Local Music Festival Offers Unique Local Cannabis Promotion: Buy Humboldt/Mendocino Products and Get a Deep Discount on Northern Nights Tickets

In a unique promotion, Northern Nights, the music festival that happens near the Humboldt/Mendocino County line next weekend, is offering a deep discount on tickets for those who buy $100 worth of products from Humboldt or Mendocino at participating dispensaries.

The event which has long had ties to the marijuana industry is also offering “guided cannabis farm tours” for those who sign up early.

To be clear, the festival says it can’t offer on-site sales “as current state laws only allow sales at county fairgrounds and district agricultural associations, however the future of on-site sales looks bright.”

Below is the entire press release.

This is a press release from Northern Nights Music Festival:

On July 20-22, 2018, Northern Nights Music Festival will kick off a 3-day one-of-a-kind festival experience blending cannabis history, education, and entertainment located on the Humboldt and Mendocino County Line, the epicenter of the Emerald Triangle. The festival is known for its strong musical lineup; 2018 artists include ​Emancipator, Thomas Jack, Sage The Gemini, Mr. Carmack and a Dirtybird Records Takeover​Friday night in the Redwoods. 2018 also marks an important era for the Emerald Triangle – an end to the cannabis prohibition in California. Taking pride in these original roots, festival founders Andrew Blap & Peter Huson have teamed up with dozens of California-based dispensaries and local Humboldt farms to expand on the existing Cannabis history programming, which will take place in two select areas: NN Tree Lounge and VIP.

The NN Tree Lounge, which debuted at Northern Nights Music Festival 2016, was the first-ever official designated area for on-site consumption of medical marijuana at a music and art festival in California. The area features the Emerald Triangle premiere cultivators and manufacturers, and hosts top tier dispensary buyers and distributors from all around the Golden State. The 2018 edition returns to Cook’s Valley after its successful maiden voyage with new partners ​The Emerald Cup​.“A big part of our brand ethos is community – this festival would be nothing without the support of local partners. We want to give cultivators, dispensary owners, and industry leaders every opportunity to learn more about each other, and get exposure to their target demographic at Northern Nights,” said partner Blap. ​Programming this year will education-driven only, as current state laws only allow sales at county fairgrounds and district agricultural associations, however the future of on-site sales looks bright as State Assembly Bill AB2020 is on it’s way to the Senate floor and aims to be in place by the end of 2018, removing the restrictions and allowing for local jurisdictions to make the final call. ​This year, participating brands include ​Humboldt’s Finest Raw & Uncut,​General Extractions, Madrone California,

Guild Extracts, Humboldt Brothers, Talking Trees, Rising Source, Filigreen, and Rise Logistics .

To ensure the NN Tree Lounge is filled with like-minded people and to invite the next generation, NN has been activating new networks with the partnership of dispensaries in the cities. These dispensary activations have a goal to gain recognition of Emerald Triangle cannabis while giving farms exposure to their target demographic at Northern Nights. The festival is creating a farm-to-dispensary relationship before the festival by offering two festival tickets for $215 ($429

value) with the purchase of $100 worth of Mendocino or Humboldt County products at these

participating dispensaries: ​Mercy Wellness Cotati, Telegraph Health Center (THC),

Medithrive, Shambhala, Green Remedy Collective, Hi Fidelity, Magnolia Oakland, Caliva, Natural Herbal Pain Relief, One Log, and Area 101.

Premiering this year is an elevated VIP experience hosted by four partners, Emerald Exchange, WyldeHeart Ranch, Redwood Roots, and World Famous Productions. Programming here is vibe-centered, weaving cannabis with unique experiential activities, full stocked bar, Happy Hours with local treats and drinks, therapeutic massage, teas, herbal remedies, and workshops. Get there early and sign up to be one of the few to go on guided cannabis farm tours in the area.

