Brother Dies in Hospital After Mendocino Shooting That Killed Father; Closed Southbound 101 for Hours


A CHP helicopter was parked on southbound Hwy 101 as of around 8:30 p.m

A CHP helicopter was parked on southbound Hwy 101 as officers investigated the shooting. [Photo provided by a reader]

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports that Miguel Ramirez who was allegedly shot by his brother has died. Miguel Ramirez and his father 51-year-old Calixto Ramirez were allegedly shot by Ubaldo Ramirez the brother of Miguel and the son of Calixto as all three were driving down the Willits Grade north of Redwood Valley in Mendocino County on July 2. Hwy 101 was closed for hours as an investigation was conducted.

The suspect allegedly fled the scene after shooting his father and brother and was later captured in the 77800 block of Hwy 162 in Covelo.

Miguel Ramirez was badly injured and medevacked to Sonoma. According to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office,

On 07-10-2018 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office coroner’s division was notified Miguel Ramirez had died in a Sonoma County area hospital.

Miguel Ramirez was transported to Mendocino County and a forensic autopsy has been scheduled for 07-10-2018…

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  • A very sad s(H)ituation indeed!!! RIP I hope!!!

  • Holy cow, it’s been two days and NO ONE has talked shit about the deceased or speculated about anything. It’s a Humboldt miracle!

    But in all seriousness, RIP to both people who passed.

  • Like I said before, they need to keep this shit in Mexico. We don’t need it here. Build the wall…

    • Your comment could be deleted again

    • you should watch the video of the asshole harassing the woman wearing the Puerto Rico tee shirt. The cop that wouldn’t intervene resigned today. the idiot was too stupid to even know what he was talking about, just like you.

      • Such is the result of media choosing to make a huge noise out of small issues. NBC and others report the story of the “racist” rant of the white man against a woman wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rico on it, suggesting he should be prosecuted for a hate crime. They repeated it say after day. Then of course, just a bit earlier, Fox and others reported about a teenager who had his hat taken of his head at fast food place and a drink thrown at him by an angry “racist” Hispanic man, who they suggest too should be charged with a hate crime. They reported on it day after day too.

        Why aren’t people, including the outraged individuals who created the stories, tired of being played by the media and angry partisans? Guess what? Jerks abound in all races (although Hispanic is not even a race despite it be treated as such in the media and apparently by the public these days because it plays better than discriminating because of national origin.) All this partisan lining up to spit venom at each other in the cause of very little is an exercise in self indulgence. To what lengths will these partisans have to go if they ever run across real evil, not just media whipped up froth, to be effective? Run around shooting each other?

        Being constantly on a hair trigger over petty human nastiness will mean that real evil that needs to be stopped early will be lost in the general spit fest because there is so little discretion in so many commenters and the public they represent. Every cherry picked incident becomes an opportunity to vent their own internal ugliness.

    • Ohh yeah ! Where are you going to send the ones that have done the shootings at schools,here in your country?

  • Keep what shit in Mexico? A concerned and loving father trying to talk his methed-out son into going to rehab?
    That shit?
    Find out the facts before you make such statements. Meth and its horrors knows no geographic boundaries.
    I wish to God a wall could keep it out – and off of our planet!!

  • Well a lot of meth does come from where a Wall is going to be built. And this is one of the exact reasons for putting up a fence is to help stop the flow of illegal narcotics into this country

    • [edit] You think [edit] Americans are blameless? They aren’t able to cook up some meth on the north side of a wall?

    • very sad, my heart goes out to the family.

      lay off the kool aid Willy. a fence will not stop the flow of illegal drugs into this country. if meth wasn’t coming from Mexico it would come from somewhere else or get cooked in your neighbor’s garage.most of the crap that comes from Mexico rolls right in via the legal crossing points. the laws of supply and demand will not change because of a wall.

  • Point taken, Willy. If the “shit’ under discussion is meth then yes, let’s keep it in Mexico or wherever. If the term was being used to describe the horror that took place in that truck on that highway, on that day, then no, it’s not an exclusively Mexican act. Unfortunately, such tragedies transcend all social and cultural boundaries.
    Throwing out Mexicans will not resolve the meth situation.
    As it happens, Calixto and his son Miguel were friends of mine, going back 20 years. They were good, kindly and honest men. It hurts to see them and their tragic deaths dismissed in such a way.

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