Woman Arrested for Shooting Her Husband in Crescent City

Booking information from Tasha Dione Henderson from the Del Norte County Sheriff's Online Information System.

Booking information on Tasha Dione Henderson from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Online Information System.

At approximately 8:45 p.m. yesterday, the Crescent City Police were asked to respond to a domestic argument. The woman had called 911 from the 100 block of West 4th Street and reported that “her husband attacked her [and] punched her in the face,” according to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office’s call log. Then the connection was broken.

A short time later, an officer speaking over the scanner from the scene reported, “Male subject laying in a pool of blood.” Later, he stated that the man was shot in the legs, “a couple times in both… .”

Tasha Dione Henderson

Tasha Dione Henderson

Two gunshot residue kits were requested.

Child Protective Services was called for two 7-year-old males who were at the residence at the time of the shooting.

On Tasha Dione Henderson, age 46, was arrested on charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and inflicting corporal injury on a spouse. Her bail is set at $250,000.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.






  • She may of had good reason to shoot him, but next time aim higher. Glad the kids are alright, they don’t need to be around that shit… Victims of domestic abuse don’t always have scars you can see, but the pain remains

    • She shot him in the legs to stop him from coming after her again. She didn’t want to kill him just stop him. I’ve almost done the same thing. No one wants to be beat!

      • If you need to shoot someone, you should shoot to kill.

        • Yep. You are correct.
          And never apologize.

          • devil in the details

            Problem is women get overcharged. Note she has been arrested and charged with attempted murder even though she was getting beaten. Should clearly be self defense. And would be if the genders were reversed most likely. And with 25Gs needed to get a bail bond?! Yea, she’s been determined to be at fault for getting beaten and making it stop.

            • Her face doesn’t show bruises for supposed punched in the face🤔

              • *supposedly being punched in the face. [edit] With that said, the procedure for mugshots is they are to be cleaned up, as in the blood has been cleared. I am a real friend and know for a fact by this picture her face is swollen to almost double the normal size and that her nose is side ways indicating it is broken. This is political, small town making a big deal out of something that is clearly self defense and had he been an average Joe instead of someone of status would have been handcuffed to the gurney. This has been 25+years of escalation on his part when it comes to abuse. So when you don’t truly know the people and situation it’s best to shut up. Thank you.

                • [edit]

                  Her face was not swollen twice the size, nor was the nose broken.

                  Your hearing her version, unless this truly is Tasha? Because I’m hearing a lot of aggression.

                  This is a public forum and when someone does a crime your open for judgment 😎

                • “Upon their arrival, officers observed a female who sustained injuries to her face and a male laying on the floor in the residents with gunshot wounds. Officers rendered aid, while waiting for medical units to arrive.”

                • This must be you. You have a bad temper, I have witnessed that. He’s a nice guy. When he’s well I hope he leaves you.

            • How do you know she was getting beaten. She has no marks on her face. Why would you automatically believe her? Obviously there are enough holes in the story that the cops didnt believe her.
              Shooting him in each leg multiple times sounds pretty deliberate to me.

              • Based on all of your absurd comments I have read through, I have a few questions for you. 1. How long have you known him? 2. Have you ever seen how he is under the influence after everyone has left the house? 3. Did you get a diploma or degree? 4. Are you a cop or retired? 5. Did you ever study Human Anatomy? Once you can answer all of those questions I can better respond to your various ludicrous comments. Thanks.

      • If the threat doesn’t need to b eliminated, its not truly considered justifiable. It makes since to me but for self defense cops c it as less than nessasary to take the time to aim to injure. There was a girl who got 20 yrs for a warning shot in an apartment which could have hurt someone, but if she needed to kill him would have gone to sleep in her own bed.

      • She was NOT beat, she has a history of violent behavior against him.

        • Well this is an absolute lie. He is the aggressor. I have personally known this family for 7 years. They are very limited to who they let into their lives because of the way he is at home, people think they know him because of how he acts during the day in public but not how he is behind closed doors. I’d love to know the real identity of the person who wrote this[edit]

          • They let everyone in their life [edit]. I’ve known them for 8 years. I heard about her getting wasted at a local bar and wanting to fight the waitress. Is that a lie too? The waitress was so afraof she refused to serve them ever again

            • Did the responding LEOs lie?

              “The caller reported that her husband attacked her and punched her in the face,” a release said Monday morning. “Upon their arrival, officers observed a female who sustained injuries to her face and a male laying on the floor in the residents with gunshot wounds. Officers rendered aid, while waiting for medical units to arrive.”