About Northern Nights: ​Northern Nights Music Festival is a 3-day festival tucked amongst the towering Redwoods and winding Eel River on the Humboldt and Mendocino County line. Attendees can immerse themselves in yoga, art, cannabis, and music across the festival grounds. Acts include a Dirtybird takeover (Justin Martin, Ardalan, Walker & Royce, Worthy B2B Option4), Thomas Jack, Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, Gina Turner, Sage The Gemini, Brasstracks, Brownies & Lemonade All Stars, Naughty Princess, Jack Beats, and many more.

Tickets Available at ​www.northernnights.org

GA Tickets – $199

VIP Tickets – $289

Saturday/Sunday Ticket – $149

Sunday Ticket $99

Stay Connected: Northern Nights

Website​| ​Facebook​| Twitter​| Instagram



  • Give discounts to drug addicts, what about the sober people that enjoy the show. Where do we get the price reduction? FBS, and no I don’t want any hemp shirts.

    • 5age The G3mini

      One verse of Gas Pedal and you’ll be all ovah dat community blunt.

    • Seriously, you folks living in heart of the triangle who are constantly complaining on this board about “marijuana addicts ” etc. sound pretty absurd. The region is cannabis central for the whole state, and has been a looong time. Maybe yall should consider moving to Idaho or something? Its not gonna change around the triangle anytime soon, its part of the culture. Yall wanna talk about addicts you should be talking about how meth and heroin are damn near ruining the area and what you can do as a community to help the situation, because that is your real issue. The hard dope situation is far worse than it was ten years ago (especially in humboldt), and afterall, its your kids and neighbors who are hooked on the shit. Marijuana addicts, hahaaaa, what a joke. Right up there with coffee addicts… oh wait, coffee is actually a physically addictive substance unlike cannabis, my bad. While you are it I suppose you should start ragging on the coffee addicts next, you can probably find some at your local coffee shop.

      • Ridge, before it became, as you call it, “cannabis central for the whole state and has been a looong time”. Please define “looong time”? I and my family came to Garberville in 1961. It was a seasonal tourist town with a logging problem. I graduated from South Fork HS Class of 1975, and don’t recall the “region” as you have described it. What your talking about is what happened after logging slowed and then shut down in the 80’s and 90’s, and the “region” became an underground black market war zone, right? You need to get your facts straight, maybe ask people who lived in the area before and after it became “cannabis central”.

        It was bad enough what logging did to the region and before it could heal, BAM, “cannabis central”. So just in my life time, I have seen all the adverse affects and degrading changes in the rivers, creeks, streams and wildlife habitat because of the dark side of logging and weed, its called greed…

  • Get some, got some points here,now you get discounts for getting fucked up,what a piece of shit for a gathering.

  • I’m curious. Besides drugs what is the demographic of the type of person that would attend this event? I never quite understood paying money to watch someone play records.

  • cannabis festivals will soon be a thing of the past now the greedy growers no longer need to collect 215 card info and be a a patient’s caregiver.

  • NNMF has never been about anything else. They degrade the South Fork Eel River water quality to sell weed, plain and simple. The same weed that is legal through-out the whole State? Funny, they just said this a couple months ago, like they own and buy friends in high places:

    Blap said that this year, “What we are hoping for is a bigger celebration of the heritage of Humboldt, Mendocino, and the Triangle.” But, because current regulations only allow cannabis consumption at events to take place at fairgrounds, he explained, “We’ll have to see how the new regulations are going play out.” Both Blap and Huson are part of a team that has helped to write AB 2020 which is a new bill that would allow cannabis sales at festivals and events.

    “We’re doing our best to get that passed before Northern Nights,” Blap explained…


    BTW, nothing in either Mendocino or Humboldt County permits for NNMF authorize or approve the sale cannabis. Funny how they still use cannabis as the hook to sell tickets.

    If you buy into this BS and attend or advertise NNMF, you are just as culpable as the promoters, sponsors and producers that degrade the water quality and wildlife habitat of the South Fork Eel River!

    • Private property, pay to enter event, ‘merica is the land of the free, and they explicitly need approval for vendors to sell weed at the festival? What a bunch of BS.

