Mateel Announces Additions to Reggae on the River Lineup

This is a press release from the Mateel Community Center:

The 34th  Reggae on the River® presented by High Times in association with the Mateel Community Center takes place August 3-5th at French’s Camp along the banks of the Eel River. The organizers have announced two artist lineup additions:  Jamaican family band Morgan Heritage and Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado.  Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.  Three day passes and premier camping passes available now at single day tickets will be available at the gate provided three day passes do not sell out.  Kids 10 and under a free with a paid adult.

Vendor applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Reggae on the River® festival, to inquire as a food vendor  to inquire as a craft vendor email: and to complete an online application visit:                          

Volunteers are needed at the 34th Reggae on the River®, to inquire to be a volunteer contact or complete the application found here:  to begin the volunteer process.



  • What about the addition of a bridge? Sure doesn’t seem its going in anytime soon…

    • Exactly. Perhaps they are just going through the motions as a practice run for next year. Training for the new High Times management. Of course $0 X Mateel’s %= $0 so umm yeah, best to move management away asap from Mateel staff and into the hands of responsible High Times people. (I’m sure that thought has been on their mind. Be nice, smile, talk about unity, thanks we got it and then wave goodbye!)

      • It already is in the hands of High times….They fired a lot of the Mateel’s coordinators/ crews and are bringing in their own people…… What really frightens me is the fact that there is no time left to water the bowl and campgrounds to “green it up” and lessen the fire danger…. it’s going to be tender box dry!!!!

        • I like stars too!

          But, but, if no-one from Humboldt or the MCC is working at this mess, how will any locals get a chance to steal the proceeds?

          How did the stealing of the proceeds get out of the hands of the Mateel board anyway?

          Which one of you corrupt incompetents on the Board let this show get taken over by Stoners?

          Shit, I was gonna donate $100,000 but now I don’t know…

        • SoHum Senior, maybe you can explain “green it up”? Unless the Mateel is using non-indigenous lawn grass, you are not going to “green it up” anywhere down there. Here is an aerial photo from 2016 ROTR; where is the “green it up” effect located?

        • SoHum Senior, Here’s an aerial video of ROTR 2015, please point out the “green it up” area?

      • What are “responsible High Times workers”? I thought the whole point or justification for ROTR was being operated by a non-profit charitable organization? It would seem now, after reading the MCC audits and tax returns for 2014, 2015 and 2016; more than 75% of the profits and income made directly from ROTR was paid to unrelated private and for-profit individuals and businesses.

        Its A Privilege Not A Right to operate as an 501c3 tax exempt organization. At some point, the MCC lost tract of that accountability and responsibility. Karma is a bitch…

        • Taurusballzhoff

          Ed, in Humboldt it’s legal to call anything at all an NPO. Just like at the Garberville Hospital, where they call it “Critical Access” and then they are allowed to break all kinds of laws!

          I don’t think fussing about the 501c3 stuff is gonna fly here, since it’s “High Times”, and they got Lawyers!

          I give up, I thought the purpose of ROR was so that the Board of the MCC could more effectively steal from the NPO…

          Now they just want to put on a show near the dry riverbed… And get AFU!

          • “I don’t think fussing about the 501c3 stuff is gonna fly here, since it’s “High Times”, and they got Lawyers!”

            Since the MCC is a legit 501c3 and tax exempt organization, they are still required to list and publicly disclose the income from Reggae and High Times. And, since all the county, state and federal permits are in the MCC name (not High Times).

            The other interesting side of all of this, is if the MCC gets caught up into what’s called ‘Unrelated Business Tax Income’ (UBTI) by the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board and Board of Equalization. i.e. if High Times has an agreement to pay the MCC from the proceeds or percentage of the profits; then technically, the MCC would need to pay income tax on that income. Should be interesting how they get around that little detail…

    • Some of you know as well as anyone that the bridge is still open for public comment until July 17th, and they cant do anything till then. BUT if human tribes can seasonaly migrate – pick up and move in an instant, I am sure they can install ROTR in two and half weeks. I would like to see it cancelled this year ,so they can do it right, maybe move it to Benbow.

