Three Search Warrants Served: Over 13,000 Plants Eradicated, etc.


All photos from the Humboldt County DEU.

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit:

On July 9, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and wardens with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) served three search warrants to investigate the illegal cultivation of marijuana in Northern Humboldt. The following agencies assisted in the service of the warrants: Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, California State Water Board, Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and Cal Fire.

Three parcels were investigated during the service of the warrants. The parcels did not possess nor were in the process of actively obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt.

At the first parcel, located off of Highway 299 in the Ruby Creek watershed, deputies and wardens located two green houses and multiple outdoor marijuana cultivation gardens. Deputies eradicated a total of 4,305 growing marijuana plants and 31 pounds of processed marijuana. Deputies also seized one firearm and one high capacity magazine.

At the second parcel, located off of United States Forest Service Route 1, deputies and wardens located nine green houses and multiple outdoor marijuana cultivation gardens. Deputies eradicated a total of 4,721 growing marijuana plants.

At the third parcel, also located off of United States Forest Service Route 1, deputies and wardens located five green houses and multiple outdoor marijuana cultivation gardens. Deputies eradicated a total of 4,476 growing marijuana plants.

Between the three parcels, assisting agencies found the following violations:
 Multiple water diversion violations (up to $8,000 per day fine)
 Multiple water pollution violations (up to $20,000 per day fine)
 Multiple discharge of motor oil into soil violations (up to $25,000 per day fine)
 Eight discharge of sediment into water violations (up to $20,000 per day fine)
 Improper disposal of garbage (up to $10,000 per day fine)
 Improper storage and removal of solid waste (up to $25,000 per day fine)
 Mismanagement of lead acid batteries (up to $25,000 per day fine)
 Multiple grading without a permit violations (up to $10,000 per day fine)
 Multiple building code violations (up to $10,000 per day fine)

No arrests were made during the service of the warrants. Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Anyone with information about these cases or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.Raided marijuana parcel Raided marijuana parcel marijuana, greenhouse, trash, HCSO, sheriff sacked plants Raided marijuana parcel Weapon Raided marijuana parcel Raided marijuana parcel Raided marijuana parcel marijuana greenhouse Raided marijuana parcel Greenhouse Raided marijuana parcel Greenhouse Raided marijuana parcel Water tanks smart pots Raided marijuana parcel generator Raided marijuana parcel

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  • Wonder what the odds are this is a Mexican grow. Any takers?

    • NO!!! Even if it is which is VERY questionable So F’ing what????

    • zero. they don’t drink bud light. and then there’s the American flag hanging. and the gun screams LDS. Mexicans don’t have little dick syndrome.

      • LDS? Maybe NRA but LDS? How does that compute?

        • big guns = little dick. if it was pink I would have to rethink it. and the bottle of scope?

          • You do realize that an AR-15 is a 22 caliber bullet, nowhere even close to being a “big gun”. [edit]

            • So it’s ok to say that someone who owns a gun and an American flag must have a small dick. But if I suggest someone should move to a socialist or communist country because they might like it better isn’t?

              • Insulting a fellow commenter specifically gets you edited. Insulting a category, while not my favorite comment, is allowed.

                • So, if I were to say that people who think other people that own American flag and guns have a small dick would be better off or happier in a socialist or communist country, that would be okay? I guess it’s all about the word games this day and age.. but you don’t seem to discern the difference. gun owners were being insulted by the comment from the other poster, I was simply suggesting they might be happier in a different country.

                • Yes, you could say that. I would hope you wouldn’t because in my opinion, it isn’t a very helpful comment though.

        • Prefer LSD.

      • The Mormon Church is growing in Humboldt?

      • It takes all kinds

        You do realize that LDS is an actual organization? Latter Day Saints, aka Mormons.
        It’s not actually an acronym for little dick syndrome.
        And I feel like that gun, being the only one found on property was a good choice for all occasions, riff raff, animals, robbery etc.
        I feel like their dick might be a normal size. Pure speculation though. I don’t own guns so, I’m a dummy when judging a dick by their gun size.