      Weed tourism is a real thing. This is the only realistic future for the HumCo economy. Embrace it, grow it, lest you shrivel up and die. Ask any Jamaican cab driver what has crushed their tourism industry – “Dem deh people dem guh a Colorado to ski an smoke ganja dem guh a Vegas to gamble an smoke ganja dem nuh cum har suh much wi ongle ave di beeches”

      • And its a “real thing” that the weed industry doesn’t give a dam about the South Fork Eel or the wildlife habitat. It seems, your weed industry already internalizes profits while externalizing the cost it has on the environment. And the same goes NNMF etc.

        We are not talking about Jamaica, Colorado or Vegas, I am talking about the documented facts and degrading effects the weed industry has on the South Fork Eel watershed and wildlife habitat. And now you want to have a weed tourism that adds even more adverse affects!

        We don’t have to “Embrace it”, you need to deal with that! But you are correct, it is private property, but its open to the public and the river is not private property…

  • No Debbie Downers Allowed!

    Remind me to not invite you guys to the party!

    • News flash, being sober is actually an upper to most people!

    • Their party is a for profit venture. Everyone who’ll pay is invited.

      • No Debbie Downers Allowed!

        News flash, its obviously not your type of show, so why do you care, you don’t go, so get a life! You can buy a tik but still not invited! At least Ed comments with valid reasons. You others sound like a real drag! Have fun at the library!

        • Been for years along with ROTR, earth dance, and the river run. Back to my point why do I get excluded from the discount because of no purchase of cannabis. FBS.

          • Those are the rules established by the promoters and advertisers so stop crying about it already. The participating dispensaries are probably paying $omething for the advertising so they offer a discount if you buy their products. Capitalism in action. If the event was sponsored by Pepsi or GE you may get a discount for showing proof that you purchased a 6 pack of Pepsi or a GE jet engine.

            Not everyone is included in everything. its called life and sometime it can be darn hard. See you at the show next weekend!

    • How about “No Debbie Downers Allowed” to pollute the South Fork Eel River with personal hygiene products, bodily fluids, suntan lotion and sunscreen? Do you think the South Fork Eel River is a treated pool? Its a fragile eco-system and community of indigenous threatened and endangered wildlife species.

      Is this what the cannabis tourism industry looks like?

      Is this what they meant: “Northern Nights increased local economic impact of over $2,000,000 in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties.”

  • “Don’t you look at me so smug
    And say I’m going bad.
    Who are you to judge me
    And the life that I live?
    I know that I’m not perfect
    And that I don’t claim to be.
    So before you point your fingers,
    Be sure your hands are clean.
    Judge not
    Before you judge yourself.
    Judge not
    If you’re not ready for judgement.
    The road of life is rocking
    And you may stumble too.
    So while you talk about me,
    someone else is judging you.”

  • Northern plights!

  • Alt Right For Life

    The IRS car with plate readers would be a great hit at the festival.

    Nearly as good with remote control dorsal fins and alligator heads.

    Hemp pollen stamps on entry would travel far.

  • Lol cannabis haters get lost…move…your not welcome here anymore…this is how its going to be from now get used to it ….move along..bye bye..we need your housing …😃

    • Unless you go permitted industrial big, and I mean BIG, you too will fall by the wayside. Growing is fading away here , or didn’t you get the memo? Greenrush is over.
      Cannabis haters are welcome here as much as cannabis lovers. What are you talking about?

  • Unique local promotion: free e-coli for all downstream water users!

  • I believe this promotion will end up biting Humboldt in the ass.

    Dispensaries here consistently carry FAR inferior product than one can acquire by calling a local friend.
    That’s why the few Humboldt County dispensaries are not particularly powerful players in the local economy, despite the vast wealth behind them. In fact, they are some of the weakest performers within our local economy. From what I’ve seen through direct observation, their very few clientele are made up of non-local, in-state tourists and college students who don’t know anyone better to call.

    (I’ve tried every brick-and-mortar dispensary in the county and beyond, and nothing they sell COMES EVEN CLOSE to the quality of flower I get by calling any one of my neighbors (and at 1/4 to 1/20th of the price). It’s a VERY BAD JOKE, and as a low-income Humboldt 215 medical patient who, for the last 24 years, has relied on the quality of my meds to function throughout the day, EVERY DAY – I’m NOT laughing.)

