Fortuna Police Close Investigation Into Death of Dragana Solaja, 24-year-old Serbian Woman

Dragana Solaja

Dragana Solaja [Photo of from the GoFundMe page for Dragana Solaja’s family]

The death of a 24-year-old Serbian woman, Dragana Solaja, last April 11 has concerned members of the community and her home country. But Fortuna Police have come to the conclusion that her death wasn’t a homicide.

“We’ve closed the investigation,” said Lt. Matt Eberhardt of the Fortuna Police Department. “No criminal charges will be filed.”

According to Charlie Van Buskirk from the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office, Solaja had acute methamphetamine toxicity and died of disseminated intravascular coagulation.

“We found no evidence [her death was] caused by someone else,” he said. “[It was] the unexpected and unintended consequences of taking meth.”

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  • This is a sad end to a sad story.

    It’s hard for me to believe there isn’t more to it.

  • “We found no evidence [her death was] caused by someone else,”


    Nobody sold her the meth?

    No medical people, no governmental entities, conditioned her virtually since birth that drugs and needles are a perfectly normal and desirable part of life?

    Only some lives matter.

    RIP, Dragana.

    • Someone at a Riverwalk hotel room gave her the OD load or they dumped her at the dump. FPD couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.

    • “Nobody sold her the meth?”

      Her death was not caused by purchasing meth. She died as a result of the amount of meth she chose to inject.

      “No medical people, no governmental entities, conditioned her virtually since birth that drugs and needles are a perfectly normal and desirable part of life?”

      Of course not. That sounds really weird! It almost sounds as if you are trying to suggest that a licensed medical professional administering injections somehow conditioned her to think that shooting up meth must be alright. But I realize that’s not what you meant, and that only a paranoid delusional would make such a suggestion.

      • I found a bag of cristal on ground in alley behind a bar in old town.shards.

      • Considering the United States is the number one drug user in the world. I don’t think he’s far off and make a valid point.

      • hmm

        “Nobody sold her the meth?” Are you kidding me; were you there? Stop Crystal Ball Gazing and making assumptions. You were not there obviously; Have some respect for the family.

    • Yes, blame everyone and everything but the victim’s poor choices in life. The victim culture marches on ….

  • Go home in a box

    Come make a fortune on a Humboldt grow!

  • McSlurm~Moose~Knuckle

    Shouldn’t the Humboldt county coroner be involved in finding the cause of death!?

    • “According to Charlie Van Buskirk from the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office, Solaja had acute methamphetamine toxicity and died of disseminated intravascular coagulation.

      “We found no evidence [her death was] caused by someone else,” he said. “[It was] the unexpected and unintended consequences of taking meth.””

  • What a surprise. Wonder how big of a bribe the Fortuna PD took on this one. They are being paid off to hide human trafficking. For real.
    Maybe this woman fought back. Doesnt look like a meth user, how do they know someone else didnt shoot her up with meth?????

    • They are trained professionals. Do you really think they are less familiar with evidence that may suggest she was injected against her will, than you?

  • Our Eastern European community probably resolved this case long ago.

  • Back up the boat

    I hope the eastern community did. She didn’t take this lethal amount of her own accord. I hope someone does find out the truth and resolves this death. Prayers to her family. Such a beautiful young woman. Tragic.

  • Did they ever figure out how she got from Miami to Fortuna?

  • Total freaking BS! I don’t buy that for one bit! Users are usually with someone. Narcan SavesLives. She was left alone, no doubt, cause users are afraid they will get in trouble for whatever reason, (warrants, possessions) if the take someone to ER or call 911. Yet understandable considering, cause how does one prove, let alone small town cops prove, anyone was with her that night? No proof, no case but an overdose and no one responsible, for not helping her.
    B freaking S!!!!😡

    😢My condolences to her family. I’m so sorry for your loss. May flights of Angels, sing thee to thy rest! 👼👼👼

  • A mystery! Only in Humboldt County. Bullshit. Somebody knows . FPD is to busy to pursue a CSI task. They could’nt handle rodeo week back in the day. And yes Miami to Fortuna? And nobody knows. How F’N sad.

  • Terrible! A girl who never took drugs had overdosed her own. If this case happened in Serbia, the one who was last with her was detained for 30 days. And you know very well who was with her. Why do not you say who she was buying for drugs if she did. But it’s not. But what does a Serbian girl mean to you? You think the Serbs are stupid and illiterate. You do not know anything about how proud they are and what they are all willing to do for their family. Respect them as you respect them. But if you do, then you are in trouble. She was killed and it’s easiest to close the investigation because she’s not an American. Dear soul, our investigation will never stop.
    We love you. You will once again sleep peacefully in the sky.

