Search Warrants Expected to Be Served at More Alleged Illegal Marijuana Grows Today

Officers gather to discuss their plans before setting out to serve search warrants

Officers gather to discuss their plans before setting out to serve search warrants today. [Image from the Caltrans Vista Point Traffic Cam]

Today, a combined operation with multiple agencies but primarily led by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) heads to northeast Humboldt again to serve search warrants on illegal marijuana grows. They have done so for the previous three days this week.

A convoy of law enforcement vehicles is again gathered at Vista Point off Hwy 299 on Berry Summitt.

Yesterday, Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office told us that the DEU would be serving warrants with Fish and Wildlife all week. “[S]ome warrants are ours, and some are theirs,” she explained.

Press releases describe the search warrants which were served Monday and Tuesday as all being south of 299, east of Vista Point and west of Willow Creek. At this point, we don’t know where the warrants were served yesterday nor where the warrants will be served today.



  • oh fat fckers aren’t you tired from two days ago?

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Nancy, read the article Kym published yesterday. “Hash lab, water diversion.” Pictures of household trash piles high, water taken from the creek, motor oil dumped on the ground, and a huge amount a waxy oily substance dumped into the creek. I’ve never met a cop I liked, but these folks deserved what they got. Fish and Game toured where I worked last year… They liked the property, told us to keep up the good work!

      • I wasn’t talking about the bust, I was talking about the legal system it’s self! I love the places there hitting !

      • what you call a waxy oily substance is actually bacteria excrement. iron reducing bacteria and it comes right out of the seep and blooms with the addition of oxygen.

        • I find it in boggy areas that have organic debris that had silt cover it.
          Tons of iron in the siltstone there.
          Old uplifted inland sea.

          • these bugs need carbon and oxygen to proliferate. the 2 seeps on my property that have it could be associated with buried timber waste and silt fill on top. the creek that comes from an adjacent property onto my has it bad like in the bust photo and also starts at a seep that could have fill and wood waste also. sounds like a solid theory.

            • I wonder if it needs sunlight too because I can’t remember that in other than bright sun, usually puddles on logging roads . Never in deep wood shade.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    Four days in a row. Awesome. I’ll bet those criminals are starting to pay attention now.

  • Looks like a great place to set up a donut shop.

  • I bet those criminals are loving those prices too,[edit]

  • An I bet those legal guys have nothing bar coded ready to sell so the legal shops are stuck with nothing on the shelves

  • What a great system !!!!

  • After seeing previous photos any one living like animals and polluting our environment I applaud these Raids.we all live downriver.
    Way to Go Fish and Wildlife .

  • I wish they would come further into Willow Creek.

    • Yeah it’s true you don’t have to go way out in the hills to find huge grows. Look behind any big fence in town.

  • keep up the good work johnny law! those dirtbags polluting the environment!

  • I bet all the illegal growers out there are shitting bricks. I love it.

    • Actually, I knew one that’s would say, “Hooray, good for us later! Its gonna be a good year!”

    • So they are making a few busts again, they used to do that in the nineties, no big deal

      • A drop in a VERY Large bucket basically!!!

      • The corporate overlords have decreed that the price must go up! The Corporate Sell-Out Market (ie. the “legal market”) looks unattractive when The Traditional Market is half the price or lower. Must get those prices up! Then we can “legalize” nationwide and destroy all smaller permitted operations! That is the strategy. It will take a few years or….more? It’s going to be a good ride for traditional smaller growers as prices increase nationwide. Stop accepting lowball offers from the brokers, everybody! They will be put back in their place soon, maybe even this fall. Let’s see a real Track n Trace program enacted and feel that very nice bump next year! Trinity and Mendocino are finally getting their share as the Humboldt beast grows are beaten back down. Good!

        • Actually, the rest of the country will just produce more. If you haven’t noticed, legalization is happening everywhere. Oklahoma just passed one of the most liberal medical marijuana laws in the nation and a recreational initiative will succeed on the ballot in that red state there before long. Other states are passing medical and recreational laws left and right. It’s not just a liberal state thing anymore. The demand for California weed in other states is going to go down.

          I live in a state on Interstate 40 and work here and in a neighboring state as a criminal defense attorney. I’ve handled so many “marijuana mule” cases over the past twenty years it’s not even funny and have several of those right now. Now it’s almost always weed from California or Colorado. It used to be mostly all Mexican brick weed. It’s good that it’s made in America now, but just like Mexican cartels have lost a huge chunk of their pot business, California is going to lose most of their illegal pot for export to other states business. The raids will do some damage, but production in other states east of you will do a whole lot more. I think our prosecutors are worried about it too because they make piles of money on asset forfeitures from the pot business. If the East Coast starts producing a whole lot more of what they consume there won’t be so many huge loads seized along with vehicles and cash and there won’t be all these huge payments made where people buy better deals with asset forfeitures and restitution with money they come up with after being busted and getting their 15 year prison offer or whatever. It will hurt my business too, but I have more business than I need anyway and hate what I see happening to people over weed. It ain’t legal in the Bible Belt red states people and yes if you get caught with a hundred or 250 lbs or whatever you are going to prison for a while. Eventually a 250 lb load will be nothing. There will be guys like Budweiser truck drivers moving tons legally, but it will be coming from big corporate pot producers, not small timers in the woods in Humboldt. Y’all better find another way to make a living, preferably a legal way.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Anyone “shitting bricks” at the sight or sound of authorities has chosen the wrong career. Real outlaws hold their composure in the presence of authority.

