Stolen 1999 Ford F-250

 forest green 1999 Ford F-250 super cab lariat with a matching green canopyOn the night of July 4/5, this forest green 1999 Ford F-250 super cab Lariat with a matching green canopy was stolen from near the intersection of B and Hawthorne Streets in Eureka. It has a license plate number of 6R03663.

It also has a sticker on the rear of the canopy that says “aprilla”. If you have any information, please contact Bob or Nancy Freemantle at (707) 616-4211.




  • Dang it. This shows I was living in a pleasant fantasy to think no one would bother with my old truck. I hope you get her back soon.

  • Some one or ones have a key that works in all older
    fords .The briceland fire co. truck was recovered but
    was not hotwired!

    • Frequent flyer

      Many fire departments have vehicles that have no key or the keys are always left in the ignition as a standard operating practice to minimize dealys. If you ever need a ride grab an ambulance parked on scene or at a hospital. Fueled up, clean, and ready to go. And you’ll get to meet lots of interesting characters in jail.

  • That truck is one of the hottest stolen vehicles in America ford diesel trucks get stolen all the time because they are way more valuable than you think if it’s manual the trans alone is worth 3k the engine is at minimum 2k front and rear pumpkins worth 1500 rims and tires go from 400 to 1200 that getting up there

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