    • Women are expected to protect themselves and their children. And when they do they get charged with crimes and sent to jail. If she hadn’t stopped him and he injured the children, she likely would be charged with “failure to protect”.

      It’s clear she only wanted to stop him, not kill him…she shot him in the legs for Christ’s sake!

      I say cut her loose so she can care for her children. And hopefully find a safe place where that monster won’t attack them again.

    • SHE has a history of psychotic behavior, and police have sense determined her story of being hit was unfounded. Look at her face, no marks. She needs to be put away for a long time. She bailed out, he is in serious condition, shot in the back and then decided she didn’t want her 7 year old twins anymore and left them with the state.

  • Says he punched her in the face. That is still a crime yes. No charges though. I guess you can beat your wife with no criminal charges as long as she shoots you. Sounds more like self defense. Should she take a beating while waiting for the cops to show or do what it takes to defend herself. Should at least hold this man accountable for assaulting this woman.

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you Phyllis… Going to be really rough on the kids, mom too. Please everyone send some love to the seven year olds. Thank you.

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Shot him in the legs, bet she didn’t plan on hitting an artery. Sadly from this story she was defending herself and those poor 7 year olds had to see this, and loose thier momma. Devistating. Sending love to all. Hope the boys get to recover.

  • Coletta A Hughes

    Men that attack their wives should feel no sense of safety either…
    She should have just shot him once…. IN THE HEAD!

    • Thanks, Coletta.

    • patrick cherry

      well thats assuming that she didn’t call the police to claim abuse so she could shoot him legally.the police probably talked to the children and made the charges

    • You are assuming she was telling the truth. Did ever occur to you that she called 911 and reported that after shooting him just so she would not get arrested and he in fact did NOT hit her but that he was the victim not her? Also the use of force is not justified if he did hit her ie a fist strike does not justify deadly force.

      • reasonable people not in a uniform

        “Did ever occur to you that she called 911 and reported that after shooting him just so she would not get arrested and he in fact did NOT hit her but that he was the victim not her? ”

        Hell no.

        • devil in the details

          Because if that’s the way it happened, she’d have killed him. And she’d have left the kids with Gramma. Who needs the witnesses.

      • I think it would be hard to get a jury to convict a woman for shooting a man who was striking her with his fists. I would consider that justification for the use of deadly force.

        • Self defense is not injuring the threat. It showes no need for eliminating an immediate threat. In ccw class they tell u strait up if u have time to shoot someone in the legs your probably in more trouble than killing him. I think an injure shot should b allowed but I understand they don’t want u shooting unless theres no other possibility.

          • As I stated above, if you need to shoot someone, you should shoot to kill.

            • Shoot to kill – This is how LEO training has changed in the past two decades. They used to be taught to shoot to stop someone, now its aim for the center of mass to kill them dead anytime you pull the trigger. They will tell you that they must shoot to kill to best protect themselves and the public.

              Another change is the HUGE number of LEOs that have been in the military – a gun happy lot they are, trained to dehumanize the ‘enemy’ and kill them dead. Sucks when they come home and the ‘enemy’ is anyone who disrespects their authoritah! If they saw any combat action they probably have some degree of PTSD which can make someone a complete mental-case when under pressure. So let’s give them folks preferential treatment for LEO jobs. A horrible concept.

              It is what makes the difference between the ole peace officers and the new judge, jury, and executioner. If the victim is dead it is much easier to modify the crime scene and fabricate facts. Heck if they weren’t guilty today chances are they were guilty of something else and just never caught, so why not put a cap in their ass.

              If you need to shoot someone, you should use your head. If you want to be like Clint Eastwood buy a friggin Halloween mask and look at yourself in the mirror.

        • Striking her, huh? Except she has no marks on her. Clearly the cops didnt believe her.

    • He attacked her but she has no marks on her. Then she shoots him in each leg? She’s lying.

  • Sounds like self defense, guess we will find out soon enough. A Firearm may have saved another life, or three. Or not, a valuable tool in the right hands.

