Looking for a Bit of Glamor in Your Life? A Film Crew Is Scouting for a Home to Shoot Some Scenes

rural cabin with porch

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is helping a film crew locate a cabin in the hills of SoHum that looks something like this.

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission wants your home…for a couple of days. They just posted late yesterday:

Production looking for a location*
A film crew is looking for a piece of land with a home that has mountain or valley views around the Southern Humboldt area to film some cinematic recreations between July 25-31. Ideally the location has a house with a porch, but isn’t a deal breaker. A dirt road leading up to the home is mandatory. A nominal fee is paid for each day of use. We are looking to scout by the morning of Sunday, July 8. The location must be within 30 minutes of Garberville. You may reach out to the producer Aaron Simard at 707.862.4030. You can text photos at that number as well. [Above] is a sample of the type of place we’re looking for. Thank you.



  • Alt Right For Life

    That’s pretty cool.

    This might help an out of business pot grower get some hard to find cash to put towards a mortgage teetering on foreclosure.

    It’s nice to see film companies help the little guy instead of just using a green screen these days.

    Any word on what the movie is about?

    • Nominal fee? I suppose nominal fee means they will pay little and you have to sign a release for the privilege.

      • Alt Right For Life

        Money is money to an out of business pot grower with foreclosure notices piling up.

        Someone needs to make a movie about a foreclosed pot grower that must leave The Triangle and due to large gaps on the resume, must wash dishes in a Korean Deli. Then one day the grower turned dishwasher finds a lottery ticket, cashes it in, then blows it on a scene in The Central Valley, goes broke, and ends up picking fruit.

        I’d rent that movie.

        • So would I if they would include the part about the stint in rehab.

        • Yes everybody. As with the new pot market woes; Hollywood needs to be the next new financial casualty. Every self-centered egotistical higher than thou nose snubbing richer than you’ll ever be elitist left Hollywood Pacifists need to go back in to their parents in their old rooms in their closets to suck on their thumbs.

    • Vickirose Dillon

      Sounds like you have found the right homestead. Been above Briceland for 42 years . First to grow ganja and blended Big Bud Afgan with Small Bud Purple Indica to produce the Skunk. Had a business in Briceland called Stinky Acres. My rustic house my overgrown beautiful garden are needful for a rescue.

  • That’s good

  • Talked to somebody who was seeking places. Their “cinematic recreations” are a series of dramatized marijuana murders. Really, they want to film people being dumped at the hospital od buried under gardens…and they want to pay you a couple hundred bucks to use your home to film it in, and portray our community as nothing but a bunch of greedy, murderous yayhoos. No thanks.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      They do it to everyplace

    • Film Professional

      Don’t doubt your claim, yet I would like you to offer more info as to your source.
      Residents here should talk with your Film Commissioner about her ability to chose the degree of cooperation she needs to offer Producers who have projects that portray your community in a (very) negative light. It’s a fine line. I am not encouraging censorship, only discretion.
      The (often relatively modest*) amount of county wide earnings (from having Production here), may not offset the repetitional damage.
      * – The films that are more inclined to be making sensational movies tend to be lower budget, and as such spend less money locally.

  • festes haggins

    And you think this community isn’t a bunch of greedy,murderous yayhoos ??

    • Far too many for a fact but NOT ALL!!!

    • ya I’m not a yayhoo

    • We’re nothing compared to DC, now thats a group of thugs!!!!

      &if that is what you think of humboldt then dont let the door hitcha on the ass on the way out. Good luck finding anywhere thats different.
      Our county is full of amazing people and growers who deeply care about the community and the land. Who do you think started all the non-profits and restoration groups? The homestead growers. Maybe the term “grower” needs to be divided by type.
      We all tythed money to every non-profit and school and even local artists&musicians. Every year we had at least one of our 15 plants deemed for donation.
      I think a story about how folks came here and settled onto the land, at first with nothing, no cabins or cars or phones. It was CB’s for communication, walking to town from whitethorne, working incredibly hard and creating a community and subculture outside of the “normal” world. Who do you think developed the strains, the how to grow, &the work side of it? Who came up with the pay rates for trimming and working in the garden, the how to dry, trim, cure&package right?? It was CREATED here.
      The ranchers hated the hippie influx for awhile of course but saw how hard working homesteaders are and eventually things smoothed a bit. The 2 groups even started inter-marrying into what we deemed hipnecks. The core values of wanting to be self sufficient and work the land and care about family/community are similar.

      To me thats a way better story than murders in the hills. Thats so tired!! Just another cinematic way to justify police presence by saying its oh so dangerous. There have been bodies found all over the county&they werent done by growers. Little boy finally got dug up in blue lake, woman chained inside stump and murdered in fieldbrook and the local serial killer who was a truck driver for instance. Not pot related.

      • Wow. Finally apost that says it like it is; I so tire of nohummers ranting in the comments about people they know nothing about…refreshing to hear a local finally put words to the rampant confusion here on who growers really are; cheers my man.

      • I like Food For Less, much less stress

      • THANK YOU for telling OUR STORY!
        Yes, to have that TRUTH preserved/documented would honor all our efforts to create this wonderful, relatively free place. A more INSPIRING story to tell!!

      • Sounds just like what happened in other countries.
        I’m not impressed.
        Before the onslaught of outsiders, the community hummed with seasonal work. Those who couldn’t afford to save up for off season moved.
        After the outsiders took over, land prices went from $50 per acre to $5,000.
        Ranchers and loggers died out, sold out, moved out.
        More outsiders moved in. Prices went higher and higher as the outsiders hit everyone over the head with their ‘see how much better we are! WE CARE about the land, unlike others before us”.
        Yeah, no. I’m not impressed at all.
        Guatemala, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, and so many other country’s have the greatest saying. “Been there, done that. Be careful, be alert!”.
        The Delphi Technique used in every city council agenda 21-50 meeting, and every townhall is also a wake up call. Wake up!

  • Want your house trashed? Want to fight it out in court for years afterwards?

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Hopefully someone makes some movies about rich people moving here and investing.

  • I hope it’s a porno🤣

  • Veteran's friend

    I saw a convoy of black escalades & expeditions with heavily tinted windows on the avenue on thursday….film production crew?

  • Have you seen the movie Willitsville? It’s about some murdering meth hillbillies, it’s completely out of touch! I know people get murdered here, but not like it shows in these movies.

  • “a cabin in the hills of SoHum that looks something like this.”

    Then why don’t they just use . . . that? LOL

  • Yeah, that place is just screaming North San Juan at me… which is way more than a half-hour drive from SoHum, but….

    • Humboldt Zombie Apocalypse

      Looks like a pic from a real estate advertisement.

      If the end game is a negative focus, send them back to la la Land quickly without any film.

  • This crew is Great! They respect you and your home. They are fun to be around and don’t do anything you don’t want them to. They have been to my house several times and I look forward to them coming back.

    • Film Professional

      Your comments are encouraging! Good, respectful crews can be found too (it’s all about the Dept Heads and leadership from the Producer(s)). And of course, film crews can be really fun, engaging people.
      Do you have a good, tight contract?
      Are you a local Humboldt resident?

  • Film Professional

    Having film work in the county is a great gift, and to be welcomed.
    And. When renting your property to a film crew, buyer beware!
    Don’t just be seduced by the allure of…. ‘Golly! Hollywood working at my house!’
    Be sure you have a very clear contract about damage to your home or property! Film crews are notorious for damaging locations, possibly even more when the crew is lower budget (lower paid = less experienced).
    Be sure you have a walk around and take lots of pictures with Location Manager, and, as possible a neutral party who can then observe the before, then the after, to document whether there is damage.

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