Baby and Dog Accidently Locked in Hot Car Rescued by Shelter Cove Fire


Baby saved from hot car by Shelter Cove Fire.

Baby saved from a hot car by Shelter Cove Fire today. [Photo from Shelter Cove Fire]

Today, around 12:45 p.m., a family planning on a beach day ended up with a broken window but a healthy baby and a happy dog. “It was a hot day in Shelter Cove,” explained Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire. The family was packing everything up and was just about ready to go when they realized that the door had closed and was somehow locked with their 8-month-old baby and dog inside.

“A button was probably pressed that locked everything,” Antony said. “The keys were on the console inside the brand new truck…Shelter Cove Fire came to the rescue. They tried every break-in tool and nothing worked.”

The little girl grew increasingly distressed.

Cheryl Antony with rescued baby.

Cheryl Antony with the rescued baby. [Photo provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

“Firefighter Logan Edwards has a small baby this age and he said the baby’s cries were getting more and more unhappy,” Antony said.

The decision was made to break open the window with a special pointed hammer made for breaking glass— the baby and dog were brought out.  “The baby is fine and cooling off in the shade with extra fluids to drink, Antony said. “The dog is fine, too.”

And the family says a broken window is nothing compared to how bad it could have turned out. They were delighted with the help and suggested that others packing up supplies while the baby is still in her car seat could keep a window partially open until the baby and dog are out.



  • beautiful baby

  • As superd said cute baby!
    Also so glad to read that everything turned out okay❤

  • Keep your keys in your pocket until you’ve gotten everything packed and are ready to go?

  • My car will not lock when the keys are inside. Too bad their new truck didn’t have that feature!
    I wonder if anyone thought to look for the 2nd set.

    • Bug on a Windshield

      Sounds like a good feature until you drive through a bad part of town and want to keep the riff raff from car jacking you.

  • Good outcome! Had the same thing happen when our son was little. AAA was able to unlock the door. Strangers helped shade the car while we waited for help. Yep sometimes breaking the window is the only recourse. So glad the baby is safe.

    • Yes sounds like it was the only recourse today. I’m pretty sure a AAA truck is 45-50 minutes away from Shelter Cove anyway. It’s great the Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Dept. was right there and did what was necessary. Glad the baby and doggie are fine.

      • Everyone that drives a vehicle should invest in a 2 in 1 car window breaker and seat belt cutter. Some knives made have these tools built in also. I’ve seen these tools on eBay for just a few dollars! When time is of the essence to get people or animals out of a car or truck, they are worth their weight in gold!

        *Remember*, these window breaker tools are designed to work with your side windows that are tempered glass.

        • Do you keep it on your keychain? Or in the trunk?

          • In the past the 2 in 1 tool had to be surgically implanted in you hand, so it would always be with you and available for use. It was costly to do and the recovery was quite painful and slow. Kind of like Edward Scissorhands in the 1990’s.

            An easier solution to this common uncommon sense problem was found to be quite simple. Just attach it to your cellphone. If you don’t carry a cellphone, you can attach the 2 in 1 to your navel. This way the 2 in 1 will always be on your person!

  • Thank goodness for Cheryl Antony and our fire department!!!!! I am glad that everything worked out ok. So scary.

  • Cheryl, Shelter Cove Fire and the Tech Rescue Team are first class. We miss our friends from SoHum but the KA administration has gone off the rails. Prescott AZ is great.

  • Testes, testes, one two...three?

    Sucks to be that window! Glad the kid’s okay but that window is hating life right now. Windows get no breaks when they’re broken.

  • Glad it turned out well, Hats of to SCVFD, curious to know what kind of truck? almost sounds as if it would be hard to steal it

  • My dogs are notorious for locking doors and putting windows up and down. Sneaky little fleabags,

  • Happened to us once in a store parking lot. We got out of the running truck to talk to a friend. It was snowing so we left the heater on and windows up. After we were done talking we went to get back in the truck and it was locked… a gentlemen loaned us his bent up antennae and we were able to get back in within 5 minutes. So now i always leave a window down.

  • New cars drive me absolutely batshit. always locking themselves and an annoying ass dinger for fucking everything, seriously if you need a dinger to tell you that your doors open you probably shouldn’t be driving.

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    Oh dear Lord, the panic those poor parents must have felt. So glad darling baby and doggy are okay.

  • Thanks Logan, Cheryl and the whole Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department you are all heroes.

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