[UPDATE 4:09 p.m.] Ambulance Rushing to Trinidad Beach After Report of Woman Bit by Shark

A shark reportedly bit a 58-year-old woman at Trinidad Beach, according to a report over the scanner at approximately 2:15 p.m.

Emergency Dispatch sent an ambulance Code 3 to the scene. (Code 3 is the highest level of response.)

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 3:01 p.m.: According to a report from the scene, the woman was knee deep in water when she was bitten. She received a relatively small bite and was taken to the hospital Code 2.

Ambulance at Trinidad Beach

The Arcata ambulance took the woman to the hospital Code 2. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Beach goers at Trinidad Beach

Beachgoers after the woman was taken away. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 4:09 p.m.:  Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona confirmed that the woman was standing in a foot of water when she was bitten by a small shark. “She received non-life-threatening injuries,” he said.

UPDATE 4:52 p.m.: Commenter Danny below posted this photo of the very small shark.

Small shark with ranger.



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