      • I would say most Mexicans that come here legally or have been here for multiple generation (American Mexicans) actually have more pride and respect for the United States than most United States citizens do, because they know the hell hole they escape from and they appreciate the freedoms afforded in America to its citizens.

    • I say it was panamanian bro

    • Mark Edward Bybee

      Criminal alien Mexican border jumpers with Bulgarian/ Mong workers lorded over by white privileged hippies raised on government cheese & food stamps .

  • What a waste!!! Why can’t they donate it to a Medical Cannabis distributor instead of destroying it all???!!! That seems like a hell of lot better usage for it than being wasted!!!


      There’s no track and trace codes on jt,plus it needs tested.

    • Those Mexicans/Hmong spray there weed with every fungicide and pesticide available! Not medical marijuana. No way would it pass any tests to be consumed

    • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

      But Dan, it’s ILLEGAL pot!

      Legal weed is not grown like this, and it has to be tested…

    • Flood the market

      Yeah I can see the growers…both legal and illegal…wanting all that being put into a market they are already wining about being too low. And the dispensaries would be turning in growers to get their product for free. It is all about the money. The growers and dispensaries are just as bad as any big pharmaceutical company, they really don’t care about your health, just the cash.

    • if they were growing illegally, who knows what chemicals were being used on it- making it not good for medical use.

      • Hahaha, I see you’ve already bought into the propaganda. If you haven’t paid a lot of money to the appropriate city and county and state
        then your weed must be bad,
        Vilifying the people who started it all,
        Growing organically with love and care,
        Go to a store nowadays,more then half the products are overpriced chemical junk,

    • wait.. you think they CARE ??? it’s about the $$$ boss. always. all ways.

    • You’re right, they should do that with all the illegal heroin, methamphetamines and cocaine that they confiscate. After all, those are all drugs used in the medical profession as well..


    With all the grow-supply stores booming,it seems the cops could make some good money re-selling the pots and hoops. I bet Bigfoot thrift would take care of that for them.
    Or let permit holders pillage the non-permit sites….

  • Evil law enforcement monsters, how dare they,these people are making medicine for the sick, they are green fingered angels!

  • We’ve reached a final conclusion on Item 9. Illegal!!!

  • One down.
    How many more?

    • 35 new abatement notices in the Times Standard too. Way more people are being busted this year than ever before. Sure, most of them are civil, not criminal, actions but they’re still going to be effective.

      • effective in what? Code Enforcement will collect a bunch of money, get sued, and the department head will flea to Florida to avoid civil suits just like in 2005. meanwhile this property will not change, except become vacant. that old yarder tells the tale of that property, most likely haz-mats from draining equipment fluids right onto the ground like every other landing on timber property. we need to focus on the upcoming zombie apocalypse, the cannabis industry will weed itself out.

      • Especially when they’re potentially looking at over $150,000 a day in finds, and all the county has to do is review some Google Earth pictures and send out a letter.

  • Love it, keep it coming. All summer long, bust the mega illegal grows, run these frickin low life, environment destroying, punk, thugs out of here!!

  • That evil gun probably planned all of it, the hi cap mag probably did all the work.

  • That Wilson Combat would feel a lot more at home with me.I hope the real owner that got it ripped off gets it back.

  • Once again the state has screwed up what could be a good thing. New testing requirements are so ridiculous and expensive that the small farmer, who is also most likely a consumer, can’t afford to grow even a little quality, organic weed commercially. Big grows are all about profitability, whether they are legal or not. For some reason the state would rather tax a limited number of huge corporate grows than expand their tax base to thousands of small operations…..So this what you get,Go Big…or Go Home.
    Maybe the county will get some property out of the deal but most likely it will go back to the owner that is selling/leasing it for a nice chunk of change. If Ca can’t screw up a wet dream, no one can

    • The regulators benefit from a system that results in a small number of producers. Would you rather try to herd 10 cats or 10,000? As a group, pot farmers aren’t likely to be easy to regulate. Most are outlaws by nature and have gotten used to answering only to themselves.

