1/2 Pound of Heroin and Over $7000 located at Suspect’s Home, Says DTF

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Nancy Lee Burks

On July 6, 2018, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence located in the 2300 block of Maple Lane, Eureka. Agents received information that Nancy Lee Burks (age 69) was involved in narcotic sales.

Upon serving the search warrant, a narcotic detection K9 with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office alerted to several areas within Burks’ residence. Agents then located nearly one half pound of suspected heroin within the residence. 

Agents also seized $7,220 in US currency that is believed to be the profits of narcotic sales. This currency will be held pending asset forfeiture proceedings.

Burke was subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked for possession of a controlled substance for sales.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.



  • Michael R Ross

    Is a pound of heroin a lot? I don`t know anything about heroin and just interested. For example, I know an ounce of devil weed is almost nothing; a pound is a modest amount while 200 pounds is a lot. What`s the approximate heroin equivalent?

    • I’d like to know about this too. What would be a range for the amount a junkie would need per day? Also, how much does it cost (dollars, not health, self respect, etc.)?

    • Dime bag .10grams. $10
      20. .20 grams $20
      Half. .50 grams $40
      G. 1.0 grams $80

      3 piece. 3.0grams $180
      6 piece. 6.0 grams $300
      Half piece. 13 grams $600
      Piece. 26 grams $1100
      26grams of heroin is considered an ounce. 16oz in a pound so granny was packing 8 oz of heroin or 208 grams. A normal junkie has a habit between .40 grams and 3 grams a day depending a few things.
      * prices vary on how much you buy and how far up the ladder you buy from. The prices I listed were common street level prices.
      I would say someone caught with a half pound was selling pieces (26grams) to street level dealers. She was probably mid level. (Just speculation)

      The levels being
      Mexicans. (Sells by pounds)
      Mid level (Sells by ounces)
      Street dealer (sells by grams)
      Hope this answers some questions =)

    • Large amounts are insured against loss.

    • A pound of heroin is 448gs. While it is true that a “piece” (Mexican ounce) is 25gs, obviously when the police say that they got a pound , they mean 448 gs. A piece (25gs) is 400$. Therefore a pound is 18 pieces. At wholesale they’d be sold for anything to 400-650 depending on your race. The whole pound would cost No more than 6500…if u knew anyone pushing weight like that. At full retail, a g in eureka is anything from 30-60 depending on who you know, so 448*30=13,500-27,000 is the value the police would claim it has , as they ALWAYS calculate drug value by assuming it’ll be broken down and sold in the smallest amounts possible, since it does wonders for your budget to tell the mayor you took 300k worth of meth of the street when you only got 3 pounds, which is really worth 6k.

  • Suffice it to say 1/2 # of heroin would be well enough for one, along many others, to kill them selves with quickly or slowly. In my book 1/2 pound of heroin is a substantial amount to just have setting around.

  • She looks like a gelfling

  • Half pound is 8 ozs. Most users do between a gram to 2 grams a day. There are 28 grams in a oz. No I’m not a user. Just have had family members who were😢

    • Me, high on two dollars,a friend $800,a day.a child,1.5 mg crystal,a friend shoots 3.5 gm a day.known record 15 gm day. Tolerance makes money for rich people.

  • Half a pound of H, is a LOT of damned heroin!!! Way too much for individual usage!!! She was dealing obviously to support her own habit & to supplement her Social Security which does NOT pay enough to keep a roof over ones head & pay bills!!! It’s one or the other with JUST Social Security!!!

    • If she doesn’t have a work history, her social security is probably very small. Tax payer funded, hope it’s still around when I’m done working in 7 years. It’s hard, you work hard your whole life, paid into this fund only to fear it disappearing. Everything is so expensive you can’t live on social security alone. Guess this is her side job under the table money.

  • Thank you for getting this crap off our streets. The last few weeks have been great seeing all the stuff taken of the street. I wish the sheriff would catch some of these people hanging out by Gills in King Salmon at night. People sleeping in there cars. Making drug deals all hours of the night. Using the private restrooms in the RV parks leaving drug paraphernalia in them. It’s a shame it’s so bad in Humboldt.

    • That house has been busted gazillions of times. The owner is actually doing time now because of it. Not sure why his gf gets to stay free.

  • I’ve never seen woman taking all three spots on the crime section. Such a rare occurrence. It’s not that common to see a woman on there arrested without a man and now four in a row. Not the kind of equality we should be striving for ladies!

    • Me encontré con pastel de carne en un ascensor

      behind every successful man there is a great woman.
      behind every ‘crazy’ woman there is a guy who didn’t do right by her.
      so sad, life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, not wasted on heroína de alquitrán negro mexicano.

  • for humboldt, she looks more like 27

  • Obama forced seniors to deal drugs to survive then they got hooked themselves and here we are. Let’s hope Trump will help this unfortunate senior lady.

  • A frequent flyer that has already been released.

  • Accept it! Humboldt will never change. Her second felony drug/dealing arrest in 6 months. She spent 3 hrs in jail, and out on an OR. This is totally ridiculous expecting people to stop their behavior without any consequences. If she even shows up in court, she will probably get 3 yrs probation, with a probation officer who sees her twice a year.

    • Wow! That was kept out of the article above. No charges in this article. Judge & prosecutors going light with her… at this point, with all the deaths, this illegal substance should be attempted murder charges b/c current penal system not deterring.

      • Just think of how expensive it would be to house her in jail though, how about charger her with tax evasion and fine her and take away any government subsidies she gets. although if she ever worked for a living I do not consider Social Security a government subsidy.

    • I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times she has been arrested over the years. She needs to stay locked up.

  • Great Gotham City!.. I
    That’s an Old School dope dealer….
    (No pun intended)
    True Story..
    I had a friend from back east that came out here to attend HSU in the early 90’s long story short, he got strung out on Heroin… that chick was his dealer….
    That was like ’92… he gave the impression she was “old School” then… that was before it was cool and an epidemic, we just called that shite crazy and nasty back then.. what astonished me is that she’s still clockin’ in 2018??
    That’s like a 40 year career… I hope the cartels offer a pension of some kind, damn!….
    I actually answered his phone once and talked to her… believe me, she has the voice to match that face…

  • Yayyyy!!!! Get it off the streets! Kids are caught up here in crescent city it is awful. Soul stealing awful. It’s rampant , available and even cheaper than weed, meth, or booze to kids! True story.

  • Not just cheap but a money and friend maker.

  • Gotta love the comments on RHBB, where heroin dealers are poor unfortunate lost souls and dope growers are green fingered warrior heroes.

  • They slap them on wrist they need real consequence

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