[UPDATE 9:39 a.m.] Convoy Headed East on 299

Berry Summit Vista Point Convoy

Law enforcement heading east on 299 this morning. [From Caltrans QuickMap’s traffic cam]

This morning about 6:30 a.m. a convoy of law enforcement began gathering at Vista Point on Berry Summit out Hwy 299. A reader reported seeing Sheriff vehicles and US Forest Service vehicles as well as a chipper parked there. [From later information, we believe these were Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles.] He described seeing over 10 vehicles which fits with the number of vehicles seen in these shots from Caltrans Traffic Cams.

Berry Summit Vista Point Convoy

An enlarged version of the photo above.

The vehicles are seen heading east on 299 at 7:30 a.m. With the chipper present, the convoy is most likely headed to a marijuana grow.

We’ve requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Berry Summit Vista Point Convoy

Early birds from the convoy wait for the rest to arrive. [Image from Caltrans Traffic Cam]

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:39 a.m.: This is a Department of Fish and Wildlife convoy. See earlier story about the difficulty in obtaining information on actions headed by Fish and Wildlife.



  • Stop giving the pot growers an early warning that the police are coming. Report after the fact.

    • Public road, public information dude. And report what, dipstick? LE doesn’t always provide details.

      • inn cog neat oh

        Right on! Not exactly how the lone ranger and tonto would try and sneak up on a camp full of bad guys. You have no right to privacy in public. Even less of an expectation when you are queuing up under a highway surveillance camera ffs. If you want to be incognito, then you gotta be incognito.

        They may actually prefer that the suspects be gone when they arrive so they can rob the place blind without any witnesses. In a weird way ‘leaking’ public information may help them cops get new corvettes.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          They not only prefer the suspects to be gone, some officers actually get pissed if they have to deal with a “suspect” that stayed. Someone I know chose not to run into the woods when the convoy busted through the gate and all the “eradication” guys were mad about having to do everything that is the process of arresting him. One asked him “Why the fuck didn’t you run and hide like everyone else does? “ It was years ago and things have changed since then but cops are still cops.

      • Buzz, just “Buzz” off. You damn well know where the law is going.

    • What is to report “after the fact” if no facts are coming in?

      As Kym mentioned, the Fish &Wildlife Dept is no longer informing the public of their actions.

      You can look at it like:

      Kym has just alerted you that tax dollars are working or;
      Assets are being taken from someone and integrated into the pockets of police or;
      As the only report of a multi-agency action in your community regarding pot plant killing and heavy fines.

    • They aren’t sneaking up on anyone, nor do they want to. It’s easier for everyone if no one is there when they arrive for a bust.

    • RE: ROLO It’s called Journalism & factual information but, informing ppl of this is not stopping any jurisdiction or adjudification by law enforcement at all. As-if everyone in the hills has wi-fi, internet access or cell reception & constantly staying update with the news. A large percentage of the ppl targeted are intentionally caught by surprise & investigated/watched to build a case prior to a bust… as you see in the news & law enforcement explained in great detail on KMUD.

    • What are the growers going to do, hide their operations and make it look like “who, me?” Get a grip Rolo. Thank you Kym.

    • The timing of information you seek would come from a reporter. There are no reporters at Redheaded Blackbelt; Kym and her team are JOURNALISTS. Reporters say what their sponsors want them to say, and journalists serve the community they live in. This community happens to like pot. The logging industry is dead. The gold has been mined. And the fish are toxic and irradiated. Pot money now drives Humboldt’s economy. With legalization, this too shall pass. Communities change with generations. Get over it.

    • Get your own site and report or don’t report whatever you like. The reason I (and many others it seems) choose to come here is because we appreciate and value the outstanding job Kym does of keeping us informed about the goings on in our community. You seem like more of a times sub-standard type anyways.


      There’s the link. Now take your LE loving arse and get off OUR lawn..
      PS thanks Kym, you’re awesome..☺

      • Ah finally a comment thread i can fully enjoy!!!
        Thanks to all and i agree get off our lawn!!! We have our own way.

        And just fyi for those who may not know, none of this is done for any reason besides making money. Ever. They could give 2 sh*ts about the environment, i mean c’mon they let cattle graze and destroy waterways all over our natl forests.
        Under the DOJ right now if a local law enforcement agency requests a federal agency to assist then the seize rules fall under the feds guidelines not state or local. That means they can take everything you have even if you have “legal” income that you can prove you bought stuff with. Look it up, the feds seizures are a big issue!! Huge money maker for them!!
        & its important for us to know whats going on even if someone is guilty they still have rights and once those rights arent respected its a slippery slope down to all of our rights being violated.

