A Prayer Walk in Remembrance at the Two Year Anniversary of the Collision Which Killed Faith Tsarnas and Kiya Kitchen

Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas prayer walk posterOn Thursday, a prayer walk is planned in Fortuna for two young girls who died after being struck by a hit and run driver. Two years earlier, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas, both aged 14, went for a walk in Fortuna near Kiya’s home. About 9:15 p.m., they were struck and killed by a hit and run driver.

The vehicle, believed to be a Jeep, fled south. A witness arrived at the accident and called 911 very soon after the accident.

Faith Tsarnas died at the scene and Kiya Kitchen died after being flown to the Oakland Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The next day the suspect vehicle, a grey 2015 Jeep Wrangler, was found at the residence of one of the victim’s mothers not far from the scene of the crime. Eventually, Kiya’s mother, Marci Kitchen, was arrested for Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated.


Kiya Kitchen Faith Tsarnas poster

Poster announcing Thursday’s Prayer Walk.


The community has been traumatized by the two young girls’ deaths said the Secretary of the Hydesville Church, Kathi Meskill. She explained that in response Pastor Mike Delamarian came up with the idea of a prayer walk to remember the girls and to help the community.

“Faith’s parents, her mom and her stepdad, attended Hydesville Church,” Meskill said. “We had Faith’s memorial at the church…Kiya was a granddaughter of one of our church members. We are supporting the family of those who lost their loved ones.”

She added, “They have gone through a lot. Two years is a long time without closure…We have to reach out to God in times like these and come together as a whole.”

The Remembrance Prayer walk will start in three different places where members of the church will be waiting to lead those wishing to participate. Meskill explained, “We are doing it on the anniversary of [Faith and Kiya’s] passing….We are going to stop at other places along the way so we can pray over the city of Fortuna. …It is just to bring everyone together…When you pray, it gives people peace. ”

Each of the three routes will lead to a spot near where the girls were hit. “[We will] all get to the Park and Ride and do one whole big prayer for the families and the city,” she said. The idea, she explained, is ‘to pray over our city and bring to light that we need to pull together as a community.”

Meskill said that everyone is invited. “We texted and sent out flyers to other churches,” she explained. “I would hope that people who were close to the girls would show up. Some people don’t have closure.”

Everyone is urged to carpool as much as possible. Meskill suggests bringing two cars and dropping one off at the Park and Ride and taking one to the beginning of the walk.

“We really really want people to carpool,” she said.

Meskill says she hopes the Remembrance walk helps ease the pain for those who are hurting. “We are hoping as a community to heal some,” she said.

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  • Condolences to the families of the victims.

    I hope the DA starts doing everything possible to move the prosecution along and is pushing for the stiffest possible sentence.

    • I like stars, a good sentence would be her in the damn ground. The killer mom needs to stand trial now. It has gone on far too long to suite me. What the hell is wrong with our justice system?

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Is the mom ever going to court or will she continue to run free?

  • The “suspect” remains free on bail to do it all over again!!! How she can live with what she did is beyond my understanding!!!

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Stay safe, walkers. Lots of crazies out there who have no conscience or fear of punishment.

  • What a beautiful way to remember Faith and Kiya. May their families feel their warm embrace with every breath of wind that blows. I don’t live close enough, but will take a walk at that time and send my love and prayers for healing.

  • I’m betting she trues to go with Temp Insanity, she didn’t know what she was doing, which is obviously true until someone told her then it was all about try to cover it up!!!! Ask her son to ram the vehicle in question into the basketball hoop in the yard to try hide some of the damage to it from running over 2 innocent young women who should have had their WHOLE DAMNED LIVES AHEAD of them!!! Disgusting as the day is long!!!

  • 2 years is outrageous!!!

  • Marci is connected, that is apparent, holy sheet .

    • Karma like a loaded 🔫

      Connected like selling meth to a judge or DA?
      Or cleaning their noodles?
      Connected how?
      How is this junky connected?

  • Doesn’t say where walk will start or what time?? Any idea?

  • Marci was allowed to spend all her bank accounts on trips to other countries. Now she uses a court appointed (taxpayer paid for) lawyer…its been 2 years and she still walks free..justice will never be served and no one will ever have closure until she is tried in court and sentenced by a jury…

    • No matter what sentence Marci receives, it will not bring the young women back. It is the unfortunate reality for all heinous crimes. No one wins!

      As far as this case going to trial, when you have enough money you can string the Court along for quite awhile with requested continuances. Her original lawyers were smart. She had the money to buy the best HIRED GUNS to keep her out of jail, as well as the fact she had the money to bond out of jail.

      Now her “Bank” money is gone she gets appointed representation. That is how our American Judicial System works.

      Unfortunately per all the comments I have read regarding this case, is how little the average person understands how law works. Educate yourself, people, you never know when knowledge of how law works will help you or someone you know in the future.

  • Please leave ‘her’ out of it and let this show of respect play out for Faith and Kiya.
    I will be there.

  • Praying for peace for everyone.

  • Two years. No jail. No remorse. Corruption and favoritism in the face of two murdered girls with their whole lives ahead of them. The DA is as guilty as the mom

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    So, so sad!!! And, Unacceptable that justice is still pending for miss Marci.

  • Hmm…It was a “collision”? Odd choice of words to describe what happened.

    • Really? The definition of collision is “an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another.”

      • I get that the emphasis is on the fleeting lives of these two young women. We don’t want to bring Marci into it but…it’s pretty hard to ignore. I have never seen “collision” used in a situation like this- where a moving car ran people over. Very neutral term for what happened but perhaps that’s what you’re trying to do. Tough situation. Thanks for posting the announcement, Kym. People are bitter about the lack of legal action. Let’s hope we can all take a moment to pray for and remember the girls, without the frustration. Love you, Kym! Keep doing your thing!

  • This is about the girls not marci. I will pray for there families and refrain my thoughts on marci

  • I have been following this since day one.. I have been angry, outraged, pissed off.. The one thing that comes to mind is… no matter the justice system, no matter the money Marci has gone through,…. no matter what happens.. she will wake up one day and live with what she did for the rest of her life.. she will be harder on herself than anyone else, any justice system, jail time.. no matter what..she will never be free from her actions.. yes I believe she should be held accountable… She was selfish.. thinking only of herself.. that party is over … she will never walk with her head held up.. she will be who she is.. but when she lays her head down at night..she will forever be in prison for her selfish actions..

  • Oh fortuna will be blessed by this. I appreciate the intent of this walk and give a hearty amen.

  • No one ever answered my question in two years:

    Why were these girls skateboarding in the street??

  • whokilledourdaddy

    the D.A.’s office has Many so-called “unsolved” murders
    where the Murderer is known
    and for whatever lame reason
    they can’t figure out how to arrest them ,
    much less Prosecute them…
    the buck stop’s at the D.A.’s office.

  • I hope the prayers for these deceased children include a plea for justice.

  • Every day I see Justice for Josia,who was more than likely stab by his own cronies? Where justice for these girls?
    Should have a prayer walk at courthouse.

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