  • I like stars too!

    Grow clean, grow legal.



    • Agree 300% lol

    • You think just because it comes from a shop its not black market sorry buddy these people that own shops like to ride the gravey trail also i know all to well

      • The California Cannabis Track-and-Trace system and the quality testing is supposed to improve the product quality sold at legit shops and make sure that taxes are being paid every step of the way. There are plenty of illicit dispensaries operating all over the state but I expect the legal ones will put pressure on LE to shut them down.
        Do you think a legit dispensary is going to risk everything buying underground product to save a few bucks? Is it that difficult to bring an average grow in HumCo into compliance?

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Nancy, per your previous comments, why don’t you just up and VOLUNTEER to help cut down these scumbags, SOB’ and Law Breakers who doesn’t deserve any break or costs to the Public. They (if caught at the scene) should be jailed for a few days and then put on a boat to Iraq or Iran. They would be more than welcomed there I’m sure. They are not worth anything anyway if they are trying to kill our Kids. I would have a better solution, but, that’s another story.

  • A NO WIN scenario.
    BLACK: Those who are growing “illegally” (now there’s a novel concept – lol!) are getting increased enforcement by authorities who are emboldened by the ‘right and wrong’ as per the recent ‘legalization’, and the fees paid by……
    WHITE: Those who are trying to ‘do the right thing’, by coming ‘into the light’ and following the law. Yet they are being beaten down by regulatory agencies (sweet revenge, no doubt), by needing to disclose all about their farms, and the requirement to pay the never ending fees and taxation, which leads to (see ‘BLACK’ above)……..

  • The “Black market” – is brokering debt instruments -counterfeit currencies and “derivatives,” that cause unnecessary suffering. It’s so insurmountable — it serves to quash business and growth. Such as bid bonds, performance bonds, jail bonds, prison bonds, Federal (not) Reserve (there isn’t any) debt notes – in the “Legal'” Matrix.

  • Kym, is the headline from a press release or is it your headline? I only ask because I think it should read “alleged” illegal grows as I’m getting reports from folks that I personally know and they in fact have permit apps on file, some are the majority of the way through the process yet are being cut down. I can only think of it as if LE doesn’t have the best possible information and that it’s extremely easy to end up on the wrong property, even with APNs and maps it happens all the time or LE really just doesn’t care.

    I don’t really believe LE is putting a ton of effort into investigating ALL properties as to whether or not they’re complying and have permits on file. As well they feel that since they’re already all the way out there they might as well hit the neighbors etc. I mean what happens if they do hit someone that in fact has an app on file and is complying? Are they going to reimburse all the $ + projected profits and hard work that was put in? You yourself know how much hard work goes into properly maintaining a farm so what do you think?

    • No permit no plants that’s the rule from day # 1 no one gets special treatment

      • The government and its chiefs do not have the powers of the mythical Santa Claus.

        • What?!?! What mythical powers does it take to investigate paperwork that is or isn’t on file with the county/state? Are you implying that our state and local LE don’t know how to run an investigation? I could believe that

    • That is a fair criticism. It is my title and I changed it. If anyone in the permit process who was served a warrant would like to talk even anonymously, my email is

      • I’ll see but you catch my drift. Hell most articles read that people were allegedly in possession of heroin or methamphetamine so why not alleged illegal grows. If we’re going to give the benefit of doubt to LE, why not give it to some farmers as well. Thx Kym

    • Forget legal weed. I think everybody should just fire up their diesel generators. Or maybe the county could let everyone have a 1000 foot greenhouse without any permits, or inspections. As long as you’ve got adequate water storage of course.

    • All farms should post their permits on their driveways and around their growing areas, so it’s clear it’s legal, even if they end up on the property by mistakes, plus it’s a state requirement for farms to post their license.

  • You people who agree more than 100% :
    “Mine goes to 11.”
    “Why not make 10 louder?”

  • Permit Ap doesn’t count as permit in hand, for what we would call the government has setup ur so called “personally know” people

    • No an app is not a permit but you don’t have to have a permit as most don’t, you at least have to have an application for permit on file. The permit process takes time, you don’t just waltz in, throw money at them and bam you’re permitted so that’s why they’re not supposed to cut down folks that have applied. You have to give people a chance to comply, if not than what’s the point?

      • At this point, if any farm in Humboldt doesn’t have at least a temp. permit with the county, and state, it’s all considered illegal. The county permit alone is no longer enough. They will chop it even if a farm is “in the process”.

        • And that’s a wonderful way to get folks to comply, that’s like court ordered rehab which we’ve seen time and again work out amazingly for the addict. (Sarc)

  • Its funny that they backed all their trucks up in front of the Caltrans Berry Summit cam. I have it bookmarked but only check that cam in the winter when I’m headed over the pass.

    The corruption is ending
    Should be local BOS next

    • And the Oathless, Bondless pretend Sheriff. I wonder where the reporter’s brains are when they refer to Billy Honsel as Sheriff? Unconstitutional revenue generator would be more apt.

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