  • Weeds prices are going to level of this year when every one harvest in a few months I belive after this years harvest prices should stabilize

    • I agree that cannabis prices will level . But property values in humboldt are going to be ruined, even the property of the anti growers and law enforcement . Not smartest bunch . Humboldt made a big mistake with the letters and eradication efforts .

      • How is lower property values going to hurt anyone but the asshole greenrushers that inflated the prices in the first place. Now maybe our local kids will be able have a little piece of the American dream.

        • Huh maybe if you want to sell it and not take a loss on what you purchased even if your not a green rusher. You probably don’t own anything . And there won’t be jobs for people’s children’s with no economy. Open your mind and dont hate on people that are just trying to get ahead like you and everyone else some people’s balls are just bigger than others . And also there really not that high of prices for property compared to other places just maybe people should try and be more productive and more clever to make more money green rusher or not . The word green rusher is just a term that is used for someone who is looking to make money in another place with a lucrative money making market that’s how America was formed . And to have 666 on your name is trying to scare people or show an image of threat but we ain’t scared of you .

        • It’s going to hurt every property owner that owns property there property won’t be worth anything and they own it so a loss of hundreds of thousands for most so uh ya .

    • Speculation plays huge in all markets even this one . Your exactly right that the year after the scare of legalization taking place that the value is going to go up. Price per pound will stabilize and slightly rise on the black market . Weird saying black market when it’s supposedly legal , I should say government controlled taxed market . The legal market prices will stabilize and go down slightly. Within two years all small legal grows will be unable to compete with corporations including anyone growing under one acre and then the prices will go back up after being controlled by a few huge corporation type grows as after that they will buy up all the dispensaries and control the market . Remember these words you will see these words play out exactly.

  • lol @ some of these greenhouses

  • Shaking my head

    With every bust and letter your property values go down . The economy will crash and all funding for anything will disappear especially for the law enforcement and politicians that are heading all this .Countys are allowing 40 acres grows . This will be a ghost county that once had its boom but was ruined by its own population and politicians and law enforcement and ignorant idiots . So as all the pro eradication idiots praising them , there own property values are diminishing. So when your property value is worth nothing next year you know who to blame .

  • I love the pictures of the small piles of trash that are in every photo purposefully to make the eradication efforts look like there of value . Take all that trash in every grow so far posted this year and multiply it by ten and you’ll have the same amount of trash that’s in the front yard of one house of in covelo on reservation . There’s tons of front yards that have more trash than that in every neighborhood in any of emerald triangle town there is . Total waste of money . There averaging less than one gun per bust . There’s more oil in people’s driveway than on the ground at these places . They should be embarrassed. They got greedy with there fines see where they and all there supporters end up . They will end up with property that’s worth nothing and no economy and no paychecks . Good job real smart.

  • Talk about coal farmers losing their jobs. With Ca.’s new rules for legal grows going to a few big farms there will be a lot more small farmers who don’t have a livelyhood anymore.

  • Is that GT3 in the picture? I’d be surprised if very people know what that is

  • what road is “United States Forest Service Route 1” I think we have bunch of 1 or 01 roads in the Forest.

    • It’s the old route 1, that titlo hill road turns into goes all the way to the 36 near lower mad river road and is paved the whole way.

  • Keep in mind it’s mid July, these guys are barely trying.

  • This is very confusing. First they went in with a warrant with everyone with a title except C H P. Then they post all the fines per day, and then no arrests. NOW they want peeps with any information to contact the good ol well informed law enforcement. Does anybody ever look around and really see how many depots that are in view from any road in the north state? Is there any talking end of the horse or are people really that stupid?

  • I cannot believe the amount of garbage pictured, that looks like a hole picup truck load. And that Honda eu7000, well everybody knows how much diesel fuel they chug and how much oil they use, lol. Definitely worth the potential 150,000+ a day in fines. Pay attention people, the county has found a new milk cow. It won’t be long before these fines are starting to get levied against people not growing anyting. Remember the huge code enforcement debacle about 8 years ago?

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