  • Sadly, and I know this, a woman in cali is still considered property of a husband. Sick but true. My ex husband raped me, but i coudn’t find the words 17 yrs ago. I HAVE MY WORDS NOW! WOMEN, NEVER MISTAKE JEALOUSY FOR LOVE! That’s not love. In my career as a hairdresser, i would see this train of thought from young women. The me too movement is meaningful and just. Women, we are a gift to this beautiful planet. We give life love. Stay away from drugs and keep your power! Never give your power away! Drugs take your power away! 💪👊 Sad situation for now. This woman has alot of healing to do. And her kids. Ptsd lasts a fuckin lifetime. Women, don’t ignore the red flags of a abuser. Get out now!!! Call hum women for shelter. Just get out now before it comes to this.💙 and vote blue!!💙💙💙💪👊

    • the only blue your gonna be seeing is blue skies! gonna be a RED November 2 remember!

    • What in the friggin duck are you putting a political spin on abuse and PTSD? What does it mean if a woman was raped/abused during a liberal/democratic/ ‘blue’ era? Was it the fault of that administration?! Get real! THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS!

    • You must have missed the part where she got booked for attempted murder, spousal assault and ADW. Cops aint buying her story.

  • How does everybody on here become judge ,jury and executioner? Who knows what happened until investigation is complete Maybe she ran the math and was just through with him or exaggerated the circumstances .People flip out light hay bales on fire and go crazy etc. Who knows yet.

    • Coletta A Hughes

      If he wasn’t at fault I’m all for her getting what she deserves. But we all know the odds are he’s a beater who’s been hitting on her for a long time and she finally snapped. And if he is a beater, the only mistake that woman made was not making sure he could never do that to another woman.

    • patrick cherry

      inquiring minds wanna know

  • Awe those kids 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Alt Right For Life

    Sad for the children involved, but would she have been arrested if her story made sense to law enforcement?

    Seems the pro violence, anti man, libs are out in full force blaming the victim due to their liberal brainwashing.

    Very sad story all around.

    • devil in the details

      Sadly no. Law enforcement has unreasonable stats regarding the amount of officers who beat their wives. It’s ugly and women who stop their abusers generally go to prison whether he lives or dies. Stupid and unfair, but way too true.

  • Coletta A Hughes

    Just found Tasha Dione Henderson on FB… Looks like hubby may be a LEO, and we know how they are known for treating their wives and getting away with it.

    • A member of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Dept.? That would explain the lack of charges for assaulting her. Attempted murder seems a bit extreme. “‘Tis but a flesh wound” She just slowed him down. Isn’t AM when you actually try and kill the person and fail? Tasha showed great restraint for not putting the second shot through his ears.

      Hope the kids are safe. Now and in the future.

      Which legal drug possibly led to this tragedy – alcohol or weed?

    • patrick cherry

      thats bullshit-i’m a leo and i treat my woman like the queen she is coletta SMH

    • Exzactly, to say we have our own personalitys with out the dictation of the stars is preposterous. I read the zodiac in the papers to know how to feel n act that day. With out the interplanetary movements of the stars n their alignments id b an empty shell of a man.

    • Yes he’s a police officer. City of Ontario, CA

  • She should be charged with meyham.

  • Next time, give her the remote control!

  • Coletta, after you said that I looked and there is a picture of her husband in a uniform. This could be interesting.

    • Wow. “Interesting” how so? You people remind me of the paparazzi.
      Do you think it’s INTERESTING to get tidbits of these peoples marital issues?
      Use better judgement, LEO families have fights too.
      There are a lot of people who are suffering here and the family can use some prayers not gossip

  • The Entropic Empath

    Men who abuse their wives physically are not men at all!

    It is never OK to hit that woman!

    Love your partner, don’t hurt them!

    I predict no charges will stick.

    • Wow just wow. All these comments on this thread. Sickening to see the vultures

      The theories, arm-chair quarterback is astounding.
      Leave them alone and stop guessing, it’s their business and how many of you have had an argument with a loved one escalate and found yourself in a situation where you could explode?

      Just let them deal with this and let them be

  • More than one shot in his legs is beyond self defense. Once he was down then he was no longer a threat.

  • Divide by Zero

    And not a mark on her face.

  • Hope she has an excellent lawyer. She should of been transported to the hospital and medically cleared. May the sons be kept safe from violence as well. Domestic abuse goes both ways. My prayer is that the investigation is legitimate and both spouses get the justice and therapy they need in the aftermath of this. Again, she really needs a good attorney.

  • If that’s the mug shot of her there isn’t even a red mark from a slap , sure sound fishy to me.

    • she wasn’t charged with making false statements to the police, so i reckon they believed she made an accurate report.

      • How do you figure that? They charged her with attempt 187, ADW, 273.5…They didnt believe her self-defense story.

