Humboldt County DA’s Office Seeks Public’s Help Locating Two Women With Warrants

This is a press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The District Attorney’s Office seeks the public’s assistance with the apprehension of the below listed subjects with outstanding warrants.  If you have information regarding their whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Sandra Marie Meyer (Age 54) – Outstanding warrant for Vehicular Manslaughter.

Meyer Driver’s License Photograph

Meyer Driver’s License Photograph

Meyer Booking Photo May 2018

Meyer Booking Photograph May 2018

Kaitlin Alexis Tavaras (Age 23) – Multiple warrants for theft, possession of controlled substances, and possession of stolen property.

Tavares Driver’s License Photograph

Tavares Driver’s License Photograph

Tavares Booking Photograph May 2018

Tavares Booking Photograph May 2018



  • Omg the faces of controlled substances…..

  • Aren’t drugs great! Tired of getting I’d all the time to buy a lighter? You too can look 80 when you’re 20 just do some drugs.

  • Just the two women and no others with a warrant? Here’s another with an active warrant for failure to appear last week on (more than) the exact same charges, but also with regular and escalating exacerbating violent felonious attacks on a friend of mine. Often seen cruising Trinidad/Westhaven areas in plain view, thumbing to her next score between violating her restraining order. If you see her, discreetly call the Sheriff and wait until they come so you can monitor her position until they arrive to take her to jail. If they refuse to come get her, log it down on “Humboldt Thieves” in Facebook. Our community needs to know that our Sheriff’s department is playing favorites with dangerous criminals with warrants out for their arrest. &

  • seen the young one arrest pic on fortuna PD site before
    maybe the DA should include what areas they been known to frequent

  • Here’s another gal with an active warrant for failure to appear last week. She has the same charges (only more of them) than the #2 gal above. She also has a pattern of escalating brutal attacks on a friend of mine. Known to frequent the Trinidad/ Westhaven areas thumbing down roads day and night to her next score. Discreetly call 911 and keep her in eyeshot until they arrive. If the Sheriff refuses to come and pick her up, log down when you called and what they said on Facebook’s Humboldt Thieves. We need to report when our law enforcement plays favorites. &

    Last time she failed to appear on May 14th, officers caught up with her (easily, she’s not hard to find and they know it and where she hangs) & issued her a “courtesy citation” so she didn’t have that nasty bench warrant hampering her constant string of burglaries in our area to support her drug habit. And she managed to squeeze in another assault on my friend just after that courtesy citation. She missed court July 2 and probably by now has another courtesy citation to allow her free reign of terror. “Emboldened” is an understatement with this wiley, slick and violent junkie. But for some reason I don’t see her picture up above in this or the article at Loco. Odd?

    • Zookeeper,
      they should be punished,
      why don’t they get punished.

    • Gave this woman a ride from about Luffenholtz to the casino. She was standing in the middle of the road looking confused so I stopped to see what was up. Let her ride in the back of the pickup- wasn’t gonna move my dog for such a short ride. She looked thin and I felt bad when I let her out- like maybe she was mentally unstable and I could help but then there are so many drug addicts around now that I am concerned about being too open and friendly…and that reality made me sad. I don’t want to blow off a mentally confused person who may need help. I hate what junkies and thieves have done to our community. They have made me shut my boundaries down very close, like living in the city.

  • the city has moved up and in here for good it seems,sad situation of affairs

  • Just curious what makes these women so damn special as opposed to countless others with warrants for much worse or even the same thing

  • Just curious what makes these women so special as opposed to countless others with warrants for much worse or even the same thing

    • Ms. Meyer was in such a hurry to cross the Southbound lane of Broadway turning into Victoria Place by Carl’s Jr. she hit and killed my friend John who was disabled and riding home in his electric scooter, on the sidewalk, with a florescent safety flag on it. She was driving with a revoked drivers license and no insurance. She was not drug tested or given a sobriety test to the best of my knowledge and allowed to drive off. The family was faced with not only the loss of their loved one, but faced with the thousands in costs and time making arrangements to put John to rest. It then took time and effort on behalf of the family and friends to bring a little accountability to Ms. Meyer, by insisting that she be prosecuted, so that it may at least appear on her record, and perhaps save another poor soul from the same fate in the future. She apparently did not appear to her sentencing hearing. Thanks to the DA’s office for following up on this case. John was killed almost one year ago. RIP John!

      • El Cid,

        How did you get the D.A. to hold her accountable?

        And why don’t they just go get her at her place of residence for failure to appear.

        Condolences to you.

        • Thank’s Al,
          Arranged a meeting with the DA and the family. With all the car vs pedestrian deaths in Humboldt Co, there needs to be some accountability and awareness, or these lives are lost for nothing. It appears the family’s pleas were heard.

          • File personal injury suit against her.. oh wait, no insurance, no assets… and it appears no justice without harranging the sheriff. So sorry.

      • I remember that incident well. The scooter was stuck under the front end of her s.u.v. thing and did not come out easily. I hate to dredge up bad memories, but there have been no less than 15 accidents at that same driveway in the year that followed his death. I work right there (not at CJs thank heaven) and see all the aftermath. Sometimes even hear there crunch. After her chat with the cops, she sat on her tailgait for an hour and seemed pretty shook up. El Cid, I’m just stating what I saw and by no means am trying to justify her nor make light of John’s case. It is good to finally hear more from friends and family since the woman’s details never made it to the news. RIP.

  • In a hurry to get into Carl’s Jr. eh?! I heard just order ice, no water at the drive through…. you will get a nice little surprise package

  • Cat is a no good junkie thief heroin addict her and her boyfriend Louie they will scam you with a oh feel sry for me story then rob u I see her all the time in fortuna I hope they put her under the jail but at the end of the day I believe they really want her because she was in the car when that guy got his head smashed trying to change a flat she probably went in his pockets before she called for help

  • waste of time money resources and maybe a pinch of talent.

    go close some open rape cases, some of the home invasions collecting dust at the precinct.

    you make a mockery of the job. chasing 25 yr old female junkies…. and asking for our help!!

    Cheap stats for DEA grants. I see you.

    Hey, I’ve a ton of paperwork to do maybe you can do some of my work for me.

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