    • Im sorry we have failed you. I don’t think that of your family or country at all. I see a mourning family hurting deeply over the injustice and loss of a loved one. Our local cops are incompetent and crooked.Please Hire a private investigator.! Call the FBI. Call the embassy. Call CA attorney general. Poke poke poke and poke some more, don’t give up Dragana’s family! I hope someday, you will find justice.

      If private investigator hired, I’d look into comment & IP address in 1st kymkemp article. Someone there was claiming to know her and said she gets high. I found it unusual considering how hostile the person sounded when claiming they knew her. Can that lead to people she knew here? People you can question, as to what she was doing leading up to the last week of her life. I hope you find justice someday. Hugs from afar!

    • I’t doesn’t matter where Dragana Solajais is from; she deserves the same respect and dignity as anyone that lives in the USA. I feel real sad that she died this way. I wish the FBI would investigate this case; it’s too shut and closed and reeks of suspicion! I feel it in my gut. There are too many young people that come to Humboldt from all over the world and disappear. Also, many young people have died mysteriously. If she is the victim of foul-play, I guarantee you there are “People” out there that know what happened to this beautiful, young women. I pray for her family : I hope they get the answers they deserve, and I hope this angel is resting in Heaven.

  • Solution is solved by the will of the killer. Bravo

  • Gaga lepotice naša.Znamo da to nisi sebi mogla uraditi.Znamo koliko si bila pametna i čovek. Neka oni pričaju svoju priču nikada im nećemo poverovati. Ti si naša Novosađanka. Da si ostala kući sada bi smo išle na EGZIT. Bila bi vesela i tražile bi šta će mo obući. Ljubim te stotinu puta . Dokazali su da su nesposobni. Mi smo Gaga već znali da će istraga tako završiti. Nije to Srbija. To je strani svet koji ni na karti nezna gde je naš Novi Sad i Srbija.
    Tebe su nam oduzeli i nisu nam dali ni nadu da će neko odgovarati za tvoju tragičnu smrt.

    {Edit: Google English translation:
    Gaga’s beauty is ours. We know you could not do it yourself. We know how smart you are and the man. Let them tell their story we will never believe them. You are our Newbie. If you were staying home, we would now go to EGZIT. They would be happy and would ask what they would wear. I love you hundreds of times. They proved to be incompetent. We Gaga already knew that the investigation would end like that. It’s not Serbia. This is a foreign world that does not even know where our Novi Sad and Serbia are.
    They have been taken away from us and they have not given us the hope that someone will be responsible for your tragic death.]

  • As long as thar is meth thar will be more loss of life what i see these days that people are takeing the shit just as if they were going to the store to get a pack of smokes

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Question? Where did she get the massive amount of meth?

    Question? Who was she with here , obviously she was not living in a bush somewhere?

    Question? Snorting or injecting? Do both cause the blood clots?

    Question? From sober to “addict” status in such a short time, who hooked her up?

    More questions than answers, easy to blanket her death with overdose, tragic to accept it, pathetic to sweep it under the rug, apathetic to say meth and that’s it.

    Prayers for us all, the world needs it!
    RIP Dragana may your family find comfort somehow I am sorry for your loss. ❤

  • Dosage ranges from 1.5 mg – 15 gm daily.tolerance forming drug.

    • Mendocino Mamma

      If it is even only “meth” a lot is mixed with or made from pesticides and other crap that’s cheap and easy to get. I’m certain they didn’t test her blood for Drano, comet , pcps and ammonia. All these have been found in locally tested “meth” samples.

  • It is so unfortunate to see a such a tragic loss of a young person’s life careless meth users with years of experience mething up there lives use there worthless loser meth trade skills to ruin other peoples lives judging by the seriousness of this situation maybe the F.B.I. should investigate this case sometimes they investigate these types of drug death cases.

  • Angel Dark Star

    The person who called the 911 know very well Dragana Solaja
    why he said did not know her,she was all the time
    in his house
    she came to visit him
    why this is hiding?

    When Fortuna Police arrived, Eberhardt said Solaja was inside the residence but that the Bulgarian resident said she didn’t live there. “We don’t know if she got dropped off there and if she walked there,” he explained.

  • Terrible injustice! Fortuna Police are so incompetent that they allow known killers to remain free. Their only action is to stop anybody from publicly stating the names of known killers because somehow that is hurting free people or hampering investigation?! This has been their policy before this case so we did not expect any better but…This case is bullshit! She got from Miami to here- How? She was working with Serbs or Bulgarians and their massive weed grows? Suddenly she’s shooting up meth and killing herself?! SHADY VERY VERY SHADY!!!