    Humboldt has far fewer dispensaries than most other regions of the state, and those we have are a complete joke compared to places where the black market is not as prominent. This is NOT because our population is too thin to justify a large-scale, QUALITY dispensary – it is because the vast majority of long-term, career, experienced growers here were shrewd enough to realize IMMEDIATELY that the “legalization” of weed in Humboldt is nothing more than a scam perpetrated by the county, our BOS and their cronies to take the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in our local economy and HAND IT OVER, NEARLY IN ITS ENTIRETY, to the wealthy, powerful, and connected. So they “opted out” – and, in my opinion, wisely.

    Due to the quality of meds offered in our local dispensaries, it is very clear to me that Northern Nights’s promotion is the first of the last set of nails to be driven into Humboldt County’s economic coffin.

    Good luck to you, “permitted” growers. You’re gonna need it to get through the next few years.

    And you have Northern Nights and their half-assed, brilliantly idiotic, fly-by-night ad campaign to thank for it. (for now. There will be many other money-driven greedy folks to come… it will be a VERY LONG LIST, where there is vast cash to be “earned” you can count on that.)

    And to you naysayers out there – it is probably in your best interest to realize that when Humboldt’s economy fails, most of you will fail with it, despite the fact that you don’t have a CLUE that 90%+ of your “legit” income is derived from the local cannabis economy, directly AND indirectly… so if you are an extreme anti-weed propagandist, you need to understand that you and yours will not survive the impending local economic apocalypse, right along with those you despise. Personally, I do TRULY hope you end up having to room with the “enemy” in your future flop house down in the city, as perhaps in the long term this is the only way you will find acceptance of those who believe differently (read: “CORRECTLY”).

    Estelle? Jared? Are you reading this?







  • Local Skeptic Thru Observation

    REALLY? AREA 101?!?

    There is NO WAY that “Area 101” is a legitimate dispensary. It never has been, and it is doubtful that it ever will be, given Tim’s legal history, let alone his reputation with the county, state, and especially federal governments. (Not to mention zoning laws and the impending violations at his property.) There is no amount of money, or team of lawyers big or powerful enough to EVER change that. If the state of CA approves his “legal” cannabis business, it is for the sole purpose of finally bringing him and his people down for good, which they have been rigorously attempting to do for decades – and if he was not as rich & sheisty as he is, they would have done so long ago.

    The previous commentator is absolutely correct. This festival has chosen the wrong path and will be among the leaders who bring the local counties to their knees.

  • If NNMF is concerned about the degrading effects it generates and has on the South Fork Eel River and wildlife habitat, then why have they blocked me from their NNMF facebook page and deleted all my posts and conversations with their “peps” I have had in the last two weeks? In fact, someone posting as Andrew Blap replied to my post(s) and invited me to be their guest at NNMF 2018 to discuss my concerns in person. After I declined the invitation and wanted them to instead answer my questions I submitted in my public comments to Mendocino County and after other people were asking questions to my concerns, is when I was deleted and 86’ed from their facebook page! I guess the management and producers at NNMF cannot handle the truth?

    The facts don’t lie and the facts are; NNMF directly degrades the water quality of the South Fork Eel River, which in turn indirectly and adversely affects the wildlife habitat, i.e. threatened and endangered species, e.g. coho, chinook, steelhead and now Foothill yellow legged frog…

    My public comments: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NzTOm7z6X8OsRcaT7v0rzjlYGPjqkTRI

    If all these so called ‘environmental organizations’ in Humboldt & Mendocino would stop supporting festivals like this one and do as they say, not as they do, to speak and defend species that cannot, until that day, I will not shut up or stop!

    People like NNMF need to be accountable and responsible to the 7th generation and the web of life that supports and protects our earth!

    Please write, call or email CENTER for BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, attn Peter Galvin, Director of Programs:

    707.986.2600 or pgalvin@biologicaldiversity.org or https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/about/contact/

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