      MCC is done handling Reggae, all those facts and figures about 501c, tax returns, wages, lost money, 44,000 gallons dumped(past tense),chemical dust suppressants(yes,we will ever know what it was) ,that’s ALL HISTORY. There’s a new sheriff in town, and they had nothing to do with the PAST years.

      • Where can one find the place to send a comment.

        I am not the most computer savvy and I just can not for the life of me find the place to comment.

        Any idea where that is?

      • Matches; the 17th is just the end of public comments. Depending on public comments, RWQCB still needs to approve the 401 permit. So it could be days after the 17th. Let alone the number of days it will take to put in the bridge if its approved and coordinate with CDFW, to be on-site during the construction and relocate any yellow legged frogs from the bridge construction location in the river. But hey, less than 2 weeks should be more than enough time, right? I wonder what engineering firm they got to sign off on the construction of the bridge, since they still owe the contractor and engineering firm from last year?

        And oh yeah, two weeks before ROTR, the MCC is required to provide all the contracts for emergency services, public health and safety provided at ROTR; since the MCC did not and could not provide that info at the June 21st Planning Commission meeting. So, your guess is as good as mine when the MCC will be ready to set up for ROTR, if at all.

        Isn’t that what happened to bring down Dimmick and Reggae Rising? Funny how it all comes full circle and sometimes you find your destiny on the road you took to avoid it…

        • Ed, Can they physically construct it? Yes. Will it happen? Probably not and for all the reasons you list. Yes, this is almost Exactly what happened to Reggae Rising and in similar time periods and challenges. Contractually it will happen for the next 6 years including this one, but I’ll sign any petition to take it off the river.

          • I wish a petition is all it would take. It would take a complete 180 degree change in the MCC. For some reason, they need it on the river and a 12 step program is not going to cure anything. You have all the environmental organizations that know it’s wrong, harmful, degrading etc, but afraid to say anything, and that’s what needs to happen to get ROTR off the river…

            • MCC dont run the show anymore Ed, can you please try to understand that?
              You seem to shoot down any positive attempt of assistance with negative vibes. I just volunteered myself to the cause and you respond with pessimism . Are you physically able to be positive or optimistic ? If not, I understand.

              I’ll try once more: what can we all do to help? Actual physical assistance, not just boycotting.

              I’m willing to go camp to camp and explain the river health, but i would need some type of educational materials, numbers and facts to back me up. Safer sunscreen companies might be willing to supply samples to hand out?

              • “MCC dont run the show anymore Ed, can you please try to understand that?”

                Matches, I beg to differ! If you read the Reggae on the River Conditional Use Permit, Staff Report, Bridge permit, 1602 LSAA, ESA Take Permit or other conditions of approval and Plan of Operation; the applicant in all public records of the above during the June 21st 2018 Planning Commission hearing was the “Mateel Community Center”, no one else or High Times!

                To be honest and IMHO, there is nothing anyone outside of the MCC Board & staff can do. In fact, I don’t think there is anything the majority of the membership could do!

                You need to treat the MCC like someone with a major addiction! And in most cases, you have to wait until they hit their bottom before you can help. And in most cases, their bottom can be to crash and burn. The MCC addiction with Reggae on the River is just that, there is no reasoning with them until they hit their bottom!

                BTW, there is no such thing as a “Safer sunscreen”!

                The bottom line? The Planning Commission and Supervisors need to stop supporting this dysfunctional organization and hold them accountable just like everyone else and just say NO!

  • Been going to reggae on the river since day one. It seems simple to figure after working it, that people realize that insurance costs. Back in the day it was a party no insurance neccessary and band members were paid in pounds. Times change and now it’s a city shit fest. Hope for lots of rain this winter to cleanse the river from high times and butane sludge running the hills. Lineup additions wo wo. This venue in its hay day was alive.