    • So you too think that anyone with her in the last 30 days should be immediately taken to jail? And that a town of under 12,000 with a police force of 16 officers can do a TV style CSI investigation while doing traffic, animal control, robbery investigations, etc ? Or that The River Lodge has a guest list of everyone partying or visiting there?

      I wonder if there is in essence human trafficing going on in the pot industry and an outside entity like the FBI should be involved. But then, when the whole county is pretty shady, good luck with getting cooperation. Having a large segment of the population idealizing lawbreaking makes any investigation an exercise in futility.

      I too think her death is shady. I think there is a good chance that she was brought by acquaintances from Miami to Humboldt to make some fast money in the pot industry. Both Miami and Humboldt Co are places where crime is pretty much considered normal. Not places for the vulnerable. But after that, who here knows what happened. It could be very hard to tell what goes on without people willing to talk to the police. All you have to do is read the comments here to see the likelihood of that happening where meth was involved. If the autopsy didn’t show marks of violence, how far can it be investigated if the community refuses to talk?

      Maybe there should be signs on all Humboldt Co roads saying that people offering work in illegal trades are by definition sketchy and not to be trusted. In many languages.

      • Guest; I agree 100 percent! This isn’t television and FPD isn’t LAPD or NYPD or, etc. Evidence doesn’t all miraculously fall into place and crimes solved just like that… even in big cities with large police departments and labs. The amount of crimes that go unsolved, especially involving the darker sides of life, is huge! The is a small town in a county that has become infiltrated with crime and nefarious individuals over the years! I feel for her family and yes, Dragana’s life was cut short way too soon! But if you’re around people who are involved in the drug trade or other criminal activities, you’re putting yourself at risk! Are the drug dealers responsible because they sold/gave her the drugs, yes, they are! But typically the one who takes the drug is responsible as well… However, if she was forced to take the drugs, evidence and witnesses can’t magically appear. People have to be willing to talk to the police! I also know that when you care about someone tragically taken from this life, typically you want someone to blame and generally want justice or revenge. That is understandable. But sometimes there is not any one person solely to blame. And if there were criminal forces at play in this situation, people that know anything have got to talk!! I hate seeing all this beat down being spewed at FPD. They are a small force, they don’t have the CIS equipment and lab like the big boys! And they aren’t as experienced in major crime solving. But maybe it is all really as they said… an accidental overdose. I have read news stories, obits and knew someone who had never used heroine or meth, etc., and died of an over dose the first time they used the drug. It is tragic!!! And the epedemic drug problem, people missing and people being found dead in Humboldt County is horrific! But the small town police departments and county sheriffs department are not equipped to handle it all!

      • Yes. I believe the FBI should be involved. I also believe the Fortuna Police Department is not capable of investigating murders. Heck- the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has many more resources and they are not very capable either! Our county is so full of criminal activity and criminal culture that law enforcement is overwhelmed. We think weed is fine but look what environment we have allowed to flourish here. Now we have young women die publicly and we can do nothing. I wish the FBI would grab on to this significant event and pull hard, unraveling much criminal operation. It does make me wonder how deep is the protection racket with the Bulgarians. They have now been allowed to operate criminally here in this county with impunity for over a decade.

  • This is a trajedy.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Nice THC..Now what do we do to end this downward spiral folks?

    Action would look like?

    Talk to your kids your families.

    Just say no obviously is not enough!

  • Did I read that she overstayed her student visa? If so that will set you up to be at the mercy of anyone who might blackmail you. Human trafficking is a real thing in NorCal. Once you get compromised, you can get owned.

  • Wow.. I’ve never seen so many people play the blame game and point fingers at the only people trying to solve a case !
    If some alcoholic drank himself to death..a lot of folks on here would just blame the FPD for not arrestiing every grocery outlet that sells beer… And blame every person who ever bought or shared a beer with him..
    Cuz that alcoholic certainly isn’t too blame for anything !
    for crying out loud.. Who made you all experts on crime solving in Fortuna and the self-appointed Moral Authority for everyone ?!?!

  • why not publish everything ?
    Contusion on the body and high levels of GHB

  • No evidence ha?!?!
    And what about screenshoots where u can see that close family members of her boyfriend threatened to kill her “with their own bear hands”?!?!?!?!?!?!

    That so called police is protecting someone big time!!!!! 😤😤😤😤

  • [Edit] why does not say public what happened to Dragan

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