Fortuna Jeweler Donates Clock Back to Its Old Trinidad Elementary School Home

The antique clock that used to call students to class at Trinidad

The antique clock that used to call students to class at Trinidad Elementary School. [Inset is the plans, etc. put together by Bartow’s Jewelers]

Last month, the folks at Bartow’s Jewelry which has been in business in Fortuna since 1894returned an old clock to Trinidad Elementary School.

“The clock is a master than ran the classroom bell system and was mechanical and electric from around 1948,” explained Trish Foster, Bartow’s manager. “The clock was gifted to us a few years ago. We found out…that the person who gifted it to us was a 41-year employee of Trinidad School named Billie Haggard.”

Foster said that she and Lisa Barrote, the owner, had always planned on donating the clock back to the Trinidad school and last month, the time was right.

“We have recently moved locations to the corner of 11th and Main Street in Fortuna,” she explained. “We had to move [the clock] anyway.”

The clock is currently not working but Foster and Barrote have offered to donate their expertise to fix the old ticker if the school would like them to. “Then they should be able to hook it up to the system,” Foster said.

Trinidad ELementary School

From Right to Left: Matt Malkus, Supt., Lou Koerner, Trustee, Jan West, Trustee & Clerk to the Board, Rose Adams, Trustee and Board President, Trish Foster, Manager of Bartow’s Jewelers, Jessica Eisner, Trustee, and Todd Dixon, Trustee.



  • I love old clocks but they are a PITA to keep clean and working. Maybe better to let it stand as an artifact than an instrument. Unless the staff has a clock aficionado.

  • Old vacuum tube unit probably pita doesn’t make clear the difficulty to maintain them.

  • love the community awareness that Bartow’s has….love them anyway, but this just reinforces my respect for them and their committment to our community..

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