  • Way too little, way too late.

  • Dude this sounds hectic. No venders, 11 performers , (really?) volunteers still signing up and the crucial bridge not even installed yet ??!? Lolz cray cray. I worked staff for years in the heyday and your order of traffic stuff light towers,barricades etc and freaking highway plan with Cal trans CHP , medical, communications, fire contracts etc, the site prep, multiple crews sign ups , and shift assignments, porta potty and fence placement, not to mention water system and kitchens were all sussed out well ahead of the event !! Weeks ago ! And it was all still extremely stressful and exhausting.. WTF are they doing? They plan on pulling 24/7 shifts once bridge goes in? If it goes in? Imo they should have pulled the plug. Maybe the county will , this is ridiculous

    • Agreed!!!

    • They should cancel this year and concentrate on having a better one next year. Unfortunately I can already see how this will unfold. Unorganized, rushed and a we’ll figure it out as we go attitude. That will not work when people are paying $200 a ticket and most of your attendees are traveling from hours away. A half ass festival will have negative results and in my opinion do it right or don’t do it at all…

    • So, Bruce Champie was on ‘Thank Jah it’s Friday’ this morning, near the end of the show, he said they could not install the ROTR bridge until Monday and they have been working at the site mowing for a week now, using the access from Richardson Grove State Park summer bridge to get to ROTR site. And that they were in desperate need of volunteers to help with set-up. Seams to me, they are out of time, day late and a dollar short…

  • Yeah, let’s the LA influence invade our community. Bet most tickets won’t be bought locally. More gang banger rip-offs in the hills. $40.00 fees for “volunteers”????? Any wonder why they have few people stepping up to help them make $$$. They still do not have approval on their encroachment permit from CAl-TRANS either. The arrogance surrounding this event comes from the greed factor motivating those pushing this event. Gone is the Spirit of Unity and respect for Elders who worked for decades, the Community impacted, the river, and the Earth. Remember those who sold us out, then recall those board members who do not deserve to be in a position of leadership.

  • I’d totally go $10 on that lineup, at the door–if it was all in one day, with free parking, no stank wanderers, nor anyone form “socal.”

    Ok, $15–for Baby Cham. That dude had a couple tunes 10-20 years ago.

    And don’t tell me I’m mean; I’ll take my craps at home before I get to the river.

    I assume “AND MORE” means a jam troupe with 12 white 50 year-old dudes, one token black guy (with short hair and big sunglasses for disguise) and a 32 year-old white chick with dreadlocks from Eugene, who beg to pay for their own transportation and camping?

    The worst part about being broke is you still have to bring it.

    Is this a “charity boogie,” or what?

  • Get over it, seriously its time to move on. I support the community center vs let waste away whats left of the hard work that built it. A good thing doesn’t always last but good things can come from the influence, of others ideas and dreams.

    Besides,some of the best yrs were smaller than this yrs lineup. I’m looking forward to it.

    Thank you Mateel,Thank you High Times. Thank you Ed for your concern about the Eel River. I hope they have heard you by now and take into consideration, your hard work and love for our eco system & someday address the needed changes.

  • What’s going on with that bridge? Is this thing getting cancelled or what? Negative comments and feelings about this festival are high, no pun intended. I will not be attending this year due to the lineup. Everyone one wants to blame High Times but they just inherited this mess, it’s not their fault . It’s all Mateel.

  • Hey Kym, after reading that TS article about ROTR; why, all of a sudden is “rape” at ROTR a thing? It would seem High Times thought is was important enough to disclose, I guess the Mateel never wanted to disclose that information from past events? Why didn’t the Mateel ever disclosed this info before now? It must be one of the deep dark secrets no one wants to talk about, just like the dark side of the black market culture and underground economy of Southern Humboldt cannabis growers?

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