[UPDATE 8:50 a.m.] Vehicle Fire on Briceland Thorn Road

A vehicle caught on fire near the Hohstadt Garden Center on the Briceland Thorn Road at approximately 5:48 a.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Please be careful driving in the area. The vehicle is reported to be fully engulfed. According to Fire Engineering,

Although vehicle fires can be suppressed quickly, they can release hundreds of toxic chemicals into the air, which could cause short-and even long-term health effects over a firefighter’s career. Even after a fire is extinguished, the off-gassing of potentially harmful chemicals and particles may continue because of thermal decomposition. Some of the chemicals released from vehicle fires are likely to be different from those released during structural fires because vehicles contain materials such as rubber (belts, tires), petrochemicals (oil, gasoline), and acids (batteries).

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 6:19 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page indicates that this is an abandoned vehicle and may have possibly been stolen.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m.: According to Peter Lawsky Chief of Telegraph Ridge Fire, “Telegraph Ridge & Cal fire responded to the PU truck on fire at
Hohstadt’s gate on Huckleberry hill this morning at 5:58 AM…[The vehicle] was a complete loss, no spread to the wildland.”

vehicle fire

Firefighters clearing up after keeping the flames from spreading. [Crop of a photo provided by Telegraph Ridge Fire]

UPDATE 8:50 a.m.: Unfortunately, this vehicle has been identified as the one stolen yesterday from Redway. See here for more on the story: Have You Seen This CRZYGTR?



  • The wheels look a lot like Danielle and Casey Young’s truck that was stolen from Redway yesterday. I sure hope not!

  • well that sucks


  • Interesting that the quote from Fire Engineering is so full of health hazards, yet the Military has determined that burn pits pose no threat…

  • Is this that beautiful truck that was recently stolen?

  • that’s your/kc truck?? so sorry dani.. that just sucks. insurance cover it?

  • Yes it was Casey’s truck. Only liability, total loss. And the thing is, it doesn’t just affect us and our pocket books. This truck enabled my husband to get our friend that had a massive stroke to physical therapy once a week in Fortuna. Very sad. It’s worth a little more money monthly to get comprehensive insurance. Lesson learned.

  • “Caught on fire…” is a misrepresentation that suggests indeterminate cause. Arson is a crime committed by a person intentionally. Briceland road has long been a stage for the repeated inconsiderate, criminal abandonment and eventual torching of autos, trucks, RVs and trailers. There are some seriously mentally ill arsonists in So. Humboldt that are jeopardizing our forests and homes in this beautiful locale. That they have continued to repeat these acts, be the vehicles stolen, merely left due to mechanical failure, or worst of all intentionally dumped because of unwillingness to dispose of them responsibly, is a comment about the culture of this community. The lack of respect shown the law, other’s property, this land we are so briefly privileged to inhabit and our fellow beings is truly shameful. Why?

  • So that had to be a faults lead at Fort Bragg at Glass Beach right

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