Delays on Bell Springs Road July 12

construction ahead signHeads up, folks who drive the Bell Springs Road.
According to Brett Van Meter, owner of Van Meter Construction, there will be delays on the road at mile marker 17.7 on July 12. A culvert is being replaced.
He said, “The delays will be between 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m. Delays will be as long as one hour.”
Please let your neighbors know.


  • There will also be delays at the south end of Bell Springs Rd on the 11th and 12th due to Dust Off application.

  • There will probably also be delays when the road crews wheel falls off on the way there, on one of the potholes as numerous as star in the milky way.

    • Lol right? they need to repave the whole road instead of the sloppy fill 3 holes and leave treatment that happens every few months if we’re lucky. Wonder how much tax money the county has collected from residents up AP and bell springs rd the past few years🤔

      • Right, ours was so bad we were going to fix it ourselves but we were told we could/would be sued, when we asked why they won’t fix it they said they wouldn’t get the money next time 😳 was like wtf? So basically they get paid every year or month or whatever if the roads fucked up and if they fix it they don’t, don’t get me wrong I’m appreciative they have been working on SOME the main rd but that’s ridiculous!

        • The county road crews need some level of accountability, and not to have their budgets increase because they neglected to do their job the year before, or in this case years. And when they do actually grade the road they know they are doing it wrong, just a band aid instead of taking the time to fix it. Because if it’s worse shape the next year they get more money

          • One time I asked how much money our local crews have per mile to maintain the roads. I don’t remember the exact answer and it was a couple of years ago but I was shocked. I don’t know how they manage to keep the roads open let alone even attempt to fix potholes.

            • In truth I’ve seen county workers filling in pot holes by rushing shovelfulls of cold patch between driving cars. I don’t think it’s the general run of county maintenance people as much as it’s awful priorities of the board of supervisors and the State. They would rather spend on a bunch on dubious high profile , feel good progams than do the unglamorous maintenance work, each hoping that some higher level of government will give them some grant money if it becomes bad enough.

              • It’s is impressive that they keep the roads open, they have mastered the technique of putting up stop signs and waiting for it to rain again.

  • I like stars too!

    Bell Springs Road is categorized as a delay. Period.

    If you need to drive on this cow-path, you will be late.

    Bell Springs cow-path is not even a road, as I understand it. It is an adventure, and, an education. It is not a place to drive…

    Tourists are warned to steer clear of this part of Humboldt. Nothing to see East of Garberville!

  • Bellsprings rd is a mess, Shelter Cove Rd. is great. Thats cause tourist go their, county says Fuck the locals. They don’t care, just take our tax dollars.

    • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

      Actually, tourists, everywhere west of Garberville is pretty fucked-up too…
      Including Garberville!

      Best to stick to the State Parks, and Oregon…

      Humboldt is scary, on a good day…

  • Workin for a livin

    The county road crews are mostly a bunch of hard working guys & gals. Instead of b!tching about the job they do and the delays it causes you, maybe slow down and be courteous. These ppl are treated like hell when they’re out in ALL weather doing the best they can with what they’re given to work with trying to maintain roads for YOU.

    • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

      Same for the folks working in the hospitals!

    • Trying would imply effort, they don’t do it for me, they do it for a paycheck because I pay taxes, it’s not charity work. I’m sorry that I think somebody should actually do the job they are paid to do.

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