(Listen) Vote to End Daylight Saving Time? Community Leaders Weigh In; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 89

  • Vote to End Daylight Saving Time? Community Leaders Weigh In (5:12)

Coming up in November California will vote on whether or not daylight saving time is worth keeping. In short the bill’s author believes there are health upsides to not participating in the “outdated” process of shifting things by an hour every spring and fall. Humboldt County Supervisors Rex Bohn and Ryan Sundberg as well as Arcata City Councilmember Michael Winkler weigh in.

  • Elon Musk Was Allegedly Here Picking Up a Locally-Made Raft to Assist Emergency Rescue of Thai Soccer Players
  • Officials Say Arson the Cause of Weitchpec Fires
  • Accused Sharp-Dressed Cookie and Cash Thief Arrested
  • Huffman Asks FBI to Help With Lawson Murder Case
  • Jail Officer Saves Life
  • San Francisco Chronicle Gives Us Some Travel Coverage
  • Woman to Feds: You Now See Pot as Medicinal, Yet I Can’t Have Edibles?
  • Sundberg Classily Concedes Election to Madrone
  • Man Accused of Trying to Rape Schoolbound Girl in Arcata Going to State Hospital
  • Other Top Stories

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  • Alt Right For Life

    Daylight Savings means hippies will sleep until two, instead of noon.

    It may be better to keep it, but deport hippies instead.

    Less hippies is positive and better if rednecks start building kinetic sculptures, as we did just fine before hippies.

    Lifted Sculptures Hippie Free Non Vegan Weed Free Sculptures….

    Central Valley is calling you hippies to move there, don’t wait.

    • Hippies are generally too old these days to be much of an influence. Except for Governor Brown of course. Oh and now our new Supervisor Sungnome. Actually I miss the hippie days.

    • Deport all short hairs to Siberia. HURRY!

  • I prefer the DST to standard time. I like it to be light later in the evening. I don’t mind if it’s dark when I’m having coffee in the morning. I’d like to stay on DST year round & not switch back to standard time.

  • Oh, no, not again. Doesn’t anyone remember the last time they tried it? Kids were waiting for the school bus it utter darkness, or walking to school in it in the winter. Then no long summer evenings. I personally hated it.

    • Yes, I had to run the Whitethorn Miranda school bus in the dark. Mr. Machi was the driver. And it’s hard to keep up with the rest of the country’s time zones. If the rest of the country gets rid of it, I’m all in. But what the hell, this is California. Let’s do something else stupid…

  • Yes, please.

  • Yes finally . And please abolish the penny and the nickle while you are at it (all transactions round to nearest .10) Our country is falling into demise with wasted man hours and energy creating and counting fucking ha-pennies and everyone in an utter daze after resetting our clocks twice a year. Make it stop.

    • I would miss the sense of helping and fellowship that comes from the penny exchange at cash registers. Is there any other consistent example of giving and getting even a small thing like a penny without judgement and calculation? Just because it works better for everyone to just hand over the penny when it’s needed.

  • The only thing that peabrain LiL gw bush-League did was move up the change to Daylight Savings Time by 2 weeks. Other than that he practically bankrupted the nation and enabled a BLACK MAN TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE USA TWICE IN A ROW, which then allowed The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump to gain the Presidency.

    • Anti troll league

      “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,
      Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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