  • This county is already down grading, 100,000$ a month Les schwab is down that’s one store all you ding dongs who hate on blackmarket, soon the new blackmarket will be breaking into ur house or taking kids. You thought illegal weed bothered you just wait ! You all are so blind An arrogant

    • .yep it’s true now it’s metheads n theives u gotta worry about. All legal businesses are suffering in humboldt. Open your eyes

  • Leave Kym alone she’s a nice lady

  • Hey Rolo! Let’s not forget that the government/CAMP was sued by our (So Hum – CLMP, COG, etc.) community and we got a precedent setting Consent Decree against them, in which they had to abide by strict rules of operating.
    Why did the court take such extraordinary measures? Because of the many many documented violations of – peoples’ rights, FAA rules, destruction of property, harassing animals (horses freaked by the illegally low flying helicopters), etc.
    This is not to say that all policing officials will act in an illegal manner. But when the public is alerted, as Kym did today, it serves the purpose of alerting people to take measures to protect their properties, families and animals!

  • How dare any ignorant person say that Kym in any way is helping the criminal element !!! She has helped to catch more serious criminals with her most wanted story’s than any journalist in this area ever has . Show some support for her , she is doing the job of law enforcment in many ways by posting about serious crimes and on every article about serious crime she has typed right at the bottom stating if you have any information call the sheriffs with number , acknowledge that and thank her . She also has been instrumental in helping to put out information to help find missing persons and a ton of other positive story’s about the community . So lay off of her . She is doing a great job !!

  • So many places to hit out that way! They haven’t hit any yet so it could be anywhere from Titlow out to Weitchpec. They already sent a slew of letters out to Orleans and Bald Hills so probably not there? Somebody is losing their deps today!

  • Forest Service is involved. Doesn’t that make it a federal bust?

    • And then wouldn’t it make prosecution subject to federal courts and federal mandatory minimums. Don’t forget- those laws have not changed over the years. Still 5 years mandatory for any federal-prosecuted grow! And the conspiracy and RICO laws around that have not changed either. We just haven’t seen them applied for awhile but they are still on the books. It would shock these newbies and greenrushers what they are capable of bringing to bear on you! That federal courthouse by the airport is still barely used…perhaps that will change.

      • the real farce

        They could start by applying the RICO statutes to the cops committing highway robbery, and their brethren co-conspirators.

        Don’t forget – the “Women may not drive in a housecoat” laws. CA needs to step up enforcement. Lest we race toward hell with reckless abandon.

        • Fair enough! I find it interesting that distinction between what gets federal prosecution and not. Used to be that people were very aware of the Trinity County line. Different federal districts. West side you get prosecuted in SF and they might leave your case to the county as an SF jury might not convict for a smallish weed grow. East of the line you went to Sacramento district where they would ream you hard- different juries meant easier convictions and mandatory minimums! Of course the best strategy was to run away when they busted and leave nothing linked to your name. That seems like a lifetime ago now. Now everybody greets them and willingly goes away in cop cars! Ha ha

    • Depends on where it’s located (and how big it is). Agencies all have mutual aid agreements. That’s why you can see municipal, county, state and federal agencies acting together, whether it’s law enforcement, fire response etc.

    • No it is Federal if it is on Forest Service Land.

  • Logic before authority.

    The input/qualifications of an executive/enforcement officer shall be bonded.

    Pursuant to state incorporation laws, any official, officer or clerk, of any municipal Corporation (city, county, state) engaged in any activity potentially dangerous or hazardous to the public safety, health and welfare must be bonded and must carry an identification card, which declares his bonding status.

    The ‘judges’ are not bonded. The 124 armed employees in the Sheriff’s Dept. are not bonded. The Fish and Wildlife revenue generators are not bonded.

    The Glass House Doctrine

    It is the executive branch, which ultimately commits the statutory processes of enforcement, which the legislative and judicative branches order up for the control and punishment of citizens.

    A person who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks at others.

    Likewise a corporation masquerading as government infested with malfeasant officials, officers and clerks is in no position to pursue felons in the public sphere.

    If it would be credible in the eyes of the public and the bonding companies, then it must first eliminate its own malfeasance with the same diligence that it would pursue the civilian felon.

    The Federal courthouse, built on leased land, by guys from Southern California, would maybe be used more if only there was a court file clerk.

  • they were headed south on titlow, late afternoon. you’re welcome

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