Large Fifth Wheel Trailer Stolen From Myers Flat–Contains Family Photos, Grandma’s Ashes, etc.

This large fifth wheel trailer was stolen from Myers Flat two days ago. It is a 39-foot Sandpiper toy hauler. It has Sandpiper across the back and an Arizona license plate number of Y35389.

The owner explained, “There is irreplaceable stuff in my trailer and my grandmother’s ashes…she just passed and my dad that passed, all my photos, all my kids’ clothes, all my clothes…I need to find my trailer.”

If you have any information, please contact the Garberville California Highway Patrol at (707) 923-2155.

Note: In an earlier version the trailer was misidentified as a motorhome.



  • Motorhome? Looks like a fifth wheel trailer (toy hauler) to me… Motorhome, by definition, requires a motor. Lol

  • The thieves are getting braver, first a pickup truck & now a trailer to tow with it, are they going somewhere??? We can only hope!!!

    • You stole it you fucking nut job get real. Your a joke. Who does that? I mean not like you dont make your crazy ass look crazy enough you have to bring down everyone who ever gave a f&$% about you into your lying,steeling,cheating,lame ass ways. Your lucky I am not who I was once upon I time. People choose there own battles and your is about to end I think. Thank God cause they need a break and you need the time more then anyone there.

  • Serious question: Is there a way to prevent that from happening? Do people lock a wheel like cyclists or something?

    • They make locks for them that go on the hitch.

      • I didn’t know
        Now I do obviously

      • once upon a time a buddy and i dragged a boat to a cabin at a lake. we unhooked the boat trailer from the truck to go into town and placed a lock on the hitch. it was a serious lock with a 3/8″ stainless bar that covers the spot where the ball hitch connects.

        my bud flaked out and lost the key. so there we were at the lake, tackle and bait at the ready and we can’t put the darn boat on the hitch to set her in the water. asked around and folks suggested we call a local mechanic. dude shows up in minutes, pulls out a little grinder with a diamond disk and ziiiiiiiiiiip, cuts through the lock in less than a minute.

        moral of the story. those $50 hitch locks will just slow down a determined thief with the right tools. we never did find the darn key.

        i hope Brandie gets her stuff back and the thieves get what they deserve.

    • Lock the hitch. Pull a couple of tires & lock inside. Don’t leave it in a sketchy tweaker town unattended. Etc.

  • Bummer. There is no doubt where that rig is going. A remote grow operation. Good luck on that.

  • Anything helps at this point I’m Just still in shock cause as of now I don’t have my home all my kids clothes and our shoes and baby books and stuff I can’t replace my gram ashes in it to
    It’s like no one seen anything as big as it is u would think someone seen something it was there between 5-6 pm by time I got there by 8 from eureka food shopping pulled up and it was gone I keep thinking it’s a bad dream but I just hope to god I can locate it I thank everyone u dearly for keeping ur eye out for me god bless u all and thank u me my babies muchly appreciate it ❤️💔💋

  • Time to spend a few dollars on a tracker. Small ,easy to hide. Batteries last three months. Even small enough to place on your dog’s collar.

  • Brandie, do you need some money for kids’ clothes and books? I don’t do gofundme requests, but if you have an acct at a local bank, I could put some money in there. Not sure how to validate it’s you, but we could figure it out.
    Your grandmother’s ashes stolen. .. that’s horrible and, of course, irreplaceable

  • I do imagine it’s going to some far off-road location, turning off the highway pretty close to where it began. Nobody would tool very far down the freeway towing a big obvious stolen camper.

    It is likely there is at least one person with a heart around the scene. Now to make it easy for them to bring the personal stuff to a drop-off spot where they won’t be seen. Really, they want the trailer, not your grandmother’s ashes. They won’t bring it to a spot you pre-arrange for fear of being video’d or walking into a trap.

    But maybe you could put up posters (both paper and online, like here) inviting the robbers to please put all the personal stuff in boxes or bags, drop off somewhere safe, THEN contact you anonymously to tell you where to go get it. Some nice trimmer lady or someone with a strong belief in karma might just do it.
    It still rots having the trailer gone… is there insurance for that? But maybe you can retrieve your personal stuff. Good luck.

  • What is interesting is they needed to have a special 5th wheel hitch on a pick-up to attach it to and drive it. While they are certainly around, they aren’t super common. Only someone with a 5th wheel now or in the past would have one. Or someone bent on stealing 5th wheels. In other words, we’re looking for someone with a pick-up with a 5th wheel hitch bolted into it. (Yes, they can take it out after the deed, but still…)

    • Not always. I’ve see a 5th wheel hitched to a regular undercarriage hitch by using a hitch extender to go from the bumper to the trailer and a hitch king pin connector. Scary as heck but I’ve seen people go down the road like that.

  • I like stars too!

    Got insurance? E.T. call yr agent…

  • Or was it the finance company?

  • Yes because in your world everythimg has to be related to pot.
    Just fyi people steal all kinds of things everywhere in the world including here that have nothing to do with pot.
    Id bet itll be used for meth or heroin lab walter white style more than going to a grow. Dontcha know that mexi cartels are growing poppies instead of pot these dayz.
    Grows with money buy their own and grows without money are tent city’s. Its too big of a vehicle to hide well and what growers want to attract more police attention by having stolen vehicles at their grow? (Besides the bulgarians years ago out by ettersburg who had a barn converted into an auto chop shop)

  • There is a gofundme at the title is Mother Of 2 Needs Help Lost Our Home by Brandie Mcgraw under Emergencies in Fortuna, CA

    • Yeah that’s me really I unfortunate my luck got worse I had failure appear spent
      Few hours Jail but am
      Out now all for
      Driving on suspended doesn’t make
      Bad perosn or criminal and yeah I do have a go
      Fund me

  • This is the same brandie…..lmfao

    • Yeah that’s me really I unfortunate my luck got worse I had failure appear spent
      Few hours Jail but am
      Out now all for
      Driving on suspended doesn’t make
      Bad perosn or criminal and yeah I do have a go
      Fund me

      • This chic is a drug addict whore

        No not a bad person but you and Jesse got caught with meth and heroin and Jesse spent 4 months in jail….you are trash brandie

        • It’s hard to i mean I don’t understand how people can run there mouth hiding behind a fake name talking out there ass but I wouldn’t expect who ever it is to have enough balls to take responsibility

    • You set it all up [edit] I really can’t believe you actually are asking for money for this. I seriously hope people dont believe your garbage

  • Just for the record I had nothing to do with your trailer disappearing and you know it and leave it at that karma’s a real bitch and she always cautches up to you

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