  • Amazing how many people assume she was telling the truth. Did it occur to anyone she shot him and lied about being hit to try and justify shooting him? Does hitting someone justify getting shot? If she was beating on him and he shot her I could hear the screams of too much force now. Neither spouse should hit the other. It is just wrong but so is using deadly force if it is not justified.

  • As usual people are making conclusions out of their own biases. No , we don’t “know how LEO treat their wives.” We don’t know there is some kind of fix going on. And we don’t know she wasn’t hit or was staging the whole thing. We don’t know that hitting the man in both legs “a couple of times” means the woman was not exercising self defense. It could mean the woman just waved the gun inexpertly or the man was trying to wrest the gun from her and it went off repeatedly.

    Speculation is one thing but some people are carrying a load of anger against the opposite sex and applying without reason. That is, seeking to assign blame based on gender.

  • Patrick knows what LEO means…he was making a joke.

  • Because cops always do thorough, accurate and unbiased investigations we can be sure the real truth will come out.


    • Why anyone would want to be a cop in a world that is so clueless about the job yet to ready to assume that everything they do is so wrong? I don’t think police are always as good as they can be. It’s a very uncertain job. The one thing I’m sure about is every criminal I have ever had dealings was fast to tell how everyone else but himself was at fault. In fact they obsess over police not treating them right but I have yet to hear one take the blame for their own actions.

      • I agree, a thankless job. I’ve seen far too many dateline, 2020 and forensic files to believe that investigators don’t entirely miss obvious clues or come into
        crime scenes with boatloads of biases and confusion . They only need a HS diploma..

        And to “D” below re: everyone likes him, he’s “Nice”…. :: Sociopathic abusers are great actors. They are shiny on the outside with a perfect public persona. Again, study enough crime stories & you learn the ” nice,” charming ones are actually quite dangerous !!

        • What evidence do you have that he is a sociopathic abuser???? I actually happen to know someone who knows her and has told me she is the crazy one. He is apparently in pretty bad shape (someone else commented that his wounds were minor – not true). Not every woman who cries abuse has been abused and it is those who do something horrible and then claim abuse to cover their crime who make things so difficult for women who are ACTUALLY abused. As others have pointed out – her face shows no evidence of being punched. Why don’t you all wait till all the facts are known before slamming a person who may actually be the innocent victim of a brutal shooting assault!

          • I too know someone who are friends with this couple. Her opinion is the same. My friend, who is female by the way, does not believe for a second that he hit or was abusive to his wife. I would also like to point out, they are not from here, they have a beach/vacation home here. So I doubt our local LEO feels obligation to cover anything up for him.

            • Aha, the red flag/smoking gun I was looking for. Such a violent reaction just possibly raises red flags. I would like to remind everybody that she WAS arrested for this.

        • Nice , charming ones….he is a good man. I know BOTH of them and she has been a whack job for a long time. I was beat almost to death by my eldest child father so I hold ZERO tolerance for abusive POS. Keith IS NOT one of them

  • I just pray for both and the young ones

  • [edit] He isn’t a man he is a coward. He is garbage. You never raise a hand to a woman. A mans hands are there to protect their woman!

  • Evidence Seeker

    Let’s see. The booking photo is a photo of Tasha’s face. If she was “punched in the face”……..???? wouldn’t she have an obvious injury? Law Enforcement Officer’s are trained how to “punch in the face”. I’ve seen people punched in the face. Usually causes immediate swelling, nose bleed, lip bleed, fat lip, black eye, swelling of the eye, abrasion on the cheek, swollen cheek etc etc etc I’m just saying….SMH

    • pow right in the kisser

      Are intoxicated LEOs good at performing exactly as trained? Maybe he isn’t a terrific boxer when he’s eff-faced. Let us speculate some more. – his cope friends took the mug shot. Hmmmm. Wouldn’t help their bud’s defense to have her looking like she just got popped in the kisser.

      • They are not from Del Norte County. They have a vacation home here. They are from Southern CA. I highly doubt he has any pull with local LE.

  • If I was on her jury, I would vote for self-defense. She shot him in the legs to stop him. Had she killed him, it would have been “using more force” than was called for, and she might have been charged with 2nd degree murder.

  • No one knows what goes on behind closed doors so stop with all your finger pointing. He is a nice guy, I HAVE met him and do know him. He is a officer and EVERYONE who has met him like him. Unless you were there you have NO right to say anything.

