: Don’t be sorry, be happy that some have escaped the paradigm of “getting high”, which is an unnecessary condition.

                Smoking pot gets you nowhere, and, as Tim Leary and Richard Allpert finally concluded, you can get much higher without drugs then you can get with drugs…

                Embrace the beauty of your existence! Start down the path of sober living today! Remember, sobriety only takes the rest of your life!

          • Old English 800

          • Two buck chuck is just extra wine they have. A blend of excess. Sometimes its incredibly high quality wine. It has won acclaimed blind taste test in the past. Maybe you’re thinking of Night Train.

  • It’s opening statement is “You can’t go any further north in California than Humboldt County”.

  • It’s a gang turf war between entitled government retirees and pot growers. Who’s gonna win? Get ready to forfeit your land and serve your masters with renewed interest, we’re gonna get our fair share!

  • The new roundup ready Medical marijuana guaranteed Bug & Weed Free just what your county needs corporate greed now for personal use

  • From my count there’s been more major changes than 2….

    1.0: The late sixties thru seventies
    1.5 eighties = CAMP
    2.0 Prop 215// Indoor Explosion
    3.0 Post Gallegos Green Rush
    3.5 Market crash
    4.0 Prop 64

    At least they’re (Hum Co Sup’s) aware of their astounding failure.. running an entire industry outta the county… 50k is too much to permit a 3k sq ft grow! And that a low end estimate.. I don’t do it to get rich, never have.. my bad.

    • bboy, what you forgot to include was how the black market and underground economy changed the culture to the bone! And still lingers today in Reggae on the River and Northern Nights. The common thread between 1.0 to 4.0 is good old fashion greed. Nothing has changed, its all come full circle…

  • Being diversified was wise before, and it packs rewards. Back in the day, Back to the Lander could be a carpenter, plumber, woods worker, tool maker, and so on. We could do small engine repair or diesel, and with the advent of solar, we became electrical engineers. Add home-raised, home-schooled kids, and it was a complete family and neighborhood scene.
    It seems pot just became too specialized, and the pot society veered into whatever you might call it now. It’s definitely in a holding pattern, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

    • Yes Sir. I agree. As you stated above I have filled the shoes of most of the occupations you have listed. I have been born and raised here, taking a different path from the grower mentality. I too agree ; I am looking forward to see how it plays out. I have always believed that the narrow path and the most difficult and challenging pans out to be the best way.

    • Yes! I was here early enough that I had to do various things- firewood, auto and truck mechanics, carpentry, even pulled green chain at Branscomb Mill to fill in the gaps. Always had some plants well hidden to supplement the income. Was weirded out to see my new friends grow huge plots in the sun while they paid others to build their houses and barns, do their electrical systems and fix their parade of new trucks. We took pride in our own self-reliance and loved getting our hands dirty. Weed money allowed us to buy our own land in paradise- a disappearing possibility in modern America- and we were quite happy with simple country living, not baller-style extravagances. I’m okay with the whole greenrush thing crashing down. Sorry to see the worst offenders get permits to mega-grow and act like our betters. It is upside-down. But I’m grateful for a cheap cold beer and a swimming hole on a hot day. Glad to see some others accept our new low-brow reality and get back to the roots. Hope we can simply remain and survive.

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