77-Year-Old Driver of Semi That Overturned on 101 South of Leggett Received ‘Serious Injuries,’ According to CHP

Workers examine the overturned semi.

Workers examine the overturned semi. [Crop of a photo by Melissa Oglesby]

Press release from the CHP:

On July 10, 2018, at approximately 2:35 pm, a 2012 Peterbilt Tractor, being driven by Donald Lind of Fort Bragg, CA [age 77] was traveling northbound on US-101, north of Bell Springs Road within the #2 lane. A 2018 Mazda 6 sedan, driven by Victoria Justen of Grand Ronde, OR was traveling northbound on US-101, north of Bell Springs Road, within the #1 lane. For reasons still under investigation, the Peterbilt overturned while traveling through a curve in the roadway. As a result of the Peterbilt overturning, the cab of the Peterbilt collided into the rear of the Mazda. Due to the collision, a load of logs spilled across all lanes of US-101. US-101 was shut down intermittently for approximately 4 hours due to the recovery and clean up of the scene. Mr. Lind was airlifted from the scene with suspected serious injuries and transported to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA. This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol, Garberville Area.

The CHP would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance with this collision: California Department of Transportation, Leggett CAL-Fire, Leggett Volunteer Fire Department, Reach Air Ambulance and Laytonville ambulance as well as the many citizens who stopped at the scene and assisted emergency personnel.



  • Is that correct? 77 years old and driving big rigs!

    • if you pass the physical you can drive at any age above 18.his age will have nothing to do with this accident,this is sumthing only a youngster would say

      • #olderbutbetter

        Thank you Pat. Well put.

      • >”if you pass the physical you can drive at any age above 18.his age will have nothing to do with this accident,this is sumthing only a youngster would say”

        I’m not a youngster… and absolutely don’t agree with that.
        Unfortunately, age takes it’s toll. Both in reaction time, judgement,
        and possibly other ‘medical events’.
        California/National law is wildly ‘politically correct’.

        Maybe we should let airline pilots fly till 80 years old… or 90 ????
        Yeah, why not !!!!

        • Sorry bozo-
          Maybe we should let kids drive at 16? Insane, no? Maybe we should let everyone drive with their cell phones?

          What groups cause the most fatalities?

          I’ll stick with experience and age any day.

      • I’m 68 and in good health. I’m not stupid enough to believe that my reactions and physical ability is the same as it was when I was 20. Pushing a big rig at 77 is asking for it.

    • Obviously, he passed his physical and was in good condition to be driving.
      Don’t judge someone just based on a number.
      Have you ever noticed how people drive around semis? I see it all the time. People cut them off, drive like maniacs to get around them. I’ve seen them attempt to run trucks off the road and worse. Just extremely unsafe driving and it happens ALL the time.
      Not saying that’s what happened here. We’ll have to see when the investigation is over. Numerous reasons it could have happened. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the reason.

    • Who the hell do you think taught the young drivers to drive ? It sure and the hell wasn’t a book or a video game !!

    • yeah.. too old to be driving big rigs. Scary!

    • Unfortunate that the economy doesn’t allow some folks to retire in a timely fashion.

  • No time for nonsense.

    I’m sure it is. The work force is very limited in younger people. Most of the 20 to 40 year olds in this county are inexperienced and used to making money growing pot. They haven’t had to get out and really work. They’ve been on their own schedules for their entire lives. Times are changing. In the mean time people that know how to log,drive truck etc. are getting old. My favorite line from a young farmer is I don’t get up before 9:00 and never will. If you want to eat you will!

    • There is a substantial shortage of truck drivers all over the country. Old men and women are driving trucks everywhere. Young people have developed a strange form of ageism. They blame us for all the ills of the country while not voting. The old mostly have had to work for a living their entire lives and for most of us, it’s the only way to make a living and maybe find decent medical insurance.

      • 25 year old trucker.

        #1, age isn’t a factor in truck wrecks, it’s inexperienced drivers behind the wheel, #2 the way people drive around trucks, is a huge factor in most truck wrecks. Im 25, I have my class A license. And the 4 years I have been driving, I see a lot of bad apples behind the wheel of trucks, I used to be one of them until I realized, “hey, maybe I should slow down”. I let the cars do what they want to do, but I won’t go over 60 mph. I have a Dashcam to record my drive and that has been very very useful. That’s besides the point. Speed was definitely a factor in this crash. That corner will get you if you’re not paying attention. Im not saying I’m the greatest driver in the county,but I’ve driven 101 enough to know, that road is not a road for people to be speeding In trucks. Everyone, drive safe. Please.

  • Gotta respect that man’s work ethic! Hope Mr Lind makes a speedy recovery.

  • What about the open container found in the truck??? Was he charged with a DUI???

  • Im thinking his load shifted

  • I like stars too!

    If the older workers stop working, all you kids would be hard up tomorrow!

    I would like to retire, but someone has to get the work out…

  • At no time is alcohol allowed in a commercial vehicle, open or not, Drivers can and have been cited for have listerine and nyquil in the truck, even in the sleeper, unless it is on a manifest (freight bill) it is prohibited. Just take a minute to read. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/title49/section/392.5
    Don’t let them kid you about safe in the sleeper, there is no residence rule. That will go where they want, and look where they want, besides this truck didn’t even have a sleeper.
    With the typical speculation on this site, the car may have done something, in front of him to cause it.
    If the load shifted it wasn’t’ tied down properly or he was going to fast. I hauled logs on a flatbed for several years 20 years ago when it was first started around here. So I do know what I’m talking about.
    As for age, he had a physical, probability annually, That is very stringent now days, and must of passed to have a valid license. Besides age is just a number, most of the old guys around today, can out work any of these young steering wheel holders out there. Not all, there are a few good young drivers, but some of them now days can’t even shift, or even know how, with automatic trannys.

    • thanks for the clarification

    • when i were a kid i ran off a logging road into a ditch,i tried to say what happened to get out of my rookie mistake,BUT there wasn’t an older driver there that didn’t know what really happened-lol.the experienced KNOW

    • CB, I would agree with you. The truck was almost at the re-entry from the rest stop and the Mazda’s rear bumper was on the side of the road. I suspect Mazda was re-entering highway without adequate check and truck tried to avoid collision by braking causing “fishtailing of load” which flipped the truck due to weight. Just speculating. There are near misses on 101 weekly especially north of Willits.

  • Good thing Dan is around to set us straight. !!!!

  • Haha all the old heads are getting defensive. Aside from the relative story. You baby boomers need to start taking responsibility for your actions, and stop passing it off on the next generation.

    • Old heads? Passing it off? What?

    • Bluehaired Hillbetty

      Youngster, I hope you take your own advice when your an oldster.

    • Grow up! Your day is coming! You smart ass young punks think you know everything. We all did! But when you do grow up, you will have a whole new outlook on age and capability’s. Young people today don’t know anything about work ethics or responsibility. When you are seventy seven, I hope you are still working. If not, you won’t survive. Social security isn’t enough to live on. That’s why Baby boomers are still working. Your day is coming!

  • This man was hauling old growth logs when your mama was still shitimg her pants i dont think his driving skills had not a thing to do with this crash

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