    • Everyone liked my ex too. But that didn’t make him any less abusive to me and our children…
      Just saying

      • His wife is crazy.. take it from someone who knows. This is not the first thing she has done to him… I will leave it at that

  • If he did punch her in the face, the mug shot shows no evidence of it.

  • Her booking photo doesn’t show any injuries. There should be some marks. She’s not wearing make up.

  • Does “a couple of times in both” mean one in each or did she go all Tonya Hardin on him?

  • I’m wondering about the “short time.” How long did the police take to get there?

  • [edit]Keith waits on her hand and foot. He breaks his back working ridiculous hours so she can live like a kept women. These comments are hilarious judging Keith. He is one of the best men I know, he would never put a hand on his wife.

    • I don’t know them so I can’t say what is likely true. But I can say that your remarks about murdering her are pretty disgusting. That raises the issue of the validity of any comments you might have. I wonder if Kym will agree.

      • I understand what your saying. He put up with a lot is what I was trying to say. I in no way could deal with her attitude, thats why I stopped hanging out around them. The man wasnt perfect, but a women beater no way. He treated his wife very well.

      • Murdering her? I only see them say she should have murdered him. He is a great human being. Crescent city people are so misinformed and sure like to open their pie holes. He is a good man

  • She will walk. Her father a retiered LA homicide detective trained crescent cities chief of police. If I am not mistaken they are the ones doing the investigation.

  • Her face doesn’t look like it’s been hit or beaten recently….if that’s her latest booking photo.

  • First off, if she was punched in the face she would have some bruising or some type of injury PERIOD! Just because a woman is staying she was hit doesn’t make it true. There’s a lot of woman who lie to manipulate situations.

  • Dear People Who Are Defending Him: Did this “good man” ever show YOU his penis as a brand-new employee? I’m guessing no. [edit]

    • That was how many years ago????
      Good thing we are all not judged (by every stupid thing we have done in our life) as being “good” or “not good”

      Whatever happened to you a long time ago negates the fact that he is a kind man and treats her like a queen. She took things to a next level when she took a gun and used it.
      The whole family needs our prayers and Keith especially as he is being shunned by the family 🙁
      Their lives have changed in ways we can’t imagine and you think it’s cool to bring up some idiotic thing from the past, what a vulture

    • Did you file a report?

    • Ford weenie roaster

      Likes to show off the pee-pee eh? sick-fuck.

    • We know this man and his crazy ass wife personally. Do you? Probably not so eat your own penis

  • Well i know him and he is a good guy who worships his wife so this is ridiculous

  • reasonable people not in a uniform

    (obstruction of justice? false arrest? ring around the collar?)

    “The caller reported that her husband attacked her and punched her in the face,” a release said Monday morning. “Upon their arrival, officers observed a female who sustained injuries to her face and a male laying on the floor in the residents with gunshot wounds. Officers rendered aid, while waiting for medical units to arrive.”

    “Both injured parties were transported to Sutter Coast Hospital for medical care,” the CCPD release stated. “The male victim was taken into surgery.”

    Officers from California Highway Patrol and Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the initial call, along with Crescent City Fire and Rescue and medical personnel.

    Other details

    Asked why she was arrested for attempted murder rather than released for reasons of self defense, CCPD Chief Ivan Minsal said there were more factors to consider. Minsal could not comment further on the investigation, only saying that “it’s complicated.”

    In response to an inquiry, Minsal disclosed that Henderson’s father is a retired Los Angeles detective, who he knew from that department when he worked there.

    “We worked in the same division and for a short time together,” he said. “That was 25 years ago. We had the same boss, but I did not report to him.

    Minsal said it was coincidental that the retired detective was in Crescent City recently and that the two were able to speak with each other.

    “There is no conflict of interest, and I have made that firewall,” Minsal said. “This is just business. We’re both professionals who have a duty. I told him that we have a job to do and he concurred.”

    Minsal didn’t give the name of the husband or disclose further, but when asked, confirmed that the husband is an off-duty police officer, not affiliated with Crescent City Police Department.

    His condition was not known as of press time.

    Henderson was released on $250,000 bail Sunday and has a court date set for Aug. 7.

  • What’s the outcome from the August 7th court date? What is the condition of the husband? Who has the kids? Why isn’t this being reported on by the local news?

  • How is it you get arrested for attempted murder and immediately get custody of your kids back ? And are able to just pick up life as usual ? Just curious wouldn’t you want to keep the kids safe until you know what really happened

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